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23 Jan

Puppy Bowl XI: You're Gonna Hear Her ... ROWR! Katty Furry to Headline Kitty Halftime Show

In case you missed it, PUPPY BOWL XI is right around the corner!  And, this year, the Bissell Kitty Halftime show is blowing it out with a very special guest — the one, the only, the fabulous, feline sensation ... KATTY FURRY!


That's right — she'll be headlining everyone's most anticipated TV event of the year on PUPPY BOWL SUNDAY and performing her chart-topping hits! Here's a sneak peek >>

Katty Furry brings the MEOW to the doggy dog party and trust us — you won't want to miss this!  All the COOLEST puppy lovers will be watching. SEE? —


V important puppy bowl meeting 🐶🏈

KATY PERRY (@katyperry) tarafından paylaşılan bir fotoğraf (Oca 22, 2015 at 9:47ös PST)


Tune in Sunday, Feb. 1, at 3 p.m. for PUPPY BOWL XI


In the meantime, watch the PUPPY BOWL Pregame Show to get all the details on the big day:



And, who will win that other game taking place on PUPPY BOWL SUNDAY?  Watch our puppies predict the winner:

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21 Jan

Orcas in the Wild Put On a REAL Show Worth Seeing, Off California Coast

Paddle boarder Rich German has always dreamt of seeing Orcas in the wild. Well, earlier this month, his dream came true ... and it was SPECTACULAR:

Photo: YouTube image

Gray whales, blue whales and orcas can be seen off the coast of Southern California this time of year making their annual migration. Though, orcas are not as commonly seen.  But, thanks to German, he captured the beautiful footage for all of us to now enjoy! Check out his full video which happened off the coast of Laguna Beach, Calif. a couple weeks ago:


For more on the latest in orca news, visit our friends at The Dodo >>

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10 Jan

Wasp vs Tarantula - Who Will Win?


My pal Bryan Hughes from Rattlesnake Solutions LLC was recently out in the desert looking for rattlesnakes and came across this epic battle between a large wasp and a tarantula.

The common name for this wasp species is tarantula hawk. As you can see in the video above, it is well-named.

Tarantula hawks specialize in preying on the large spiders that give them their common name. Well, the females do at least. Male and female tarantula hawks actually feed on flower nectar. The female hunts tarantulas so that she can provision her young with a living host upon which to feed.

Photo by Ken Bosma via Flickr.

When she finds a suitable victim, a battle like the one in the video ensues. If she's lucky, the female wasp lands a sting to the spider, which doesn't kill it but rather paralyzes it. She then hauls it off to a nest burrow where she lays an egg on it. 

When the wasp larva hatches, it burrows into the still living spider and feeds on the arachnid from the inside out until it pupates and eventually emerges as an adult wasp.

Gruesome, yes, and pretty horrible for the spider, but still it's an evolutionarily genius way to provide an ample food source for your offspring without having to dedicate time and energy to directly feed them while they grow to adulthood.

Protect Wildlife with the National Wildlife Federation.


7 Jan

Brave Puppy Battles to Reclaim Bed from Unimpressed Cat

NO ONE should ever mess with someone's bed. EVER. That's just wrong on so many levels -- and this puppy agrees! Watch this cute French bulldog pup attempt to reclaim his bed from his cat sibling:

Though ... we are grateful to you kitty for providing us with the opportunity for one pretty adorable video.  MEOW!

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6 Jan

Watch a Giant Panda Play in the Snow

We can't help but smile watching Bao Bao, the Smithsonian National Zoo's 16-month-old giant panda, play in the snow during her first ever snow day!

According to the Zoo, the giant panda cub rolled around in the snow, pounced on her mom, Mei Xiang, and climbed some trees. Other animals in the Zoo also enjoyed the two or so inches of snow that fell across the D.C. region.

Want to watch even more adorable animals frolic in the snow? Check out the video below, then watch more in our "Snow-Loving Animals" playlist!


23 Dec

Monkey Saves Electrocuted Friend

Tis' the season of giving, or saving...

A monkey at a train station in India was recently captured on film giving C.P.AWWWWWW to another monkey who was knocked unconscious after climbing on an electric wire.


Commuters watched as the monkey spent 20 minutes trying to revive the monkey by hitting, biting, slapping and even dunking the monkey in water.

The heroic save was captured on mobile phone, with the stunning scene playing out in front of a group of amazed onlookers.

22 Dec

Monkey Saves Friend with "CPR"


How amazing is this video of a monkey in India reviving an injured member of his troop? The injured monkey was knocked unconscious after being shocked by high voltage wires and falling to the ground. His friend then administered the monkey version of CPR, which was to bite and dunk him under water to try to wake him up.

There was no mouth-to-mouth or chest compressions, and the manner might've lacked finesse, but it worked. The injured monkey eventually recovered and was able to walk away. 

Monkey cpr

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17 Dec

Help Make Wishes Come True This Holiday Season with Make-A-Wish and Animal Planet


It's no secret that our Animal Planet stars love working with and saving animals - but they're also just as passionate for great causes like Make-A-Wish, which grants the wishes of children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. More than a few of these "wish kids" want to meet everything that crawls, slithers, flies or swims - and who better to help make these wishes come true than Animal Planet and its stars?

Caylee (photo above) is four years old and battling a gastrointestinal disorder. She loves the Gator Boys and Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle were just as excited to meet her and show her the ropes. She even got a lesson in wrestling a stuffed-animal gator. Check out more of her wish visit in the video below.

Want to watch even more magical moments? Check out AJ picking out a tree for his awesome treehouse with Pete Nelson, Wyatt taking over River Monsters with Jeremy Wade and much more in our Make-A-Wish playlist!

Do you want to help grant a wish for a child in need? Learn how at:


9 Dec

Sea Turtle Evades Shark

Photo by Teddy Fotiou via Flickr Creative Commons.

You might think that once they reach their adult size sea turtles are safe from predators. What could bite through those thick shells?

Turns out that even adult sea turtles are still on the menu for certain shark species, namely tiger sharks. Large, blunt headed tiger sharks are immensely powerful, and they love to dine on sea turtles. Often, they grab on to a flipper and tear it off, and indeed, sea turtles with missing limbs are not an uncommon sight. Tiger shark jaws are even powerful enough to crush through the shell of a sea turtle.

But don't feel too bad for the sea turtles. The video above shows just how smart these marine reptiles really are, and how well adapted they are to evade tiger sharks. The turtle anticipates the shark's attack and twists its body in the water. This does two things. First, it protects the turtle's vulnerable head and limbs from the shark's mouth. Even more fascinating, it puts its shell at just the right angle so that flat top is facing the shark. If the shark could grab the turtle shell from the side, it could shake the turtle to death and crush through the shell.  But not even a tiger shark can open its mouth wide enough to engulf the entire shell.

Amazing stuff! 

Protect Sea Turtles with the National Wildlife Federation.  


5 Dec

Have You Ever Seen an Owl Swim?

This great horned owl was attacked by a pair of peregrine falcons. Though much larger than the falcons, the owl knew better than to fight back against the smaller birds, which kill other birds by dive-bombing into them at speeds of over 200 mph.

Instead, it plunged in to waters of Lake Michigan to escape. Owls and other large birds don't enter the water willingly, but their light bodies float and they can use their wings to do a breaststroke and swim, as this owl shows.

Fortunately for the owl, it survived the attack and flew away after it reached the shore.

Protect wildlife with the National Wildlife Federation. 

Photo by Chris via Flickr Creative Commons.


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