Avoid (or Invite?) Cat-astrophy with the Pet Evacuation Jacket



Flashlight? Check. Water? Check. 20lb Emergency Supply Vest for the Cat? Uh, Check.

With earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires and other random acts of nature making headlines these days, having an emergency evacuation plan is certainly important to keep family and pets safe in the event of a catastrophe.  Watching some of the recent tragedies unfold on the TV prompts many of us to ask ourselves, what would I do in the event of an emergency disaster? What sort of preparation would be prudent?

Your first instinct might be to create a emergency supply kit that is kept in an easily accessible place....so naturally you'll store it on your cat....right?

Thanks to the innovative folks at the Japan Trend Shop, you can forget about sending out an S.O.S to the Red Cross and look no further than the family cat (or dog) to get you out of whatever situation you might find yourself in. With the Pet Evacuation Jacket,  your pet can carry all sorts of tools and supplies needed in an emergency, including bandages, water, a mini radio, rain hood, energy bars, homeopathic calming remedies (RLY?), leash, disinfectant, a martini shaker and a Slap-Chop (OK....no shaker or Slap Chop)

According to the product description, "The Pet Evacuation Jacket is fireproof and comes with everything both pets and humans need for emergency survival. Just be sure to show your pet how to put it on in case of emergency, or you may find yourself busy getting him strapped in when you should be RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE."

Made from the same material used by Japan's world-class firefighters, this flame-retardant suit protects from heat while adding a carrying handle for controlling and transporting frantic pets. With rugged hardware, professional-grade materials, and rapid velcro closure, it's one less thing to think about in emergency situations. Find it for $480 at the Japan Trend Shop.

Call me crazy, but something tells me that in the event of an emergency, the last thing your cat wants to do is to don a heavy flak jacket filled with your emergency junk and supplies...thoughts?


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