Top 10 Most Awesome Cats of 2010


The year 2010 was beyond reasonable doubt the year of the Cat, and The Daily Treat celebrated this fact with much feline fanfare!  Standing cats, om nom-noming cats, twittering cats, klepto-maniac cats, mime cats, patty-caking cats and tank cat were just a few of the famed felines that filled our screens and hearts this year. And who can forget Trashcan Cat and Judgemental Cats?  

Oh, so many kitteh's, so little time! It was not easy, sifting through the insane, inane and sometimes hair-brained cat stories of 2010, but for you, dear readers,  The Daily Treat will stop at nothing to keep you on the cusp of what's in and what meow(t)!   Herewith are our Top 10 Most Awesomely A-mewsing Cats of 2010! 

1. MMA Kitty: Brave Cat Stalks, Bitch Slaps Alligator


2. Cats Talk Some Serious Smack While Playing Patty-cake


3.  Trolololo Cat Nails Viral Trolololo Performance: Disturbing or mesmerizing? You decide:


4. Get the FHAAACK out: 100 Cats Let Loose in Ikea


5. Talented cat takes a stand. For what exactly, we're not entirely sure: Behold Standing Cat:


6. Complicated Yoga Pose Kitty: Flexible feline executes a near perfect Bhujapidasana pose:

complicated yoga pose cat

7. Creative Cat Burglar: Klepto Kitty Swipes Neighborhood Skivvies

klepto kitty swipes skivvies

8. Bright Lights, Lost Kitty: Cat Rides Train, Reunites with Owner Via Twitter

  cat rides train, uses twitter


9. I pad your iPad: Iggy Tests the Ipad


10. Taking a Stand: Cat Seriously Irritated by Justin Bieber


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