The Running, Rolling & Strolling of the Bulldogs


The Running and Rolling of the Bulldog breed During the summer months, there are a lot of people, creatures and cultures that find a special occasion to run.

There’s the Running of the Grunion, the Running of the Bulls (which is a complete bummer for the bulls and makes me sad) and conversely the Running of the Nudes, a "Human Race" that is a compassionate protest against the cruelty involved with the bull runs...go naked people!

Then of course there’s my personal favorite summertime activities: Running to the Store to get more Don Julio for margaritas or Running my Mouth to whomever will listen.

Huh? The Running of the Bulldogs?

However, last weekend I discovered something altogether different running through the streets of San Diego: Bulldogs…lots of them.  There they were, all these stubby little guys, snorting and shuffling through the streets en masse and on a mission.

The Running of the Bulldogs? Seriously? Call me crazy, but if recollection serves, Bulldogs are at best known for shuffling, not running. If fact, according to the breed description of Bulldogs, they are known for their “…loose-jointed, shuffling gait” not for their mad running skills.

This in mind, I was more than curious to see how this peculiar event, sponsored by the folks at, would go down

The Pushing, Rolling and Strolling of the Bulldogs

Upon further inspection of this event, which turned out to be a 6-block cake walk, it became quite clear that the moniker “Running of the Bulldogs” was a complete misnomer …check out this week’s video and find out why!


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