Old Dog, New Tricks: Dog Wakeboards, Rides Motorcycles


The Newest Member of The Extreme Sports Dog Hall of Fame

Riding the, er, wave of Extreme Sporting Dog sports is Chibi, an amazing 9-year old rescue who's raising the bar for active senior dogs everywhere.

When David Williams of Redington Beach, Florida first rescued Chibi, the homeless puppy wasn't an easy one to train, according to CNN. Headstrong and stubborn, Chibi was a disobedient handful, so Williams began teaching her tricks like spinning around and jumping through hoops to help channel her boundless energy. Nearly a decade later, Chibi's now boasts a resume of all kinds of mad skills, including riding around on Williams's motorcycle, equipped with "doggles" and plenty of 'tude.

I'm on a Boat!

Chibi's latest adventure finds her hitting the waves for some afternoon shredding on a special wakeboard. (Note she is wearing her special doggie life vest.)  If you have ever tried wakeboarding, you know it is not easy, witnessed by the news reporter that tries his hand at it. In contrast, Chibi is a natural!

The Lesson To Be Learned

Clearly Chibi is a smart dog that is eager to learn. So many dog behaviorists and trainers talk about the importance of "giving your dog a job" and clearly Chibi needed just that. Thanks to Williams' patience and discipline, he helped transformed a misunderstood pup into a world-class athlete.

Check out the her amazing video below:


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