Stop Crazy Dog Behavior With The Pet Corrector


Pet Corrector Crack Open A Fresh Can of Pet Corrector

Do you have a countersurfer in the house?  Or how about a dog that freaks when anything with two legs approaches your front door?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you are going to love my favorite new product called The Pet Corrector!

While barking is normal behaviour for a dog, it is not always acceptable. Enter The Pet Corrector – a product that “interrupts unwanted behavior.” Essentially compressed air in a can, the pet corrector emulates the same hissing sound that snakes, and birds (such as geese) use to drive off predators. Interestingly, our domesticated pets have an instinctive sensitivity to this sound...kind of like the same sensitivity some of us may have to the sound of Justin Bieber's voice.

Interrupting Other Unwanted Behavior In Your Life

Check out my video below showing how The Pet Corrector stops Zazou immediately from going completely nuts in a variety of situations. I also decided to test it out on my neighbor's noisy dogs as well as on some other unruly humans that exist in our daily lives!

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