Best Cat Toys to Beat Kitty Blahs


Top 5 Interactive Cat Toys to A-mews

Frolicat Sway Is your cat a certified couch potato? Is your kitty perhaps tired of playing the keyboard?  Is your putty-tat portly?  

If you answered any of these questions with a resounding “YES”, then look no further as we've rounded up our favorite finds for frisky (…and not so frisky) felines seeking activities that’ll keep them mentally and physically fit. Watch your cat transform from couch potato to skilled hunter with these top innovative cat toys designed to a-mews and beat kitty blues! Thanks to our good friends over at Pawnation  for helping us spread the word to cure kitties of couch potato-itis!

1) NEW! Frolicat Sway Interactive Cat Toy (at right)

Brand new and unlike anything else on the market, the new FroliCat™ SWAY™ cat toy can be magnetically suspended from a variety of flat surfaces throughout your home or office.  Easy to use, simply twist the bottom and top half to open, then attach to opposite sides of any table or shelf.  Your kitty is sure to come running to investigate the mysterious movement unfolding from beneath your coffee table or desk! The magnetic suspension works on everything from glass to wood. Priced at $9.99 – find it at

2) The FunKitty Egg-Cersizer

Why should dogs have all the fun? The innovative FunKitty Egg-Cersizer treat-dispensing cat toy is designed to randomly dispense treats and kibble and is uniquely adjustable to your cat's level of play. A handy “treat meter” in the bottom allows for treat distribution from all angles. The Egg-Cercizer can be used for both treating and feeding of meals. Find it for $7.99 at




















3) Peek a Prize Interactive Cat Toy

Let them prey! The Peek-a-Prize Interactive Cat Toy features a sturdy wood construction and cat-friendly design that will provide your cat with years of enjoyment. Since cats are natural born predators, the Peek-a-Prize allows cats to `capture` their toys by fishing them out of strategically placed access holes. For food-motivated cats, drop kitty treats into the toy box for your cat to retrieve and eat or rotate out different toys for extra fun. Find it for $33 at

Peek a Prize Cat Toy Muttropolis



















4) Twist n’ Treat Teaser

A new twist on Premier Pet Products original treat-dispensing cat toy teaser, now with two attachable feathers and a weighted base to create a funky bobble effect while dispensing treats. Leave the two halves twisted far apart for easier access to treats and kibble, or twist closer together for more of a challenge. $7.99. Find it at

Twist n Treat Teaser




5) Fling-a-ma-String Cat Toy

Winner of Best New Cat Product Award at the Global Pet Expo, the Fling-Ama-String hangs on any standard door knob and features a long string sewn to a flat elastic `conveyer belt` which is constantly rotating for non-stop kitty a-mewsment. Whether your feline is frisky or portly, the toy has two speeds to satisfy all energy levels. Find it for $24
















Remember, bored cats are unhappy cats and are prone to stress-related behavior problems.  Be sure to provide your cat with plenty of activities to keep them engaged throughout the day.






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