Reduce canine air biscuits with Fart Buster biscuits


BarkFartDoes your dog drop more bombs than a ornery rapper at a music video awards show? Help is here.

Nothing can clear a room like a dog with a gas problem. In fact, one of my dearly departed dogs, Zoltan, was so prolific in his poots that he earned the title of Chief Farting Officer and delivered on his promise as CFO right up to the day he bought a one-way ticket to rainbow bridge at the ripe age of 14.  (To honor his memory, we posthumously changed his title to Public Nuisance Officer.)

Reduce canine emissions with Fart Busters

Awarded "Outstanding New Product of 2009" by Pet Product News International, Fart Busters dog treats are an all meat chicken treat made from whole, locally sourced, vegetarian-fed Free Range chicken with a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes that can aid digestion and help with those 'aromatic' moments that come between dog and  guardian, dog and dinner party guests, house-guests, dog and coffee-hounds at Starbucks and everyone else in-between.

Buy_fart The treats are grainless for allergy-prone dogs, contain USDA free-range chicken and include human-grade digestive enzymes to help improve digestion.

Clear the air, help a Greyhound

While doing your part to reduce canine emissions, you can also feel good about giving back, because Bark Stix, the maker of Fart Busters, contributes 5% of profits from the sale of their treats to Greyhound Friends for Life, a non-profit all volunteer rescue and adoption group for racing greyhounds. Give a toot, don't pollute and pick up a bag of Fart Busters at

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