New OK Go Video: Synchronized Dogs + Dancing = Awesome


Screen shot 2010-09-20 at 5.55.55 PMA dozen rescue doggies, one disgruntled goat 

The quirky band OK Go, known for their innovative and instantly viral music video "Here It Goes Again," which features them dancing on treadmills, is back at it again and this time they've enlisted the help of four-legged friends in their latest music video, "White Knuckles."

This absolutely adoro video, which was amazingly shot in only one take, required that the band and one dozen dogs (plus that pissed off goat) be sequestered in a studio outside of Portland for two weeks. Before the final video was shot, the full routine was only completed about fifteen times. 

I especially LOVE the fact that the majority of the dogs used in the video are rescues.

Props by IKEA?

Screen shot 2010-09-20 at 5.58.13 PMThe video, which if (accidentally) is played without sound, resembles a mash up of a IKEA + dancing Target people commercial. It features a shifting playground where bookshelves become elevators, trash bin pyramids are toppled, and the puppies exchange high-fives with the band! Don't miss the goat's brief yet memorable appearance as he drags one of the artists across the screen.

A Video With A Cause - Proceeds Will Be Donated to ASPCA 

What makes this three minutes of delight even better is the fact that OK Go is contributing video proceeds to the ASPCA.  As the band states on its website:

"For our latest video, White Knuckles, we had the opportunity to work with some amazing collaborators. These four-legged rock stars worked harder (and with a lot less complaining) than we did, and never ceased to make us smile during the extensive training and filming process.

As most of the dogs in this video are rescues, we decided to donate a portion of all proceeds from the sale of the video on our site to animal rescue in this country. The video will be available for sale shortly, at which point you’ll be able to buy one of several different video packages as a way of donating. But if you just can’t wait that long, don’t let us stop you from donating directly to the ASPCA right now."

Watch the video below and enjoy!

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