Penny Pincher: Dog Swallows $1.13 in Pennies


Screen shot 2010-09-29 at 5.08.43 PMHey Buddy, can you make some change? Why, yes I can.

Isis, a 4-month old French Mastiff from Paw Paw, Michigan (A dog from Paw Paw? Yep, irony there. Yup.) managed to swallow enough change to buy at least one item at the $.99 store, plus tax, according to our friends over at

Isis' parents, Jeff and Jodi Keelan, have four other dogs, however, none of their other dogs have acquired the same taste for money. "I was just laying in bed watching the news and I heard Isis throw up, so I got out of bed, walked into the living room and there were eight or nine pennies on the floor," Jeff told The Early Show.

Jeff rushed Isis to the hospital where X-rays revealed pennies throughout her stomach and intestines. 

"Usually when a dog -- or a child for that matter -- swallows a coin, you just wait for it to pass out the other end," explained "The Early Show" resident veterinarian Dr. Debbye Turner Bell. But when the amount of change your dog has ingested reaches the dollar mark, there's cause for concern.

Find a Penny, Pick it Up

According to PawNation, when it comes to coinage consumption, pennies are perhaps the most dangerous to dogs not because of their copper content, but their zinc cores. Apparently if the zinc core of the penny is exposed, even a few cents can cause kidney failure. Luckily, the pennies weren't inside Isis long enough to cause permanent damage. 

Isis is doing fine but the Keelans say they're banning pennies from their home. Fortunately, few dogs crave the taste of coins. But just in case, keep a close eye on your change jar! Watch the video of the story below!

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