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28 Jul

Dog Immediately Recognizes the Mom She Hasn't Seen Since Puppyhood

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Harper hasn't seen her mom since she was adopted as a puppy, so when her human family brought her back for a reunion, they weren't sure how well she would remember the mama dog who raised her.

But as soon as the car pulls in, Harper is tugging at her leash. She definitely knows where she is.

And when Harper and her mom see each other it's just like they're mama and puppy again. Even though it's been months, they're all over each other.

Dogs don't need to make small talk — for them, it's straight to the loving! 


Harper and her mom went on to have the happiest family playdate ever.

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28 Jul

Very Hungry Puppies Share Their Eating Tips

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Kara McPeak from

Adorable puppies share their eating tips.

It's feeding time for these golden retriever puppies! Check out this clip from Too Cute!

30 Jun

Cat Cafes: The Feline Sensation That's Sweeping the Nation

Have you always wanted to go to a cat cafe? Have you always wondered what a cat cafe really is? Well, the time is now for both of those things as these feline-centric coffee shops are popping up all over the country. What is it exactly? Well, it’s just what it sounds like: a café where you can go and play with cats. Some call it crazy, some call it genius. The best part of the whole thing is that, in most cases, these cats are up for adoption and are getting a chance at a new home. This craze started in Japan and came over to the United States in 2013. Below is a list of a few of the cat cafes around the country. Don’t see a location near you? Check out for a definitive list of existing and upcoming cat cafes! Make sure to pay attention to the rules of each café, as many have varying age restrictions.

Crumbs & Whiskers: Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Cost: $10 per hour Monday-Friday, $12 per hour Saturday and Sunday

This is D.C.’s first cat café, which opened only a few weeks ago thanks to an ambitious cat lover and Kickstarter. All cats in the cafe are available for adoption through the Washington Humane Society. While the menu is small, coffee and desserts are provided by Georgetown Bites, a café across the street. On top of that, the shop offers a wide variety of cute t-shirts and cards, with all proceeds going to the upkeep of the cafe. 

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24 Jun

Time Lapse Puppies Will Brighten Up Your Day! (VIDEO)

If there is one thing we know for sure, it's that puppies cure all types of woes. This time lapse video of two Golden Retriever puppies running for dinner over the course of nine months is sure to turn any frown upside and make your day exponentially better.


Check out some more cute puppies online! And if you prefer to see pups in slow motion, play the video below!


16 Jun

Meet Wally, Probably the Most Adorable Bunny on Instagram

Work stopped for some time at Animal Planet after we stumbled upon probably the most glorious rabbit on Instagram: Wally of @wally_and_molly. Don't believe us? Check out these photos and videos and decide for yourself.

We think you'll be convinced and give this little guy a follow.

Apparently Wally is a lover of flopping:

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10 Mar

Kitty-Whack-A-Mouse: Newest Craze in Feline Entertainment? (VIDEO)

Forget laser pointers and cat charmers. Kitty whack-a-mouse is the hottest thing in feline entertainment.

Our favorite arcade as become “catified”! Watch as celebricats Cole & Marmalade take to their new toy:

Whack-a-mole isn’t for humans anymore!

For more cats, both good and bad, watch cat videos on!

4 Mar

Listen Up to Ramsey the Talking Husky Puppy (VIDEO)

HuskyHuskies are great. Puppies are great. Talking Husky puppies are the BEST! Listen to our furry friend, Ramsey, use his best speaking voice.

Apparently, Ramsey had just received a scolding for eating another dog's food. Maybe he just was just sticking up for himself!

Check out how adorably talkative he is in the video below!

 Is that a husky puppy or a hairy child?

Turns out Ramsey isn't the ONLY vocal Husky!


10 Feb

Meet Didga, an Adorably Well-Trained Cat

When we first watched this clip, we thought it was going to be some sort of funny video about how it's hard to train cats and other typical cat stereotypes.

Boy, were we glad we were wrong! Meet Didga, a cat displaying the roll command along with her two large, rottweiler friends.

Want to see even more videos featuring Didga? Check out the YouTube channel.

Want to see another well-trained kitty? Check out the video below!

28 Oct

Puppies do the 'Shake' in Photographer's New, Adorable Book

Hans, Boxer Pit Mix, 12 weeks (By Carli Davidson)

While we're in the midst of all things terrifying and beastly with the live zombie cam and Beastly Nights, we thought it would be good to take a break and feature something cute. And Carli Davidson's new book Shake Puppies is perfect for just that! You can pick up your own copy here, but we've got a sneak peek for you.

The book features about 70 puppies and Davidson photographed about 100 - each puppy requiring about an hour of photo shoot time.

"Shake Puppies was inspired by my friend Hanna Ingrams’s second grade class," Davidson said. "I showed the students a test presentation for Shake the day before it released, and their reaction was so moving that I decided to ask my favorite audience and professional connoisseurs of all out joy—kids—for a critique. What did they want to see? Their response: puppies and colors!"

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7 Oct

This Must be What Heaven Looks Like


Cu546 We don't know much about this video, but what we do know is that if heaven is a place on Earth, it's here in this pile of pug puppies.

Holy cuteness!

Want even more adorable pups? Check out Too Cute!







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