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28 Apr

You Helped Us Spread the Word on Whaling: Check Out Our Webby-Award-Winning Whale Wars Interactive Experience

Ww-webby-winner-500wThanks to your help, our interactive experience Whale Wars: Blood and Water has won a Webby in the "Web: Television" category and also won the People's Choice award. Thanks to voting by viewers like yourself, we've helped spread the word about whaling as has been documented on our series Whale Wars.

Haven't had a chance to view the interactive experience? Click here. And continue watching more Whale Wars online.

8 Apr

Help Us Spread the Word on Whaling: Vote for Webby-Nominated Whale Wars: Blood and Water


Animal Planet's interactive experience Whale Wars: Blood and Water has been nominated for a Webby Award in the "Web: Television" category. Not familiar with Blood and Water? It follows the life of Paul Watson and his journey to end whaling.

If you're a Whale Wars fan, consider casting a vote in the people's choice award for the Webbys in order to help raise awareness for the program that shined a light on the important issue of whaling.

Cast Your Vote Now >>

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25 Sep

Five Itsy-Bitsy Dogs Holding Down Big Jobs


A Differing Kind of *Werking* Dog!

Today we highlight some pint size pooches who are small in size, yet are working bone-a-fide jobs worthy of any big dog. While these mini mutts may not be large enough to be a commando dog on the Navy Seals Special Ops team or even strong enough to pull a sled, they're still out there every day, gettin' 'er done!

Check out some of our favorite working pooches from around the interwebs!


1. Lucy the Smallest Working Dog in the World!

Lucy, a two and a half pound Yorkshire Terrier, works as a therapy dog visiting hospitals, nursing homes, and centers for troubled youth and children with disabilities through the Leashes of Love program. She is so small that she also hold the current world record for smallest working dog in the Guinness Book of World Records.



22 May

Who Let the Dogs Into the Webbys?


Andrew Cary, Site Director for, Reports from the Webbys



Last night we joined comrades from across the digital spectrum for a night of schmoozing, laughing and celebrity spotting as if we were at the Oscars in a parallel universe. In fact, that’s probably not too far from the truth.

But whereas the Oscars honor only films, the Webbys honor everything digital from utilities like Instagram to luminaries like Steve Jobs and, yes, to film, like our winning entry, Dog Park.  We owe this People’s Voice award to all the visitors who voted us into the winners circle. A big THANK YOU to everyone who took time out to help us!

I arrived at the red carpet jacket-less, which made me immediately self-conscious (and surprised they didn’t think I was a stagehand), but our resident movie starlet, Katie Sweeny, one of the cast of our series, wore an amazing dress that I just stood behind.

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21 May

Animal Planet's DOG PARK Web Series Wins a Webby!


Kevin Barnhill, Supervising Video Producer for, Reports on Dog Park's Webby Win.

“Close the f@%#ing gate!”

If you own a dog, and have been to a dog run, chances are you’ve heard that particular phrase before. I don’t know a single person who regularly goes to a dog park and does not have some sort of crazy story to tell.  It’s like high school all over again.  Add tons of cute dogs to the mix and you have Animal Planet written all over it!  Soooo - we decided to create Dog Park!

If you haven’t watched it yet, you should! No, seriously ... watch it RIGHT. NOW:



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