Actress Kristen Stewart Outs Self as Crazy Cat Lady


KristenstewartSecond love of her life also has fangs.

Crazy cat ladies all across the nation can now count none other than brooding Bella of Twilight fame as a card-carrying member of their secret society. According to our friends over at Just So You Know, Actress Kristen Stewart may be dating Robert Pattinson, but the second biggest  love of her life, Max, actually has real fangs.

KStew spills that she loves hanging out at her house with her BFF- Best Furry Feline -  Max..."I'm a crazy cat lady, just give me a couple of years!"

Stewart even arranges for Max to fly with her practically wherever she goes, though it doesn't sound like Max is down with wracking up all the frequent fliers. According to Stewart, Max goes a bit sideways during flights and screams and rips his claws out. Ouch!

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