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24 Nov

Magpie Laughs Like a Human Child and It's Terrifying

Black-billed magpies have quite a naughty reputation. They're known for being aggressive thieves and ruthless hunters in the wild, killing songbirds and munching on their eggs. Their devious actions are only highlighted by their harsh, raspy calls. Unfortunately for magpies of the world, their reputation isn't getting much help from the internet. 

A recently circulated video shows a magpie that possesses a horrifying talent: it can mimic a child's giggle perfectly. It is easily the most creepy bird vocalization ever recorded.

Source: Magpie bird laughs just like a child! by shura84 on Rumble

According to the video's description, this particular Magpie was rescued and raised by Rumble user "shura84". After spending some time being nursed back to health, he was released back outside. Surprisingly, he returns to his old home when called. Where exactly he learned this crazy cackle is still unknown. 

He's not the only talking Magpie on the internet, though. Give a listen to Pica, the chatty bird from Fancy's Family Farm in the UK!

Perfer birds with less aggressive calls and chips? Check out the birds on APL!Ve.

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

24 Nov

Rescued Wolf and Veteran Form Lifelong Bond

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Sometimes the best person to comfort us when we carry a lot of pain is someone else who has the same burden — for instance, a rescue animal. 

The Warriors and Wolves program was started at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in California based on that concept. Veterans dealing with the effects of war can come into the program and interact and help care for incredible animals who have also been through unimaginable tragedy.

"There's something about being around these animals that to even the most wounded veteran they feel different," Matthew Simmons, co-founder of the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center, said in a video about the program.

There are 40 animals who live at the center, made up of wolves rescued from roadside attractions, breeders and other exploitative situations. Many of the wolves are "wolfdogs," a mix of a dog and a wolf, and are trying to figure out where they fit into the world — just like the veterans who come to them for solace.

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24 Nov

Where in the World is the Venezuelan Poodle Moth?

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

Every now and then a photo surfaces on the internet showing a creature that causes everyone to question the very essence of reality.

A photograph of the Venezuelan poodle moth has reemerged in the digital sphere recently, sparking puzzlement and wonder. It turns out that its first appearance in the human world was back in 2009.

Since then, photos of the real-life fairy have surfaced in fits and starts, and really caught on in 2012. "A Venezuelan poodle moth is mystifying researchers, baffling the internet, and confusing everyone at a first casual glance," one article astutely put it.

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24 Nov

Woman Finds Chicken Riding Around Her House on a Roomba

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

When it comes to keeping things neat and tidy, it's always nice to have a helping hen.

Catherine Bremner, a hobby farmer from Australia, was in the middle of doing some chores around the house last week when, much to her surprise, she discovered one of her family's four chickens had snuck inside to offer some assistance.

"I was in the laundry when I heard the robo vacuum going, which I thought was odd as I was home alone," Bremner told The Dodo. Naturally, she went to investigate — only to find a hen had triggered the device and was in the middle of riding it through the living room.

Fortunately, Bremner was able to maintain her composure long enough tocapture a video of the chicken's comical little joyride.

"I laughed and grabbed my phone to tape it as I've never seen it before and I was certain no one would believe me!" she said. "She happily cruised around my house for a round five minutes before she hopped off."

Check out another amazing chicken here!

24 Nov

Dog Films a Magical Wedding Video for Her Happy Owners

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

Ryder the dog might not be an expert in photography, but she's clearly got a keen sense for capturing love.

When Josh Burnette and his then bride-to-be, Addie, got married last winter, they had a genius idea for preserving that special day forever on film by enlisting the help of that cherished pet. By mounting a GoPro camera onto their dog's back, the happy couple was able to record all the joy and excitement of their wedding from the unique perspective of their furriest family member.

The results couldn't be more magical.

Lizzie and Moe from Pit Bulls & Parolees included their dog, Monster, in their wedding! Watch the amazing ceremony here!

23 Nov

Puggle Tries Peanut Butter for the First Time

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Hudson Hongo from

Your first kiss. Your wedding day. The birth of a child. All decent milestones, sure, but they probably aren't half as memorable as the day this pup ate peanut butter for the first time ... and had his little doggy mind BLOWN.

"What — what IS this miraculous substance?" 

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23 Nov

Dog Proves Once and For All That Getting Out of Bed Sucks

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Christian Cotroneo from

If there's one mantra the world groans together just about every morning of every day, it's this: Just a little bit longer.

The precious moments between waking up and actually getting out of bed are truly worth defending vigorously. And that feeling, as Thor the great Dane puppy saltily suggests, is hardly species-specific. 


The YouTube video has been around since 2012, but the message to anyone who should dare pry someone out of bed is timeless: F%$ off!


In the video, attempts by Thor's owner to coax him from bed are resoundingly rebuffed. 

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21 Nov

Beautiful Little Nudibranch Washes Ashore in Australia

Came across this odd critter at Broadbeach today. It's a Glaucus Atlanticus.

Posted by Lucinda Fry on Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's not a mythical creature, though it is named after one. This is the sea creature named Glaucus atlanticus, or blue dragon as it is more commonly known! It is a species of sea slug, more specifically a nudibranch, and can be found in tropical waters all around the world. This little one was recently found on the beach in Queensland, Australia. They are known to wash up on beaches even though they are more commonly found in open water.

But the blue dragon's looks aren't the only thing worth discussing. This little creature is able to eat poisonous jellyfish like Portuguese Man o' War because they are immune to its venom. After that, the blue dragon is able to store that venom in their finger-like extremities. So while they are beautiful, and pretty cute, don't touch them unless you want a pretty bad sting!

Learn more about another weird sea creature here!

21 Nov

Tiny Lamb Comes Bouncing Over Whenever His Name is Called

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Winter the lamb definitely knows his name — he comes running whenever his mom calls for him. Actually he doesn't run over so much as he bounces over. Look how he kicks his little feet up!

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20 Nov

The Snuggle is Real Episode 3: Bears Acting Like Humans

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 5.20.54 PM

Bears, bears and bears, OH MY!

This week’s installment of The Snuggle is Real from People and People Pets goes to show that these majestic creatures may not seem as intimating and vicious as most of us may think. Watch as Animal Planet’s pet expert Andrea Arden introduces us to a handful of bears that remind us more of ourselves than animals!

Visit People Pets to learn more about this week’s installment and previous ones online!

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