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Antoine Dogson Dog Costume Hide Yo' Kids, Hide Yo' Wife

If you are familiar with the overnight internet sensation that is Antoine Dodson, the quirky guy made famous from his now infamous Bed Intruder Video, than you are likely aware that his 15 minutes of fame has been stretched to an unbelievable 15,000+ minutes of fame! Antoine Dodson ring tones, iTunes mashups and official Halloween Costumes can be purchased all over the place...and now we have the (unofficial) Antoine Dogson dog costume!

It Was Only a Matter of Time

At New York City's annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade last weekend, where hundreds of dogs in costume assemble for one of the biggest pet parades in the nation, Benny the Boxer was a clear standout in his Antoine Dogson costume, complete with his Antoine-inspired 'do and standard issue red kerchief! Hysterical! According to our friends over at Urlesque, Antoine, er, Benny should have won by a landslide, but instead was knocked from first place by a pug named Gracie who dressed as Scarlett O'Hara from "Gone With the Wind."

Here are a couple of the other standouts from the parade - a Lady Gaga Meat Dress and iPad Dog! For more fun pics from the Tompkins Square Event, visit our friend Matt Stopera's blog over at!




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