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Dog Breed Guide The Best Dog Breed Guide Ever!

You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family — except, of course, for the family dog. Since the first arranged dog breeding, humans have been gradually creating the most diverse species in the world: Canis familiaris, the domestic dog.

Whether you are looking for a four-legged couch potato, a spaz, a lap dog or a jogging partner, Animal Planet's fun new dog breed directory is designed to inform you about all the different breeds, but also to provide information that will help you choose the best dog for your lifestyle. Some of the great new features of their dog breed guide also include the ability to sort breeds by AKC group, review care and health information and watch videos about your favorite dog breed.

Fun Dog Breed Factoids

Are you a dog breed expert? Test your knowledge of dogs and read up on all kinds of interesting statistics and dog breed factoids such as:

1) Which dog breeds have wall-flower tendencies and tend to be shy? 

2) Which dog breeds are social butterflies and tend to be super friendly and social.

3) Which dog breeds are the easiest to train -- learn more

4) The dog breeds that make for great family dogs -- learn more 

5) The dog breeds that tend to be more "laid back" -- learn more

Check out the new Dog Breed Selector today and learn about your own dog's illustrious history, or browse around for the perfect canine pal!


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