WATCH: Cheeky Collie Sticks Out Tongue on Command


dog sticks out tongue on command Mabel Makes A Thppppt!

Border Collies never disappoint when it comes to demonstrating just how much smarter they are than the average pooch. Just a few short months ago amazing Chaser the Border Collie showed the world that she can recognize the names of more than 1,022 objects as well as understand the basic concepts behind nouns and verbs....she's got my ex-boyfriend beat by a long shot ; ).

But just when we thought the Border Collie couldn't be more smug about their superior intellect comes Mabel, an adoro pup who has mastered the art of sticking her tongue out on command. The actual purpose of this newfound skill has yet to be seen, but all things said, it's pretty ridiculous to watch! Check out the video below and be amused!

What Might Mabel's "Thppppt' Mean?

1) "I told you so"

2) " Bleaaghh" That tastes AWFUL!

3) "I spit on you."

4) "If execute this task, that woman with the accent who I allow to co-habitate with me will offer me a comestible which I will ingest with great celebration."

I am going with #4.

Learn more about amazing Border Collie's at Animal Planet's Dogs101.

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