Top 11 Weirdly Wonderful Pet Products of 2009



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Humunga Stache dog toy

Poop vacuums, pet evacuation jackets, dog tattoos and edible tiki huts for hamsters are but a few of our favorite pet product innovations of 2009.  Each week, a multitude of useful (and sometimes useless) products passed through the doors here at the Daily Treat test laboratories and there was no shortage of creative inventors and pet product engineers in 2009. 

In reflecting on our many Daily Treat product field test adventures of 2009, today we give you, in no particular order, what we consider some of the most innovative pet products of 2009!

1. The Humonga-Stache: Now your dog can sport a creepy mustache too!

2. Pooch Power Pet Poop Vacuum: Yes, just like it sounds.

Pet evacuation jacket

3. Pet Tattoos: Why should be the only ones to get a tramp stamp?

4. Crazy Pet Wigs: Is Bella or Beau having a bad hair day? Look no further.

5. Pet Evacuation Jacket: Flashlight? Check. Water? Check. 20lb Emergency Supply Vest for the Cat? Uh, Check.

6. The Pocket Pet Snack Shack - Nothing to eat in the house? Then eat the house!

7. Nina Ottoson Tornado Interactive Dog Toy: A fun canine stimulus package.

8. Fart Busters Dog Biscuits: Fight canine air biscuits with biscuits.

The Hamster Snak Shak9. Canine Man Caves: Let Rover really rock it old school in a cush canine man cave.

10. The Paw Plunger: Eliminate grubby paws with The Paw Plunger.

11. Frolicat Interactive Pet Toy: Let them prey!

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