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2 Aug

Birds are Total Jerks to Dogs

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(Guest post by Ben Kerns from

We're not sure what birds have against man's best friend, but there's no doubt they can be giant jerks when they get around dogs. Don't believe us? Just watch these birds bullying these poor pups. Sometimes they even dive bomb from above. Poor guy can't catch a break in a public park.

It turns out birds can get very protective of their territories and their nests, which might explain why they try to keep dogs away.

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2 Aug

Kittenhood Accident Left Cat With Permanently Adorable Expression

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Just like humans, all animals have their own distinctive looks, and some are even more distinct-looking than others. When he was just a kitten, Ozzy the cat had an accident that left him cross-eyed. He fell off of a window sill, and while he luckily survived, his eyes were never the same. Despite it all, he really couldn't be more adorable.

Ozzy's eyes are permanently crossed, but it doesn't seem to have affected his sweet demeanor. And, as some have pointed out, Ozzy also bears a resemblance to Bagheera, the panther who gets hypnotized in "The Jungle Book."

Due to his accident, Ozzy has impaired eyesight and can essentially see only in tunnel vision. Still, the cat seems like a fairly happy guy, with a loving family who supports him despite his differences. 

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1 Aug

Discovery Proves Cats Have Been Devious for Thousands of Years

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

Some things never change — like the passing of the seasons, the rise and fall of the ocean tide, or the wayward wanderings of one particular kind of pet.

An archeologist from the Gloucester City Museum in the U.K. recently discovered indisputable proof that cats' typically devious, casually destructive attitude has been around for millennia. While sorting through artifacts from a 2,000-year-old Ancient Roman construction, the researcher happened upon a roof tile bearing the imprints of a naughty feline's feet.

Lise Noakes, a member of the city council, told the Gloucester News Centre that such a find is very rare: "What a fascinating discovery." 

The careless kitty who created these paw prints is believed to have done so around the year 100 A.D. by strolling over the soft tile as it lay drying in the sun — forever securing her place in history, and reaffirming that even a boring old roof tile can be made infinitely more interesting thanks to the presence of a cat.

Get more devious cat action below, courtesy of My Cat From Hell.

31 Jul

'Stalker' Squirrel Detained by Police

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(Guest post by Solon Kelleher from

Have you ever had an off day when you're so tired and hungry that you just don't act like yourself?

A squirrel in Germany was having one of those days in mid-July, but nobody in the park knew that at the time. To parkgoers, he seemed to be following a woman for no reason at all. 

Then he wouldn't leave her alone.

The woman attempted to ward off the little guy, but he turned aggressive and continued to adamantly pursue her, according to The Telegraph. Distressed and desperate, she made an emergency phone call to the polizei, the local German authorities.

That's when police took matters into their own leather-bound hands.


The police confirmed that the squirrel acted aggressively toward the woman, so they booked him.

640x364 (1)Detriot News

Back at the station, they discovered the reason the poor little guy was acting a little nuts: He was hungry and tired!

The squirrel calmed down when police served him apples and honey. He washed down the meal with some tea, according to the Polizei NRW Recklinghausen's Facebook post .

Bottrop: Eichhörnchen nach Verfolgung in Gewahrsam genommen Ein sehr ungewöhnlicher Notruf erreichte heute Morgen die Polizei in Bottrop. Ein Eichhörnchen verfolgte eine junge Frau an der Eichenstraße.Die Beamten stellten fest: das stimmt! Sie nahmen den Verfolger in Gewahrsam und brachten ihn zur Polizeiwache. Dort zeigte das Eichhörnchen erste Erschöpfungserscheinungen, denen die Beamten mit Apfelstücken und Honigtee entgegenwirkten. Frisch gestärkt soll es dann einer Auffangstation übergeben werden.----------------------#Polizei#Recklinghausen

Posted by Polizei NRW Recklinghausen on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The police wrote in the post that once the squirrel recovered from his exhaustion, he'd be brought to an animal rescue center.

Chasing a woman in the park, being taken into custody and being fed a sweet dinner by a uniformed officer: It may have been one of the weirdest days of this little squirrel's life, but at least he's not suffering from hunger and exhaustion any more.

This little squirrel wasn't the first to caught us by surprise. One squirrel recently picked a fight with a snake and won. Another squirrel decided to partake in some holiday decorating. And in 2014, a squirrel caused the evacuation of a school playground.

Learn more about squirrels and their internal GPS system that allows them to locate their nuts months later even under a thick layer of snow here. 

31 Jul

Stolen Puppy Jumps from Moving Truck to Escape His Kidnappers

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Little Jax was stolen right out of his family's Austin, Texas, home last week, but, thanks to his incredible bravery, the puppy managed to escape the thieves and get back to his loving parents.

Jordan Quick and his girlfriend were away from their apartment when dog-nappers broke in and stole the 12-week-old pit bull puppy.

A neighbor's surveillance camera caught some footage of the thieves, but without any leads, Quick was terrified he would never see his beloved Jax again. "He's very loyal," Quick told The Dodo. "He's definitely a daddy's boy.

Quick and his girlfriend set up a Facebook page with a desperate plea for information about their missing puppy. Little did they know, Jax was trying just as hard to get back to them.


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31 Jul

This Cat Really, Really Doesn't Want to be at the Vet

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

We all get a little apprehensive going to the doctor sometimes ... and pets are no exception. This cat somehow ended up at the vet, and he's not exactly jazzed about it.

In fact, he's taken quite drastic measures to try and hide ...

Any cat who is climbing into a garbage can on his own free will DEFINITELY doesn't want to be wherever he is. Have no fear though, cat. You're not alone. There are many, many other cats who also got tricked into going to the vet and aren't too happy about it.

Like this guy, who figures "Out of sight, out of mind," right?


Check out a whole bunch of other pets, and some of our readers' pets, who also really, really don't want to be at the vet.

Do you have a scaredy-cat? Here are some tips on how to calm your kitty.

31 Jul

Dog Lost in Canyon for Six Weeks Comes Home Alive

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

When a 9-month-old husky mix named Banjo was caught in a fast moving current and swept away by the Poudre River, her panicked family worried they would never see her again.

Banjo was out on a hike with her human brother, Braeden Brooks, when they both slipped and fell into the river in Colorado's Poudre Canyon. The two were separated: Brooks made it out but a frightened Banjo was whisked away downstream.


Brooks and Banjo's mom, Donna Hill, organized a search party and went back to the canyon day after day looking for the family's lost dog. But weeks went by with no sign of Banjo. Brooks had to return to school in Kentucky, but came home to Colorado every week to keep searching for Banjo … to no avail. 

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30 Jul

Giant Python Caught in Florida

A Burmese python, which measured 18 feet, three inches, was caught in Everglades National Park in Florida this week. This snake could possibly be the second largest snake to be ever be caught in the state, but, according to CBS Miami, the size of snakes captured captured outside of the park are not recorded. The largest python was 18 feet, seven inches, so not far off from the most recent capture. 

EXCLUSIVE: A huge, gigantic, enormous Burmese Python captured at Shark Valley in Everglades National Park may be second largest ever caught in Fla. Read more here: USGS)

Posted by CBS Miami on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A professional python researcher who regularly works in the park captured the snake in an attempt to control the population of this invasive species. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the Burmese python was first documented in the wild in Florida in 1979 due to their owners' releasing them into the wild. Since then, they have posed a large threat to the indigenous small population of the Everglades, especially because they have no natural predators. They can also grow up to 19 feet and are capable of eating deer and even alligators 

There are an estimated 100,000 of these reptiles living in South Florida. They do not pose a threat to humans unless provoked.

Learn more about the python in Florida here.

Remember when Jeremy Wade came face-to-face with an anaconda? Relive the moment here!

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29 Jul

Fat Cat Pounds Makes Amazing Transformation

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Many times when we see pleasantly chubby cats and dogs we think, eh, no big deal. Some animals, however, just aren't meant to be that big.

A cat named Skinny was adopted by a member of the Dallas-based veterinary clinic, Heal Veterinary. Dr. Brittney Barton adopted Skinny in 2012 — when she first brought him home, he weighed a whopping 42 pounds.

640x364-6Facebook/I am Skinny the Cat

While that's definitely a LOT of weight for a cat, with a little love (and free reign of the veterinary clinic), Skinny was able to lose a little weight — about 21 pounds to be exact.

17698_963392447015979_3828233983823356556_nFacebook/I am Skinny the Cat

Indeed, Skinny's transformation is pretty amazing. The kitty is practically unrecognizable, and he could definitely win any "before and after contest" he fancies to enter.

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28 Jul

Cat Takes on Alligator in Heart-Pounding Video

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(Guest post By Caitlin Jill Anders from

Cats don't like to take a lot of crap. If you ask them, they're the ones who rule the household, the backyard, the world, etc. Even something super scary and imposing — like say, an alligator — might not phase a cat. Cats are pretty badass.

In fact, we have have found the most badass cat of all in an incredible 2014 video. This guy wanders next to a swampy area where a whole bunch of alligators are just hanging out, and instead of keeping a safe distance ... he walks right up to one of the toothy animals.

People watching and filming immediately start freaking out, yelling things like, "Get the cat away," and "Oh no, the kitty!" Cat was not phased though. After all, everyone doubted Hercules at first, too. 

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