A New Dog Breed: The Extreme Sports Sporting Breed?


extreme sports sporting breed abbie girl 

According to the AKC, there are approximately eight categories of dog breed groups, including sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-working and herding. But what of the "non-sporting" dogs that are actually quite sporty? Take for instance the Bulldog - categorized as a non-sporting breed -  I've spotted more Bulldogs riding skateboards and snowboards in the last year than I can possibly count - could you not argue that Bulldogs are indeed tres sportif?

In addition to the snowboarding and skateboarding pups, nowadays dogs are surfing, jumping off docks, paddleboarding and participating in all kinds of other crazy sports -  so I would like to humbly propose a new breed category be submitted to the AKC, and that breed should be the Extreme-Sports Sporting Dog Breed!

The Extreme Sports Poster Dog: Abbie Girl

The poster-dog of all that is extreme sports for dogs is an Austrailian Kelpie rescue named Abbie Girl...there’s nothing that this dog cannot do!  Whether she's hanging twenty in the surf, snowboarding, herding sheep, sledding or paragliding, yes - you read right - paragliding – Abbie is at the forefront of amazing animals living life off leash and to the fullest. In fact, Abbie was cast as a surfer-girl in the film Marmaduke from 20th Century Fox and can be spotted in one of Marmaduke's surfing scenes.

The constant companion of my friend Michael Uy, who rescued and rehabilitated Abbie from a Silicon Valley shelter, Michael and Abbie Girl are a team in all the sports that they enjoy together. When Michael first adopted Abbie, she was afraid of the dark, cars and any loud noises. Ultimately, using his Trust not Training philosophy, Abbie came out of her shell - and did she ever!  

Check out Abbie in action in this week's Daily Treat Video below!

 Do you have a dog that fits into the Extreme Sports Sporting Breed Category? We want to her about them - share your stories in the comments below.

Extreme Sports Sporting Breed

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