Headbanging Hounds: Has Your Dog Ever Headbutted You?


Martha Stewart French Bulldog Headbutt You're in good company.

Domestic goddess Martha Stewart needed nine stitches to close up a bloody gash on her upper lip this week after her French Bulldog accidentally headbutted the domestic diva in the face. In what only can be described as a serious over-share, Martha Stewart posted somewhat awkward photos of herself lying in a hospital bed while emergency room doctors sewed her up, complete with gory close-ups

According to TMZ, Martha was getting ready to leave her New York home earlier this week when she leaned over to "whisper goodbye" to her dozing Frenchie, Francesca. But Martha says she must have "startled" the dog, because Francesca shot upwards and hit Martha in the face ... busting her lip open. 

It's a shame that her puffy Chow Ghengis Khan (pictured above) wasn't the one to give her the headbutt, because by the looks of him, Martha would have likely felt nothing more than a pillowy soft cloud merely grazing her chin.

Busted Lip? Child's Play.

Have you ever experienced a mind-numbing headbutt from your pooch? I sure have. While playing a mindless game of ball with my dog in the backyard a few years back, he inadvertently reared his head up while playing and cracked me squarely in the nose, breaking my nose.  A trip to the Emergency Room, plus expensive corrective surgery, followed by the humiliation of having to wear a completely dorky "nose cast" for 2 weeks was the result of our innocent game of ball. (Not to mention I was subsequently seated at a table directly next to George Clooney at a restaurant in LA while wearing said dorky nose cast. Not like he cared, but I'm sure you can feel my pain.)

How about you? Any tales of headbutting hounds to share? Share your comments with us below!



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