What's Now: 5 Hot Halloween Trends for Pets + People


Top Five 2009 Halloween Trends for Pets

Wigs for Dogs

Halloween is hands-down one of my favorite holidays. My joy comes not from carving pumpkins and passing out candy to greedy goblins - most don’t brave my long driveway anyway - but instead from observing seemingly normal adults (including yours truly) squeeze themselves into some of the most ridiculous and simultaneously revolting costumes for their annual Halloween bash. When else can you go to a party and at once be sandwiched on the dance floor between a Whoopee Cushion, a Care Bear and the Octo-mom?

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the custom of squeezing into cute, sexy or shameful Halloween costumes has indeed expanded to our furry, four-legged family members and there’s now more choice than ever to humiliate our pets!

What’s Hot?

Aside from my own observations, I asked pet boutiques Trixie and Peanut in New York City, Glamour Dog in Dallas and Muttropolis in Southern California what their most popular costumes and hottest trends are this season and from goofy get-ups to costume contests, here are my top five fave trends this Howl-o-ween:

Picture 27

1. Pets dressed as snacks

Whether your favorite nosh is hotdogs, hamburgers, tacos or edamame, there is indeed a costume for your pet to channel your favorite food group. My favorite this year is definitely the Taco ... basically because I love Mexican food and anything with guacamole on it.

Muttropolis Killer Whale Costume

2. Costumes that appear to be eating your dog

Last year it was the alligator costume, and this year the spooktacular Killer Whale costume, Sharky Costume and Pink Hippo costumes are all the rage as your pet can fool all their friends into thinking they are actually being swallowed by a marine mammal. Find 'em at Muttropolis.com and Glamourdog.com

Picture 6

3. Wigs for dogs and cats

If your pet is either having a bad hair day, planning on attending a local rave party for Halloween or simply always wanted a mullet, then these wigs by TotalDivaPets.com are for you. Find the whole collection at Trixieandpeanut.com.

Matching mutt & slut costume

4. Coordinating Floozies
For many adults, Halloween is merely an excuse to sport a skimpy outfit that would not normally be socially acceptable in any other situation. But why should you get all the attention and have all the fun? Now your pet can coordinate with your vampy, trampy or trashy outfit in these ridiculous and frankly somewhat disturbing pet costumes from SpoiledRottenDoggies.com

5. Bark-toberfests, pet costume contests and pet parades on every street corner

We all love a party and if Fluffy or Fido is going to brave a French Maid outfit, then why not show them off, make new friends and possibly win some swag at a local pet costume contest or parade?! Zazou, Lulu and I have no less than three pet costume parades that we're attending and judging this month, many of which benefit worthy animal welfare causes and shelters. Check with your local shelter or favorite rescue organization to see what's brewing in your city or visit Petfinder.com to find a shelter near you.

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