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Primrose_SusanC There’s been considerable buzz in news lately about the growing epidemic of animal hoarding – defined as a person’s compulsive need to possess and control animals. This epidemic may be partially fueled by the record-breaking number of surrendered dogs and cats on the streets and shelters these days, as many animal hoarders fall into the category of  “the rescuer hoarder” or “the overwhelmed caregiver” as they initially begin their downward spiral with the best intentions…

But What of Dogs & Cats That Hoard Stuff Themselves?

Collecting useful things, like food and bedding material, is something that many animals practice and is a normal, largely innate behavior. Squirrels gather nuts for the winter and birds carry nesting materials back to the roost in spring. Dogs are instinctive hoarders and bury bones for a rainy day, cats collect dead rodents, birds and other random gifts

But what about those dogs and cats that hoard non-essential objects that serve no biological purpose, such as tennis balls, socks, underwear, toys, shiny objects, candy wrappers, hair ties, teddy bears, slippers etc? What is their purpose? Some say it is the animals’ way of establishing dominance over other animals in the household, staking claim to their domain so to speak. I agree with this theory - my dog Zazou hoards and guards all of his toys when guest doggies come over – just like a spoiled two year old child.

Just last week we learned about Oscar the Klepto Kitty who had an unhealthy obsession with his neighbors skivvies and the short-legged Munchkin cat breed is known for their fixation with collecting bling and other shiny metal objects. Sounds like someone needs a support group!

Do you now any animals that collect weird stuff? We sure do and we’ve collected some of our favorite funny photos of Animal Hoarders: Animals that Hoard Stuff – check them out below!

animals that hoard stuff

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Learn More: To learn more about what you can do to spot the signs of actual animal hoarders and to help animals victimized by hoarders, tune in to “Confessions: Animal Hoarding” on Animal Planet tonight(Wed 7/21) 9pm E/P.

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