Honoring Target, the Amazing Afgan War Hero Dog



Target Afganistan War Hero Dog

Today we honor Target - a happy-go-lucky stray pup who just last year was found wandering the war-ravaged streets of Afganistan. Cheating death at every turn, Target had been shot at, blasted by explosives and even run over by insurgents, but she defied the odds and become a life-saving hero by sniffing out a suicide bomber on a U.S. Military Base before he could detonate himself inside the soldier's living quarters. Target is credited with saving the lives of nearly 50+ U.S. soldiers. 

Target worked her way into the lives and hearts of the U.S. Soldiers she voluntarily protected each day and the soldiers began to consider Target as family. In particular, she bonded especially to Army Sgt. Terry Young, who ultimately through the "Hope for Warriors" program was able to raise money to bring Target home with him to Arizona to join his family. 

Target's amazing story captured the hearts and minds of America as well, and she was given a hero's welcome when she arrived to the United States and even landed a  spot on Oprah (VIDEO)!

A Tragic Mistake

Target War Hero Dog Goes for a Ride Despite defeating so many odds, Target was tragically and mistakenly euthanized this week as a result of a clerical error at an Arizona animal shelter in Pinal County. It sounds like poor Target inadvertently escaped from her yard last week was picked up by an animal control officer and brought to the county's animal shelter, where she stayed over the weekend. Officials said Target was not micro-chipped or licensed with the county.

 "Even if you don't look at the suicide bomber equation, what she meant to me as far as peace of mind and actually feeling good on occasion while being over there, that alone, my sanity factor, she absolutely saved my life," Young told CNN.

If you wish to pay tribute to Target, visit her Facebook Page: Target - in Loving Memory of Hero Dog 

How Could This Happen?

Young and his family are devastated...and so is the rest of America. How could this have happened? Target was not wearing tags nor was she microchipped - but still - if procedures had been followed at the shelter, this wouldn't have happened.

What do you think can be done to make sure a tragedy like this can never happen again? 



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