September 17, 2007

Animal Planet: Animal News
Wendee Holtcamp will be blogging daily about news related to animals.

Animal Planet: The Mole
Blogger is Kathy Blumenstock and she will be the ultimate insider to all things APL. Blogging will consist of reviews of shows, sneak peeks at new programs, Q&A with Producers, etc...

Animal Planet: The Daily Treat
Janet McCulley will be blogging and vlogging daily about the latest pet gear and trends.

Animal Planet: Animal Oddities
Blogger is David Mizejewski. He will be blogging about all things unusal in the animal world – from two headed creatures, cryptozoology and more!

Discovery Channel: Dr. Lucy's Patient of the week
World-renowned zoo, wildlife vet and writer for Gorillas in Peril blog, Dr. Lucy Spelman will be highlighting a patient each week from her private practice. She encourages submissions of reactions, ideas and questions.

Discovery Channel: Future Experts Talk
What's in store for us in the very near future? Get the latest on technology developments, straight from the experts, in our blog.

Discovery Channel: Deadliest Catch: Inside the Catch

Get the latest inside information about Season 4 of Deadliest Catch as it happens on our blog.

Discovery Channel: Expedition Shark Live
For Shark Week 2008, scientists are on a mission to track the disappearance of Australia’s iconic sharks. Writer Wendee Holtcamp and Photographer Cat Gennaro track their expedition.

Discovery Channel: Last One Standing: Diaries
Read athlete thoughts in the heat of competition.

Discovery Channel: Everest: Beyond the Limit
Award-winning journalist and photographer Greg Child reports on the 2007 climbing season in real time from Mount Everest.

Discovery Channel: Shark Conservation Blog 2008
We love sharks. Find out why you should not only love them, but protect them too. Read our blog from Sonja Fordham, Shark Conservation Director for Ocean Conservancy.

Discovery News: Archaeorama: Mummies, Buried Treasure and more!
Discovery News' Rossella Lorenzi blogs about mummies, buried treasure and more.

Discovery News: Space Diary: NASA, Space, Astronauts
Discovery News' Irene Klotz blogs about NASA, space, interstellar tourism, and all things spacey.

Discovery Tech
Discovery Tech's team of bloggers work every day to bring you a technology landscape you've never seen. To get our blogs about technology, biotech, nanotechnology, robots, cyborgs, green power, green energy and the Internet.

Discovery Space
Discovery Space bloggers keep their fingers on astronomy, cosmology, physics, NASA, space travel, aliens, exoplanets, Mars and more.

Discovery Health: Baby Week Photo Caption
If these babies could talk, what do you think they'd say? Post your ideas here.

Discovery Health: Empowering the Patient: A Physician's View
Get empowered with medical knowledge!  Learn about various diseases and conditions from Dr. John Whyte.

Discovery Health: A Lyon in the Kitchen
Read a blog from Nathan Lyon, host of Discovery Health's A Lyon in the Kitchen.

Discovery Health: Sara Snow's Get Fresh Blog
Sara Snow teaches you how to grow green and feel great!

Discovery Health: National Body Challenge: Pamela Peeke, M.D.
Read important health and diet tips from Dr. Pamela Peeke.

Investigation Discovery: Bizarre Crime of the Week
The bizzare, the unusual and the just plain strange crimes, as told by crime writer Gary C. King.

Investigation Discovery: The Criminal Report Daily
A dynamic, up-to-the-minute blog written by expert crime writer David Lohr.

Science Channel: Is This a Good Idea?: Cloning, Animal Hybrids
The Science Channel lets you comment on news stories that could change the world as we know it.  Tell us what you think about global warming fixes, animal hybrids, cloning, and more!








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