How To Keep Pets Off Furniture For Less Than 60 Cents


IMG_1563 I love having my dogs hang out next to me on the couch or bed as much as the next person. My dogs Zazou, Lulu and Kiki basically have free run of the house and free reign of our bed, the family room couch, our vintage lounge chairs, our living room chairs and all of our outdoor furniture (...which used to be white). They have successfully deposited their paw prints, dog hair and 'essence' all over just about everything we own and I accept that this is simply how life goes when you share your life with three dogs.

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However, I have one particular couch in the living room that is off limits. I do not wish for them to establish permanent residency upon  this couch. However, our newest rescue doggie, Kiki, has decided that the 14 other snoozing locations in my house are subpar and she's taken it upon herself to regularly roost on the off-limit couch when I'm not home. She kindly deposits all kinds of debris, sticks, twigs and other "gifts" on the couch.

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What to do, what to do? 

So I emptied a few soda cans, filled them with pennies and taped them shut. While my dogs were casually hanging out in another part of the room, I noisily threw the cans on to my "special off-limits" couch a few times to make a noise that would make them think twice about couch surfing on that couch and voila! They haven't stepped a paw on those particular couches since. 

Ok all you experts - am I totally lame for doing it this way? It seems to be working, but if you have any other creative training tips to keep pets off furniture I'd love to hear them!


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