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27 Feb

Samoyed Alarm Clock, Scientifically Proven as Best Way to Start Your Day (VIDEO)

OK maybe that headline is a little bit of an exaggeration ... but I would argue it a legit possibility and scientific FACT. Watch for yourself: 

Lexi, you are the CUTEST!

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26 Feb

Bats Can Be Adorable Too! Just Add Banana (VIDEO)

Some people (*guilty*) may be terrified of these nocturnal hunters -- but here's proof that bats can be quite cute and cuddly:

WHO is craving bananas now? And snuggling with a BAT??

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25 Feb

Life After Death for a Whale

Whale Fall (After Life of a Whale) from Sweet Fern Productions on Vimeo.


It's easy to feel sad after a death. It's permanent, after all, right? Maybe not.

Death might be permanent on the individual level, but if you step back and look at things in the big picture, it's not so black and white. The beautiful animated short from Sweet Fern Productions above shows exactly how a dead whale "lives on" by feeding the other species that share its ecosystem.

The food web connects all of us to all of the other life surrounding us. And Earth is teeming with life. When any organism dies, its individuality might go away but its body and its energy simply shift into other life forms, and that's a pretty cool thought. 

Whale RIP

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24 Feb

Octopus Takes Out Crab On Land (VIDEO)

We’re going to cut to the chase and let the woman recording this video introduce it:


The footage, captured in western Australia by YouTube user Porsche Indrisie, shows a crab walking across rocks, minding its own business, when BOOM! An octopus comes out of nowhere, lands on the crab, and then drags it down into the depths of the unknown.

And with that, we’ll end things with Porsche’s words: “HOLY SH*T!”

24 Feb

Missing Dog Endures Abuse but is Finally Reunited With Family

Credit: BC SPCA

When the Westaway's three-year-old son, Ethan, accidentally let their dog Ryder out the front door of their Surrey, B.C., home on Valentine's Day morning, they weren't expecting the lab to come back a victim of animal abuse.

Ryder still hadn't returned by afternoon and the only clue the Westaways received was a call from a private number saying the dog had been roaming Chimney Hill Elementary School. The woman didn't say anything else and did not leave any contact information, as reported by The National Post.

Things only get stranger. 

Hours went by without any leads on the missing pup, until midnight, when police responded to a call. A landlord from a near by complex phoned help for its tenant: a 24-year-old Surrey woman covered in blood. She claimed that a dog attacked her.

But that was far from the case.

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23 Feb

And the Academy Award for Best Ewok Performance Goes To ... (VIDEO)

In case you missed the Oscars last night, here's all the warm and fuzzy from the entire evening wrapped up into one ADORABLE clip:

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23 Feb

Meet the Bobbit Worm and Get Ready for Nightmares

Bobbit Worm - Dinner time from liquidguru on Vimeo.

There are some creatures that are hard to believe aren't CGI creations from a sci-fi horror film. The bobbit worm (Eunice aphroditois) is one of them.

Bobbit worms are giant invertebrates that lie in wait under the sand on the sea floor for an unsuspecting victim to swim or crawl too close. When that happens, they launch themselves upwards at speeds almost too fast for the human eye to see, grab their victim, and drag it to its death under the sand.

Photo by Rickard Zerpe via Flickr Creative Commons.

Bobbit worms' terrifying mouth parts look like an unholy cross between the mouth of a Predator from the Schwarzeneggar movie and a sarlaac from Star Wars (although fortunately, they don't hunt humans for sport or take thousands of years to digest their prey).

They can grow to lengths of over 9 feet. They are venomous. They got their common name from the fact that because they attack their prey with such speed and force they often cut the fish in half, similar to a what abused wife Lorena Bobbitt did to her husband's man-parts. 

Here's another video showing the full body of a bobbit worm that was discovered lurking in an aquarium tank to add to the nightmare-fuel.


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20 Feb

Meet Frank Giuffre: Audio Video Specialist on Insane Pools

FrankAudio Video integrator Frank Giuffre has an undeniable love of technology that started at a young age with his father's company in his hometown of Staten Island, New York.  Frank started "working" with his father at thirteen soldering cables in their garage.  

Frank always knew he would run his own A/V Company. That became a reality when he moved to Sarasota, Florida.  In eight short years his company Coastal Audio Video has grown into a successful business which specializes in the sales and installation of high-end A/V entertainment systems in private residences.

Florida gave Frank something New York could not, year round sunshine and the desire for an outdoor lifestyle.  Incorporating technology into outdoor living spaces has become his passion.  With his expertise in the field, he provides his customers with the ability to automate their outdoor space including music, lighting, water features, televisions, virtually anything.

With evolving technology every job is a new and exciting challenge.



The installation of a 12" 500 watt burial subwoofer was strategically located in between the koi pond and swimming pool. Although this low lying sub disappears into the landscape it's presence is felt when the music comes on.

These 6" 70 Volt satellite speakers were installed in the landscape to provide high quality distributed sound throughout the outdoor living space.

A wall mounted equipment rack resides in the pool house. This rack is home for the amplification, networking and automation that makes this yard come to life.

Watch a new episode of Insane Pools every Friday at 9/8c!

20 Feb

It Turns Out Your Dog Can Actually Read Your Emotions

Photo: Karramba Production/Veer

Well, that's something to smile about, huh?

Your dog knows what you're feeling! A conundrum for years: do you and your dog have an emotional connection?

Yes, you do. A new study shows that dogs can tell the difference between human facial expressions of joy and anger. 

So, what we're saying is, dogs know what the downward tilt of our brows signifies.

Biologist Corsin Muller of the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Austria told National Geographic that because dogs "spend so much time with humans, they have a lot of opportunities to see human expressions." 

With the help of her colleagues and 11 chosen canines, Muller conducted choice trials, presenting the pups with different images of happy and angry faces. Once two groups had been trained, one with the ability to pick out happy emotions and the other angry emotions, Muller showed the dogs only bits and pieces of each of the faces. 

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20 Feb

Hungry Cat Heroically Leaps Through Snowbank to Save the Day! ... Well, *EAT* (VIDEO)

Brrrrrr! Heard enough complaints about the east coast deep freeze yet?  Well, though ice and slush may be halting some of our daily lives — here's one kitty who LAUGHS in the face of Old Man Winter! NOTHING will stop this cat from getting his food:

Bundle up those furry loved ones and stay warm out there! 


Does YOUR cat have any special heroic talents? We're searching for AMERICA'S NEXT CAT STAR!  Is there a kitty in your life you want to nominate? Well, here's your chance!

Nominate Your Cat Star and ENTER NOW >>



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