Dog Hair Sweaters - Epic or Ewww?


Dogwool Who
are you wearing? Oh, just a little something I knitted with stuff I found in my vacuum filter.

It was just a matter of time. Just last month we shared with you the funky fashion that is cat hairball jewelry and, not to be outdone, crafty dog enthusiasts have upped the ante and are peddling sweaters and scarves made from none other than bits o' dog hair found on their floors, couch cushions, beds, clothing and wherever else dog hair has wafted about in their homes.

"Chiengora" Samoyed Sweaters & Collie Caps

According to the Wall Street Journal, a band of like-minded enthusiasts are doing everything they can to turn garments knitted of canine sheddings from a pet-owner's fetish into a fashion trend. Calling it "Chiengora," a kindler, gentler term than "DOG HAIR SWEATER", the term was built around the French word for dog (Chien) that also evokes the luxurious feel of angora. Apparently this cottage industry was spurred by the publication of a how-to guide titled "Knitting With Dog Hair: Better a Sweater From a Dog You Know and Love Than From a Sheep You'll Never Meet."

Will I Smell Like Wet Dog If It Rains?

We have been reassured that these canine hair crafters wash the dog hair several times with a detergent before spinning it into yarn. Even when wet, a Golden Retriever scarf doesn't smell any more like dog than a typical wool sweater smells like sheep, according to the crafters.

Chiengora Dog Hair Sweaters That said, the other questions that would keep me up at night when I think about the prospect of wearing a dog hair sweater are as follows:

1) Will I need to apply Frontline or Advantage to fend off fleas?

2) Will I be more susceptible to picking up fox tails or burrs if I wear a dog hair sweater?

3) Would a sweater made with Poodle hair shed less on my black pants than, say a sweater made with Golden Retriever hair?

4) What exactly would happen if a hairless dog were to wear a sweater made with dog hair?

What do you think? Would you wear a dog hair sweater?

Photo Courtesy of Erwan Fichou

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