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23 Feb

SNOW DAY! Cincinnati Zoo Red Pandas Show Off in the Winter (VIDEO)

It’s been a tough winter so far for most of the United States. In fact, it has been the cause for pandemonium in some parts.

Or should we say Red Panda-monium?

Most of us are over the snow and cold weather, but two red pandas at the Cincinnati Zoo can’t get enough. Watch and see:

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19 Feb

Books: Harlow & Sage (and Indiana) is a Heartwarmer

Courtesy of Putnam Books

Have you guys met Harlow, Sage, and Indiana yet? Oh boy, if you haven't, you're sure in for a wonderful surprise.

The three have created countless reasons to "Aww" on their Instagram page, but they recently published a book last October. While we are familiar with their Instagram page, we never quite understood why it is called "Harlow and Sage" when the dog's names are Harlow and Indiana.

That's where this delightful book comes in. Written in miniature dachshund Harlow's voice (shhh, she's really a Weimaraner, but her parents don't have the heart to break it to her), the lovely pup tells the story of how she became a part of her family and met her older sister and best friend Sage. Harlow recalls moments of her life with Sage, the lessons her big sister taught her, and more.  She also describes her sadness of losing Sage at the age of 13.

Pretty soon, though, Harlow's family brings home Indiana - a precocious miniature dachshund. Harlow quickly finds she must become the big sister to Indiana and turns back to Sage's wisdom to guide her.

This book is great for all ages - and may be particularly good for families with young children and pets, as they way author (and doggy mom) Brittni Vega describes animal friendship and loss is heartwarming and tear-inducing (in a very good way).

For more information on how to order the book, head to


They were really happy to see each other.

A photo posted by Harlow, Sage, Indiana & Reese (@harlowandsage) on Feb 18, 2015 at 7:04pm PST

As for us? We're looking forward to a sequel as Harlow and Indiana just welcomed another sister, Reese!

Need more cute right now? Check out this Too Cute compilation video of the cutest puppy piles:

19 Feb

Big Cat Plays in the Snow, Melts Hearts (VIDEO)

With the bitter cold winter keeping most of us indoors, it’s heartwarming to see someone outside enjoying the snow.

Meet Nala, a 5-year-old Norwegian Forest Cat/Maine Coon mix with a love for the outdoors. The fluffy feline lives in Norway and looks to be her happiest outside frolicking in the snow, enjoying snowball fights with her owner.

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18 Feb

Watering Trough GoPro Shows How Different Zoo Animals Drink (VIDEO)

Giraffes, lions, oryx, lemurs, monkeys, tapirs, zebras and rhinoceroses, oh my! 

Zookeeper Elad Herskowitz placed a GoPro inside of the watering troughs of 8 different species at Safari Ramat Gan in Israel to solve the question: "how do animals drink?"

Watch the video above for the underwater view of those thirsty animals.

 And who knew zebras didn't use their tongues? It looks like their holding out a note in a love ballad. 


Want to see some cute Maine Coon kittens learning to drink from their mom's favorite watering hole? Check out the Too Cute video below!

14 Jan

TODAY Show Welcomes a Pup With a Purpose


This morning, the TODAY Show welcomed another member to their ranks: a puppy with a purpose!

The 10-week-old Yellow Labrador Retreiever, which has yet to be named, is being raised by TODAY anchors, staff and an experienced handler. They've partnered with the nonprofit organization Guiding Eyes for the Blind and will help raise the little guy to become a seeing-eye guide dog.

The show is also holding a contest, which allows viewers to choose what to name the puppy: Wrangler, Waldo, Wes or William. See details for voting in the Tweet below!

Head to to learn more about the pup and his training.

Want to see other guide dogs in training? Check out this super cute clip from Too Cute!

7 Jan

Shammy the Dwarf Horse Will Melt Your Heart

Shammy the dwarf horse is just about the most adorable thing you'll see. If you aren't overcome with the urge to snuggle him, your heart might be broken.

You can get your regular Shammy fix and follow his exploits by following his page on Facebook.

Photo by Michele Lafferty Puryear via Shammy the Dwarf Facebook page.



3 Nov

Dogs in Cars: Capturing Canine's Happiest Moments

Chulo, Dapple Chiweenie (Lara Jo Regan)

What do dogs love almost as much as their best friend? We're guessing probably long car rides with their heads out the window, with the wind blowing through their fur. Photographer Lara Jo Regan captured these extreme moments of happiness in her new book Dogs in Cars, which you can purchase here. We've got a few photos as a sneak peek, though, and the book is not only adorable, but it also is a guaranteed way to make you smile as you see dogs in their purest form of happiness.

Napoleon, Lulu and Stitch, Pugs (Lara Jo Regan)

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29 Oct

Happy National Cat Day! Celebrate With On-Demand Kitten Snuggles

Mormo Banez/Veer

National Cat Day might just be our favorite day here at Animal Planet (there are a lot of cat people here) and we're so excited to help you celebrate as well!

Today, Uber is letting you order a car that will deliver kittens directly to your office for some quality snuggle time. As Uber explains via their blog, this is how it works:

  1. Open your Uber app between 12 pm & 4 pm.
  2. Request the “KITTENS” option in your app. In NYC or DC? Enter promo code kittensnyc or kittensdc to unlock the option in your app.
  3. Once the kittens arrive, you and your friends will get to enjoy 15 minutes of kitten cuteness! PRO TIP: Make sure to have an enclosed space purrrfect for playtime! In New York City, kittens can only be delivered to offices.
  4. The best part? In most cities, kittens are eligible for adoption.

For just $30, you get 15 minutes of quality time with the kittens. Even better? Every dollar from your visit is donated to a participating shelter in your city. Uber expects the demand to be high, so while you may not get a chance to cuddle up with these cuties, you can still do your part by visiting participating shelters:

If we haven't quite convinced you yet, maybe Uber Spokescat Princess Monster Truck will change your mind...

And if the kittens aren't available where you are, you can track all the fluffy moments via the #UberKITTENS tag on Twitter right here!

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28 Oct

Puppies do the 'Shake' in Photographer's New, Adorable Book

Hans, Boxer Pit Mix, 12 weeks (By Carli Davidson)

While we're in the midst of all things terrifying and beastly with the live zombie cam and Beastly Nights, we thought it would be good to take a break and feature something cute. And Carli Davidson's new book Shake Puppies is perfect for just that! You can pick up your own copy here, but we've got a sneak peek for you.

The book features about 70 puppies and Davidson photographed about 100 - each puppy requiring about an hour of photo shoot time.

"Shake Puppies was inspired by my friend Hanna Ingrams’s second grade class," Davidson said. "I showed the students a test presentation for Shake the day before it released, and their reaction was so moving that I decided to ask my favorite audience and professional connoisseurs of all out joy—kids—for a critique. What did they want to see? Their response: puppies and colors!"

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20 Oct

Nothing is Cuter Than This Baby Rhino Playing With a Goat

Today's installment of utter cuteness comes to us from the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre in South Africa.

The centre's mission is to conserve rare, vulnerable or endangered animals. A big part of their work is captive breeding of endangered species. While they specialize in cheetahs, the Centre cares for many other species as well, including Gertjie the orphaned white rhinoceros

Gertjie--nicknamed "Little G"--has a sad story that is all too common. He was found next to the body of his dead mother, who was killed and mutilated by poachers. They hacked off her horn for the lucrative traditional Chinese medicine black market.

Practiced throughout Asia, traditional Chinese medicaine holds that rhino horn is used to treat a variety illnesses--despite the fact that science has shown that it actually has no medicinal value and despite the fact that killing rhinos for their horns is illegal. Rhinos are rapidly declining and some species are close to extinction. Yet such is the power of tradition and faith.

White rhino
Southern white rhinoceros calf.

Luckily for Little G, he was rescued and brought to the Centre. White rhinos are the most social of the five rhino species, and even after Little G recovered from the trauma of losing his mother, it was evident that he needed companionship. So the folks at the Centre introduced Little G to a pair of goats, and a fast friendship was born.

Here is Little G frolicking with Lammie the goat. The joy the two animals are experiencing in this video is evident and infectious. Whenever I get down about the horrible things people do to animals, videos like this one and the story of Little G's rescue help remind me that there are still good people and good things happening in the world.


Photo by Vanessa via Flickr Creative Commons.

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