Dirty or Wet Dog? Bag 'em with the Dog Cozy


Dog-Cozy standing Dry the Dog, Bag the Mess

If you've ever given your pet a bath (which hopefully you have), you are familiar with the regulation apres-bath-time shiver and shake fest that occurs as our dogs emerge from the warm environs of the tub/shower. 

Apres-bath towel-time is always cause for great celebration in my household, but it is not uncommon to catch Lulu or Zazou rub-a-dubbing their soaking wet bodies all over my carpets and bedspread afterwards...which is why the Dog Cozy caught my eye as a nifty product!

The Dog-Cozy offers warmth and superior drying for your dog by containing the heat of his or her body and movements inside of a comfortable and luxurious, odor-reducing, terry-towel bag. Had a dirty or busy day at the dog beach or dog park? Just bag em! The Dog-Cozy can protect your home or vehicle from moisture, dirt, sand, mud, and dog hair that follow a good day outdoors. 

Find them at DogCozy.com

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