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Too Cute Tuesday

7 Oct

This Must be What Heaven Looks Like


Cu546 We don't know much about this video, but what we do know is that if heaven is a place on Earth, it's here in this pile of pug puppies.

Holy cuteness!

Want even more adorable pups? Check out Too Cute!

8 Jul

Too Cute Tuesday: Germany’s First Walrus Pup is Born


On June 15, an adorable, whiskered male walrus pup was born at Hamburg’s Hagenbeck Zoo. But this isn’t an ordinary walrus pup.

Why? Because he is the first and only walrus to be born in Germany. The zoo’s website states that this group of walruses (the pup’s mother and enclosure mates) came to them about a year ago from the Moscow Zoo to fulfill the dream of Tierpark Hagenbeck to host the only walrus breeding group in Germany. And their dreams have come true! This little guy doesn’t have a name yet, but it will be decided by zoo visitors.

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10 Dec

Too Cute Tuesday: A Giant Gingerbread House for Dogs

Credit: Stephanie Pilick/dpa/Corbis

Talk about the ULTIMATE dog house - check out these photos of a gingerbread house, or Knusperhaeuschen in German, made exclusively for dogs.

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19 Nov

Too Cute Tuesday: Adorable Puppy and Toddler Share Naptime

Credit: Jessica Shyba, Momma's Gone City

We know this has been making the rounds on the Web, but we just had to get in on the cuteness.

Theo the puppy and Beau the little boy share a remarkable friendship. And they espcially love sharing naptime together.

Click through to the photo gallery to see how their relationship blossomed!

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20 Sep

The Importance of Foster Homes: Sir Stuffington's Story

Earlier today we were introduced to a very brave kitten named Sir Stuffington. Our little friend has been through the unimaginable in his short little life and is currently recuperating in a foster home in Oregon.

Photo Credit: Multnomah County Animal Services

Sir Stuffington will be ready for adoption in a few months. On behalf of Animal Planet we'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to foster mom Blazer Schaffer for caring for Sir Stuffington until he is at a healthy and adoptable weight. We'd also like to thank all of the pet foster moms and dads out there. You are all an essential part of ensuring that all animals find happy and healty forever homes. Check out Sir Stuffington's Facebook page to follow his progress. 


Click here to learn more about Sir Stuffington! 

Click here to learn more about unique pets! 


16 Apr

Too Cute Tuesday: Some Days it Feels Like Someone's Yanking Your Tail


And on our puppy cam, someone (or somepuppy...) actually is!


If you haven't yet visited our (super adorable, addicting, awesomely wonderful) puppy cam in its new APL!VE location, please do! We're fairly certain you won't be sorry.

Check out all the action on Animal Planet L!VE!

2 Apr

Too Cute Tuesday: The National Zoo's Adorable Clouded Leopard Cubs

Excuse us while we coo over the adorableness of the National Zoo's clouded leopard cubs, who were born on Feb. 6. They're growing up and getting cuter everyday! Don't believe us? Look at the loads of cute below!

Photo: Janice Sveda, Smithsonian's National Zoo

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26 Feb

Too Cute Tuesday: Bashful Enjoys Some Donny Hathaway


So, do you all remember cute little Bashful from our first wonderful cast of the live kitten cam? Bashful-01-625x450

I'm sure you do. She was one of the cutest!

But I'm a little biased because I happened to adopt Bashful (now Etta) and Sleepy (now Otis). Taking them both home was perhaps the best decision I've made because they make life a lot more fun.

For example, here's Etta enjoying a little bit of Donny Hathaway on vinyl. It's good to see that she's got the same soul as her namesake (Etta James).

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12 Feb

Too Cute Offers You Valentine's Day Tips!


Unsure what to do this Valentine's Day? Take a cue from the adorable animals of Too Cute! and treat those special people in your life appropriately!

And then do yourself a favor and tune in for the all-day marathon of Too Cute! starting at 9AM E/P on Valentine's Day!


First, make sure your primp yourself accordingly. A trip to the salon for a trim and blow-dry might be necessary.


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22 Jan

Too Cute Tuesday: Kitten in Slow Motion!


Most of us are returning back to work today after a three-day weekend. If you guys are anything like me, it's tough getting back into the swing of things after more than usual time off.

Kitten videos are necessary.

Don't worry, we've got you covered: Check out this adorable video kitten Nikita playing in various speeds. Now you can get all the kitten cuteness in slow motion!

Pretty cute, huh?

If you need just a little bit more to get you moving on this Tuesday that actually feels like a Monday, check out more slow motion kitty action from Too Cute below!

Check back every Tuesday for more cute animal coverage!

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