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9 Dec

Introducing 'Cat Mojo with Jackson Galaxy'!

Hey Cat Lovers - if you're a Jackson Galaxy fan, definitely check out Cat Mojo With Jackson Galaxy on Animalist! He just launched his own brand new series where he talks all about cats, mojo, cat mojo and more cat mojo cat stuff...oh and he plays guitar too!

Check out Episode 1 below:

You can see him spread the Mojo every Monday on as well as Jackson's YouTube channel! Share it with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments section!

See even more content from My Cat from Hell!

James Williams is a mammal at who has no interal conflicts accepting he's both a cat AND a dog person at the same time.

9 Oct

Look Who's Hatched!

In case you haven’t heard yet, congratulations are in order for Animal Planet L!VE's resident Black Eagle, Emoyeni, who welcomed a new addition to her nest last week. Thanks to our partners at Africam, we have our first clear photo of Emoyeni and her eaglet.



Isn’t that a precious family portrait?

Fly on over to Black Eagle Cam to see if you can spot this feathered newborn.>>

10 Sep

Bring on the Honey!

See how the old saying “Busy as a Bee” came about!  In partnership with, APL!VE’s newest cam brings to life the inner-workings of a live Bee Hive.  Get up close and personal with these worker Bee’s without the fear of being stung! 


Click here to be apart of the hive >>

Can’t get enough of Honey Bees?

Check out Roach-O-Vision on Cockroach Cam for a special presentation of Bee City >>



21 Apr

River Monsters: Searching for a Killer Torpedo in Central America



In the heart of Central America, in a land known for its drug smuggling and remote jungle waterways, there lurks a man-sized KILLER.  It is said to reach eight feet in length and weigh around 300 pounds!  And, when it leaps into boats, it causes fatal injuries as it knocks fishermen unconscious and smashes their bones.

Tune in Sundays @ 9PM e/p for all-new episodes of RIVER MONSTERS.

Jeremy Wade is taken to the breaking point and beyond, as he had to relearn everything he knows about fishing in an attempt to catch this elusive River Monster.  How did he catch this beast? Watch the How to Catch a River Monster series and see for yourself:


Visit the RIVER MONSTERS site for more photos and videos >>

Betty Chu is a Digital Media Executive Producer for Follow her on Twitter @beddychew or Facebook for the cutest animal posts EVER.

10 Oct

Dog Has Serious Bed Shredding Skillz [PHOTO]


The latest CUTE from The Daily Treat:

Impressive, right?

Is your dog a champion bed shredder like this super shredder ? Share your stories and comments on the Animal Planet Facebook page or in the comments below!Dog Shreds Beds Like Nobody's Business




9 Oct

Decision 2012: The Polls are Open! Vote Now to Elect America's Favorite Pet!

The polls are open! What is America's favorite pet?!

We launched Decision 2012 earlier this year and have received thousands of nominations of your cutest, smartest, most talented, most athletic and funniest pets. But the final question remains to be answered: What is America's favorite?  Dogs? Cats? Bunnies? Sugar Gliders??

Log on to to cast your final vote in the official ballot! You can review the Primary results on the nominees and see how the parties stacked up. Examine the results carefully before you cast your vote - because you can only vote once! 

Be sure also to share your opinion in the Exit Polls and if you want to see all the nominations, visit the complete Archive of submissions.



28 Sep

It’s Emmy Time! Animal Planet’s MADAGASCAR Nominated for Two News & Documentary Emmys


Coordinating Producer Krishna San Nicolas heads to the News & Doc Emmys to represent Animal Planet. She shares the details on the nominated program MADAGASCAR.

Madagascar-02-350x250Last year I was assigned to reversion a 3-part documentary series from the BBC called MADAGASCAR.  What is reversioning, you ask? Well, in production talk it means re-working a show and tailoring it for a network’s wants and needs. A Wiki article describes it as: A relatively recent phenomenon in television production, re-versioning (also known as reversioning or revisioning) is the process of re-releasing an existing production or an entire series, updated in some form, as a "new" show ...

Now that I’ve schooled you on what that is ... back to my story:

I was tasked with creating a 2-hour special out of three episodes. With mission accepted, I went to work on hiring my ‘A-Team’ – a freelance producer/writer, an editor, a researcher, and a sound engineer. After a month of some intense restructuring, rewriting, researching, and music replacing, the special premiered on May 1, 2011. It scored big in the ratings and became Animal Planet’s most-watched natural history telecast in four years! All the hard work paid off and earlier this year MADAGASCAR was nominated for two News & Documentary Emmys in the Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft category: Music & Sound and Cinematography (Documentary and Long Form).

On Monday, Oct. 1, I'm headed to the News & Doc Emmys to represent Animal Planet. It’s my first Emmy awards ceremony and I’m super excited but there’s one question that all of my friends keep asking me ... What are you going to wear!?

27 Sep

Chinese Zoo Forms Animal Orchestra, Chimp Gets Funky on Drums


Next time you're in China, drop by the Xiang Jiang Zoo in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province, and check out their all-animal orchestra.  The band reportedly features a chimp on drums (pictured), a baboon on flute, an elephant on big drums and a hippo on bass. 

For reals.

chimp drums

Photo Credit: Quirky China News / Rex Features


24 Sep

Good Samaritan Pig Rescues Baby Goat [VIDEO]


Oh, Just a Pig Rescuing A Kid From Drowning

Just A Pig Rescuing A Kid From DrowningWatch 'superpig' spring into action as a baby goat tries to climb on a submerged rock in a petting zoo pool, but can't quite get the footing right.

That's when an amazingly heroic (or well trained?) pig comes to the rescue and nudges the little kid in the right direction.




21 Sep

The Hunger: Death Race - How Do You Cook an Egg in the Desert?


TUNE IN: The Hunger: Death Race premieres Sunday, Sept. 23, @ 10 PM e/p.

No pots, no pans - so, how exactly do you cook an egg in the desert?  The equivalent of two dozen chicken eggs, Guy Grieve reveals the tricks to cooking a ginormous ostrich egg à la desert:

desert egg omelet

Watch the full clip here: 

Want more? Watch more on hunting and gathering with these videos from The Hunger: Death Race.


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