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25 Nov

Family Discovers Shocking Guest in Their Home

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

All was normal at the Forest Department in Ferozabad, India until the phone rang on Tuesday.

On the line was a panicked voice saying they'd discovered something terrifying in a spare room of their home: A fully grown male leopard.


The Forest Department contacted Wildlife SOS and a rescue team hurried to the house.

"The room had been secured and the team got to work controlling the people that had gathered," Dr. Ilayaraja, senior veterinary officer, said in a press release.

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24 Nov

Dog-Sized Rats Actually Exist

(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

A photo showing quite an enormous rat has surfaced on the internet to flip everyone out.

An Irish website called Lovin Dublin posted the photo, which shows the arms of a man holding up a rat that looks about 3 feet long, and said that the rat was discovered in New York. The site attributed the photo simply to Facebook, but without a link (and a search to discover the origins of the photo proved to be unfruitful), and suggested the sight of the giant rat was the stuff of nightmares.

One tweeter replied to the photo with the question: "there's no way that's true, is it?"

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24 Nov

Magpie Laughs Like a Human Child and It's Terrifying

Black-billed magpies have quite a naughty reputation. They're known for being aggressive thieves and ruthless hunters in the wild, killing songbirds and munching on their eggs. Their devious actions are only highlighted by their harsh, raspy calls. Unfortunately for magpies of the world, their reputation isn't getting much help from the internet. 

A recently circulated video shows a magpie that possesses a horrifying talent: it can mimic a child's giggle perfectly. It is easily the most creepy bird vocalization ever recorded.

Source: Magpie bird laughs just like a child! by shura84 on Rumble

According to the video's description, this particular Magpie was rescued and raised by Rumble user "shura84". After spending some time being nursed back to health, he was released back outside. Surprisingly, he returns to his old home when called. Where exactly he learned this crazy cackle is still unknown. 

He's not the only talking Magpie on the internet, though. Give a listen to Pica, the chatty bird from Fancy's Family Farm in the UK!

Perfer birds with less aggressive calls and chips? Check out the birds on APL!Ve.

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24 Nov

Where in the World is the Venezuelan Poodle Moth?

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

Every now and then a photo surfaces on the internet showing a creature that causes everyone to question the very essence of reality.

A photograph of the Venezuelan poodle moth has reemerged in the digital sphere recently, sparking puzzlement and wonder. It turns out that its first appearance in the human world was back in 2009.

Since then, photos of the real-life fairy have surfaced in fits and starts, and really caught on in 2012. "A Venezuelan poodle moth is mystifying researchers, baffling the internet, and confusing everyone at a first casual glance," one article astutely put it.

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21 Nov

Beautiful Little Nudibranch Washes Ashore in Australia

Came across this odd critter at Broadbeach today. It's a Glaucus Atlanticus.

Posted by Lucinda Fry on Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's not a mythical creature, though it is named after one. This is the sea creature named Glaucus atlanticus, or blue dragon as it is more commonly known! It is a species of sea slug, more specifically a nudibranch, and can be found in tropical waters all around the world. This little one was recently found on the beach in Queensland, Australia. They are known to wash up on beaches even though they are more commonly found in open water.

But the blue dragon's looks aren't the only thing worth discussing. This little creature is able to eat poisonous jellyfish like Portuguese Man o' War because they are immune to its venom. After that, the blue dragon is able to store that venom in their finger-like extremities. So while they are beautiful, and pretty cute, don't touch them unless you want a pretty bad sting!

Learn more about another weird sea creature here!

20 Nov

New Onesie Lets You Be a Cat AND Carry One

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

More ways to carry your cat everywhere? Yes. Please.

Back in May, Unihabitat created the Mewgaroo Hoodie, a sweatshirt with a perfect cat-sized pocket. The sweatshirt seemed like the comfiest way to carry your pet around — until the same company created the Mewgaroo Jumpsuit.

Yes, it is exactly as perfect as it sounds.

The Mewgaroo Jumpsuit is essentially a onesie with a cat carrying pouch attached on the belly. It's the same concept as the hoodie, except this way your entire body will be warm and catlike instead of just your upper body. What could be better?

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20 Nov

Robot Cats are a Real Thing Now

Hasboro is taking technology to the next level this holiday season with JoyForAll, a branch of their multimillion dollar corporation. They have officially introduced their new product: Companion Pets. They hope inspire "spontaneous smiles, laughter, and warm memories" with their line of animatronic animals.


The product is targeted at seniors who may not be capable of taking care of a pet, though it could be convenient for anyone who craves feline friendship and kitty cuddles. Forget being allergic or breaking your lease agreement, now everyone can have a cat! Unfortunately, your animatronic cat won't look like Bub, Hamilton, or Sam. There are currently only three options to choose from: Creamy White Cat, Silver Cat with White Mitts and Orange Tabby Cat.

Fear not, the company website declares that the cats look, feel and sound like an actual kitty, with the capability of responding to human touch. Each cat has five built-in sensors to insure an interpersonal relation between owner and cat, as well as "VibraPurr", which is cited to sound and feel like real purring. 

 Learn more about the kitties below:

More inclined to adopt a living cat over an animatronic one? Check out a few adoptables on Kittem Cam!

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19 Nov

Animal Lovers Helping Bald Squirrel Stay Warm This Winter

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Squirrels are known for their ability to stay bundled up and cozy all winter — but this little guy who lives in a park in Dunstable, England, doesn't have any fur to help keep him warm.

Concerned animal lovers are now trying to track him down to help him survive the coming cold weather. In a post on a community message board for the town, which is 30 miles north of London, worried locals reported seeing him around the park.

Just spotted this poor little thing in town. Anyone know what's up with it

Posted by Spotted : Dunstable on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The nearby Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue was notified about the bald squirrel and went out looking for him, to no avail.

"We haven't even been able to see him yet, despite looking six times now," a representative for the wildlife rescue told The Dodo. "Until we are actually able to see him, we can't formulate any plan I'm afraid."

Locals are hoping that the squirrel will get the help he needs to stay warm this winter, especially since temperatures are expected to drop to 30 degrees Fahrenheit later this week, potentially putting his life in danger.

Baldness in squirrels can be caused by mange — but sometimes, as in the case of Smoothie, a hairless squirrel who was rescued by a wildlife rehab back in 2008, it's a mystery. As for this bald squirrel, until the wildlife rescue is able to see him in person, "We just have no idea what's wrong with him," a representative said.

Learn more about squirrels and their capabilities to find nuts without a map.

17 Nov

Bear Needs Rescue After His Tummy Betrays Him

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

The rumblings of an empty stomach were evidently persuasive enough to overtake this bear's better judgment — and what happened next could have killed him.

This morning our Wildlife Response Staff assisted this bear in Frederick County who had its head stuck in a milk can. The bear was release unharmed on site. #wildlifeheroes

Posted by Maryland Department of Natural Resources- Wildlife & Heritage Service on Monday, November 16, 2015

Wildlife officials in Maryland were alerted to the animal's unfortunate situation on Monday after he was spotted wandering around a rural area with his head stuck inside a metal milk canister. Despite his predicament, the bear was reportedly calm, but he was tranquilized anyway so officials could use an electric hand saw to free him, the Associated Press reports.

Afterward, the newly-freed bear was seen moseying back into the woods. Fortunately, his was found to be a healthy weight, so finding less-risky meals apparently hasn't been a problem.

It's not uncommon for bears and other wild animals to get their heads trapped in garbage cans while foraging for food. Officials say this problem can be avoided by not littering, using wildlife-proof trashcans and cleaning out recyclables of any food remains.

Learn more about bears and their hibernation patterns.

17 Nov

Oregon Elephants are Ready for Fall to be Over

While humans groan and complain about stores and shops rushing them through the fall and into the holiday season, there is a herd of Asian elephants at the Oregon Zoo excited for it all to be over. They are celebrating the end of pumpkin season by smashing the biggest ones in the Pacific Northwest and it is quite a sight to behold.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 5.29.45 PM

Taking the lead in the demolition is Lily, the three-year-old calf whose enthusiastic personality and shameless pumpkin smashing has been praised by her keepers since she was born. She's not afraid to show the pumpkin who is boss.

"She's definitely not shy," said Bob Lee, the zoo's elephant curator. "She competes with the bigger elephants for enrichment toys and treats. She doesn't just wait for her turn."

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