Is That Your Pet On Your Head? Pet as Pillow


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There seems to be something on your head.

What is it about those pets who always want to snuggle up on our actual pillows and/or on top of our heads whenever possible?  For many dogs and cats, the luxury pet bed that sits on your bedroom floor is merely not enough. Sleeping at the foot of the bed is not enough. They instead insist on sleeping ON our actual pillow or better yet, on our heads! What's up with that?

While there is no academic or scientific research outlining the cause of this odd behavior, we can only surmise that they prefer pillow time to floor time to because they want to be close as possible to us and our pie-hole for some reason. In the case of my small fluffy mutt, Lulu Schmoo, I believe she retreats to my pillow to get away from her crazy Vizsla siblings, Kiki & Zazou, and avoid getting caught up in their non-stop smackdowns.

How about you? Does your dog or cat try to sleep on your head? Leave a comment below or email us your funny photos at

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