What We're Loving: Subaru's New Driving Dogs Commercial


Subaru Dog Tested Commercials Driving DOgs Dogs Parallel Parking + Doing Donuts = Awesome

Talking dogs in commercials? Over it. Dogs in featured in commercials scooting their junk across the carpet? Done that. Dogs doing crazy donuts in a parking lot in a Subaru? Awesome. Subaru-driving dogs being aced out of a parking spot by a smug cat driving a green hoopty? Even more awesome

Entitled "Dog Tested," the clever folks at Subaru have just launched a fantastic new series of commercials featuring a doggie duo (one driver, one shotgun) enjoying the adventures of the open road - including getting nailed by snowballs and experiencing the perils of parallel parking. I guarantee here will be no fast forwarding through these little gems when you see them. Better yet - you can watch these hilarious commercials on Animal Planet's "Making of Puppy Bowl" video embedded below or visit the Subaru website to see all the spots.

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As a fun aside and further demonstrating their love of dogs, Subaru is challenging dog lovers across America to forgo parking it on the couch for the 8-hour football marathon this Sunday (naturally you'll be watching Puppy Bowl VII) and instead do something good for you and your dog with the Subaru Game Day Dog Walk Event!  Learn more about the event here and pledge to walk your four-legged friend on game day and receive a free doggy gift pack from Subaru, while supplies last!


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