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The Hunger: Death Race

21 Sep

The Hunger: Death Race - How Do You Cook an Egg in the Desert?


TUNE IN: The Hunger: Death Race premieres Sunday, Sept. 23, @ 10 PM e/p.

No pots, no pans - so, how exactly do you cook an egg in the desert?  The equivalent of two dozen chicken eggs, Guy Grieve reveals the tricks to cooking a ginormous ostrich egg à la desert:

desert egg omelet

Watch the full clip here: 

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20 Sep

'The Hunger: Death Race' Highlights Ancient Hunting Practices of the San People


Tune in to The Hunger: Death Race, premiering
Sunday, Sept. 23, @ 10 PM e/p.

Guy Grieve, a modern day hunter-gatherer, takes us to the Kalahari desert and into the lives of the San, one of the oldest groups of people inhabiting southern Africa. Grieve explores survival and hunting techniques of the San, skills refined over centuries by these people descended from Early Stone Age ancestors.


The San have no agricultural practice nor do they domesticate animals - however, they are highly skilled hunters and trackers.  Grieve seeks to learn more about the legendary "Death Race," a technique where a lone hunter chases an animal for many arduous miles in the hot desert sun, until either animal or man collapses to their death.

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