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26 Nov

Manny the Frenchie Makes Most Adorable Visit to Sick Fan

It's no secret that Manny the Frenchie is an internet sensation. His Instagram is inching closer and closer to hitting one million followers, a mark hit quite some time ago on his massively popular Facebook page. Not to mention, he's quite the avid Puppy Bowl fan. However, it's not just about the glitz and glam of stardom for the precious pooch. 

Recently, Manny traveled to Louisiana to bring a smile and a sloppy wet kiss to the face of a true survivor. Joycean, one of Manny's biggest fans, suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and had no idea her favorite pup was coming to visit. Check out the incredible surprise below: 

Bites @ Animal Planet had the opportunity to chat with Manny about his travels and what it meant to bring some joy to Joycelun. 

Bites: What made the email about Joceylun stick out in your inbox? Was there ever any hesitation in making this surprise happen for her?  

Manny: We receive a couple hundred emails like this every month and although I wish I could help every single human and animal that emails me, unfortunately I can't. This particular email stood out because it was regarding a disease that affects only humans and not animals. Katie showed us how much Joycelun loved looking at my pics and how much I help cheer her up when she is in pain. After learning more about Cystic Fibrosis and what Joycelun has endured her whole life, there was no hesitation to visit her.  My mommy and daddy decided that instead of a regular visit, we wanted to surprise her and capture her reaction. 

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19 Mar

Luna the Otter is Ready for March Madness

Luna 5
Luna, Shedd’s rescued sea otter pup is in the March Madness spirit playing with one of her new favorite toys – a basketball! Courtesy: Shedd Aquarium

Now that March Madness has officially kicked off, those 64 basketball teams aren't the only ones hoping for some magic this championship season. The Shedd Aquarium's otter, Luna, has been showing off her own basketball skills with a newly acquired favorite toy: a basketball!

We don't know about you, but we wish we had put Luna in our March madness brackets!

Luna 2
Shedd Aquarium’s rescued sea otter, Luna loves March Madness! Think she’s dreaming about her Final Four picks? Courtesy: Shedd Aquarium

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13 Mar

Wall of Fame Wednesday: Ta-da!


Wappo: Submitted by Jordam S.:  Wappo (the knucklehead) is 75 lbs and loves to make a mess when he can.

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7 Feb

Ten Adorably Cute Animal BFFs


What's cuter than a pet? Your pets as best friends! Enjoy these photos submitted by Animal Planet viewers, then share your own! Write your own caption or comment and submit your pet pics to be featured on The Wall of Fame!

Here’s a photo that I would like to share of Noble (Rottweiler) walking his BFF Duke (Mix Pitt). I must say, Noble can walk a dog better than other dog owners. Submitted by Mylene N.

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16 Jan

Wall of Fame Wednesday: Hang Ten, Dude!


Sandy: Submitted by Marisa N.:  This is Sandy, a 5-year-old Cairn Terrier/Toy poodle mix.

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