Four Finger Discount: Klepto Kitty Swipes Skivvies


Oscar the cat burglar.jpg.display British Kitty Takes Cat Burgling to a Whole New Level

A 13-year old British kitty rescue has been swiping his neighbors unmentionables - and just about anything else he can get his paws on lately! Oscar has been proudly bringing home special presents to his family home located in Portswood, a suburb or the southern coastal town of Southhampton.

So far, the fuzzy cat burglar has swiped more than 70 items, from mis-matched socks to rubber gloves. Last week, when he brought home 10 pairs of children's underwear, Oscar's parents, Peter and Birgitt Weismantel, decided that neighbors might suspect something creepy might be going on - so they reported the sticky fingered feline to the Police. The local Police were understandably amused.

The couple has held on to the pilfered items in hopes of one day reuniting them with their rightful owners. If all else fails, and undie owners don't want to lay claim to their droopy drawers, might I recommend they use the contraband as stuffing for an eco-friendly Molly Mutt Cat Duvet Bed

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