Cat Hairball Jewelry: Epic or Ewww?


HairballJewelry1 "Who are you wearing?" Oh, just a little something that Mittens coughed up.

Our friends over at celebrated National Hairball Day in true style by creating one of a kind jewelry pieces made with materials normally found inside a vacuum filter.

Using a Furminator to obtain the raw materials necessary to create the various pieces, Moderncat's Kate Benjamin groomed the daylights out of several kitties to amass sufficient materials and then hand rolled each ball of cat fur into a tight felted bead. Enlisting the help of modern jewelry designer Heidi Abrahamson, they transformed the beads into some rather attractive little modern pieces! Now you can take a little bit of your kitty everywhere you go! 

HairballJewelry41 What do you think of this cat hairball jewelry? Epic or ewwww? 

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