WATCH: Brave Cat Stalks, Bitch-slaps Alligator


Courageous Cat fights Alligator Cats Go All Lucha Libre on Astonished Alligator

Mice, bugs, birds, the family dog and inkjet printers are common prey for many domestic housecats - but for some super confident cats, this petty prey is merely child's play. Some cats need something more challenging to keep life interesting and these two somewhat strange down-home cats in Louisiana are certainly gettin' 'er done!

While this video is somewhat unnerving in the beginning (, since when is it a good idea to let your pets and kids to play on the riverbank where Alligators are swarming? Hello? ), but after you get into the video you realize that things seem to be under control...thanks to the tag-teaming cats - who are protecting themselves and their people from enormous and intimidating gators!

As you'll see in the video below, this courageous kitty launches a full attack consisting of a few strategic lounges, bitch slaps, nose taps, and a left hook, and sends the disgraced gators packing. Enjoy!



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