Transcontinental Kitty: Cat ships self 1000 miles



Cat confounded by cardboard 'Time Machine'

The mysterious pleasures found within the confines of cardboard boxes has long tantalized kitties from time in memorial. In fact, this putty-tat past-time has been the subject of countless adoring cat-lover's home movies, photos, tweets, twits and even one of my favorite time-wasting websites,

However, Cody the Dallas-based cat got a little bit more than he bargained for when he nestled himself into a cardboard box last week filled with cushiony chiropractic supplies. According to the Northwest Herald News, Cody inadvertently shipped himself via UPS to Chicago when he managed to jump unnoticed into said box of cushy chiropractic supplies, ending up in the office of a bewildered Chicago-based chiropractor. 

According to reports, the chiropractor was initially annoyed when he first opened the box of supplies shipped from Texas and noticed tufts of fur. Then he spotted the accidental tourist, who had hitched a free ride from Dallas. (No word if Cody was shipped overnight express, two or three-day air. I am hoping it was overnight express...)

The cat's owner, Marie Webster, runs a Texas-based company which supplies materials to chiropractic offices. She was taping up a large box at her office Monday when Cody settled in for an impromptu snooze.

A bit thinner, but no worse for wear, Cody hitched a ride back home in a proper crate and is safe and sound with his guardians. Learn more about Cody's wild misadventures at the Northwest Herald News.

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