Snowboarding Bulldogs. What's next - the Labradoodle Luge?


SportsaddA2 While not considered the most athletic dog breed on the planet, Bulldogs have undoubtedly raised the bar in the Extreme Sports all-around lately, with Bully's taking home hound-hardware in national dog-skateboarding and dog-surfing events....and now they can add another canine competition to their repertoire  -  snowboarding!

Showcased at the Annual Tournament of the Roses Parade in Pasadena on New Years Day last week, Tillman the snowboarding bulldog demonstrated his downhill dexterity, along with other bulldogs, courtesy of Natural Balance Pet Foods’ 114-foot parade float, outfitted with doggie "ski" slopes and mini-gondola chair lifts.

Outfitted in standard ski apparel, such as regulation pink tutus, the Bulldogs thrilled the crowds along the parade route with their mad boarding skillz .....check out the (home) video below and tell us what you think -  cute? Crazy? One thing is for certain, these squatty little athletes surely have nerves of steel to keep on shredding despite all the noise and distractions! Good job Tillman and team : )

Want to see more crazy bulldogs in action? Check out our Running of the Bulldogs video

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