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14 Aug

Happy Shark Week!

Shark Week returned to Discovery Channel earlier this week, with 14 hours of brand new programs combined with a live talk show each night gives this year's Shark Week the highest number of programs and premiere hours ever featured in this event's 27-year history.

Coming up this evening at 9/8c, tune into I Escaped Jaws 2 to hear shark attack victims recount their harrowing near-death experiences and reveal how they escaped with their lives. Later in the evening at 10/9c, watch what happens as Hawaiian native and surf legend Kala Alexander sets out to uncover the truth behind what’s disrupting the Hawaiian food chain after a spike in shark attacks including two fatalities in Sharkageddon.

Don't forget to tune in each night for Shark Week's late-night live talk show, Shark After Dark. Host Josh Wolf will lead viewers through an hour-long celebration of all things shark-related, including celebrity guests and shark experts. Stayed tuned for the rest of the week for even more new shows such as Megladon: The New Evidence, Great White Matrix, and Sharksanity. For all you shark fanatics, videos, shark cams, games, and more can all be found on the Shark Week website.

Animal Planet has been doing their own fair share of getting in on the Shark Week action as well. Have you seen the stars of our Kitten Cam lately? They've seen to have made a new friend!

Tumblr_inline_n9zv0n2gA11rnzy1u Tumblr_inline_n9zv2pQywC1rnzy1u                     

Continuing the spirit of Shark Week, check out our Shark Cam featuring beautiful Blacktips!



If after all of this you still can't get enough sharks, head over to our website where we have an entire playlist of shark videos waiting for you! Happy Shark Week!

30 Jul

Gator Boys: All New Season!

This Sunday, August 3rd, the wait is finally over! The Gator Boys are back for an all new season and it's all being kicked off with a special two part season premiere beginning at 8PM E/P! This season will be sure not to disappoint as the team continues their work to capture gators, move them to more suitable homes, and educate the public about these fascinating creatures.


Sunday's two-part premiere will also mark a Gator Boys first as the team travels to Mexico. Gator Boys leader, Paul Bedard has been asked to help an aquarium in Mazaltan start up thier own no-kill crocodile resuce and also to help with the hunt for  the legendary monster-croc, "El Diablo,"  which has terrorized the locals for quite some time now.

The adventure never stops for the Gator Boys, so be sure to tune in every Sunday at 8 PM E/P to find out what Paul, Jimmy, and the rest of the team are up to. Until then, take a look back and enjoy this compliation of some of the team's best catches!

24 Jun

Explore WILD BRAZIL's Gorgeous Landscape & Biodiversity, Beyond Fútbol

Blow your caxirola, but be sure not to scare off the animals! In a nod to the World Cup's host nation, tune in tonight on Animal Planet for WILD BRAZIL, a two-hour special at 9 PM ET/PT, depicting the Brazilian fight-or-flight ecosystem where survival is a constant battle.

Brazil, South America's largest country, is famous for its samba, carnival and soccer; it's also bursting with beautiful, expansive wildlife, which we'll uncover tonight in all its colorful, diverse glory!


In honor of the beautiful program and all the awesome animal footage you'll see, here's a short quiz below, dubbed, Name That Animal!  So, test your animal instincts and see if you know these beautiful creatures of Brazil:


1. NAME THIS ANIMAL! Hint: It's _____ Week!


2. NAME THIS ANIMAL! Hint: It's a type of big cat ... :D


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20 Jun

Finding Bigfoot: Finding the Beast in the Bayou

In this week’s episode of Finding Bigfoot, the team heads to central Louisiana to investigate an interesting image captured on a family's trail camera. Located in an area that Cliff feels could be ideal for Bigfoots, the Duhon family's trail camera was set up on their hunting land to keep an eye on local wildlife. Instead, it captured an unidentifiable figure next to their deer stand. So, they called in the experts.

Normally the Duhon’s capture fox, coyote, deer and even turkeys on their trail cam, so this figure is highly unusual. After trying to recreate the event with Bobo as the unknown figure, the team sets out on a night investigation in hopes that whatever was captured on film shows its face once the sun goes down. With some radical new techniques, the team may just find what they are looking for in the bayous of Louisiana!

Tune in to Finding Bigfoot Sunday at 10 PM E/P!


6 Jun

YIYIYIYIYI! Turtleman's BACK! ... And Looking for Sasquatch

Team Turtle is BACK! The guys return in all-new episodes starting Sunday when Turtleman and Neal get their first call of the day from none other than Ranae and Bobo, Finding Bigfoot tracker extraordinaires. 


The Sasquatch duo are investigating the Kentucky backwoods and who better to tap for tracking assistance than Turtleman! Where to start? How about a "Backwoods Boot Camp"? Here's a sneak peek of the meeting:

Watch the premiere Sunday at 10:30 p.m. E/P to see how "Backwoods Boot Camp" went down for Bobo and Ranae - and see if they pass Turtleman's final test!

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17 Apr

#ThrowbackThursday: That Time Jeremy Wade Survived a Plane Crash

Remember that time?!  Yeah, that's right - Jeremy Superhuman Wade survived a PLANE CRASH. It was 2002 and Jeremy and team were off to Brazil, long before River Monsters ever aired.  He and his crew were on a small plane headed to the jungles in search of Arapaima ... and then THIS HAPPENED:


Crazy things happen deep in the wilderness - but, Jeremy Wade and his team are clearly superhuman. Watch another incident when one crew member was struck by lightning; Jeremy reflects on those wild experiences:


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16 Apr

George Hill, Indiana Pacers: Good Luck from Jeremy Wade & Your Animal Planet Friends!

Hey, George Hill and the Indiana Pacers! Good luck on the Playoffs!

We were more than happy to help deliver a special message from Jeremy Wade to George Hill. Click on the image below to watch the well wishes and see George's rection:


Go Indiana! And, FISH ON!


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10 Apr

Nocturnal Creatures Welcome Stephen Colbert to the 'Late Show'!

Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Big news was revealed today after it was announced that Stephen Colbert would be taking over David Letterman's "Late Show" spot in 2015.

As the newest member of network late night shows, we thought that Colbert would like to get to know some of his fellow nocturnal animal friends.

Check out the playlist of other famous nocturnal animals!

Did you know hedgehogs are nocturnal? Check out their nighttime action on our newest APL!ve cam!

25 Mar

TONIGHT: Was Marina Chapman Truly Raised by Monkeys?


Tonight on Animal Planet, watch the riveting story of Marina Chapman, who claims she was kidnapped and then abandoned in the jungle where monkeys helped raise and teach her to survive.

The show premieres at 9PM E/P and will follow Marina and her daughter as they return to Colombia to determine whether or not she was really raised by monkeys. Chapman claims she lived with capuchin monkeys from age 4 or 5 until she was 9 or 10 until she was rescued by hunters.

Delve into Marina's story and watch as she travels across Colombia, meets with a variety of scientists who study her psychology, bones and more to determine if she was, in fact, raised by monkeys.

Watch tonight at 9PM E/P!

Watch another story of a boy who lived among monkeys before being rescued:

24 Mar

That's Right - We're Doing a River Monsters LIVE Aftershow with Jeremy Wade

In case you haven't heard, we're bringing you Jeremy Wade LIVE, after the two-hour season premiere! The first half hour on your TV and the second half, online, right here at Stay tuned for updates - in the meantime, check out the official press release:


– Freshwater Detective and Biologist Jeremy Wade Sits Down for In-depth Q&A With Executive Producer Lisa Lucas to Answer Diehard Fan Questions –

-- Special to Begin on Television and Then Move Online Following the Season Premiere –

(March 24, 2014, New York) – For the very first time, Animal Planet will offer die-hard fans one-on-one access to RIVER MONSTERS host, Jeremy Wade, in a live special event. Wade returns to civilization to answer every burning question and give viewers intimate insight into the sixth season of the best-performing series in network history. The special RIVER MONSTERS: LIVE WITH JEREMY WADE will air Sunday, April 6, at 11 PM (ET/PT), following the two-hour RIVER MONSTERS season premiere, “Amazon Apocalypse,” which will air from 9-11 PM (ET/PT). This will be Animal Planet’s first-ever live aftershow. The special will be moderated by Animal Planet’s long-time RIVER MONSTERS executive producer, Lisa Lucas, and broadcast from the Knight Studio at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.
Following the season premiere of RIVER MONSTERS, viewers will have the opportunity to interact with Jeremy during a live broadcast, submitting their questions on Twitter and Facebook. The live special will feature exclusive content, never-before-heard, behind-the-scenes stories and a fresh perspective into Animal Planet’s most popular series. RIVER MONSTERS: LIVE WITH JEREMY WADE will broadcast live on Animal Planet from 11-11:30 PM (ET/PT) and then will continue exclusively online at from 11:30 PM-12 AM (ET/PT).


Tune in Sunday, April 6, at 9 PM e/p for the two-hour season premiere! And, stay tuned for the live aftershow at 11 PM e/p.


Visit the River Monsters show site for best moments from the show >>

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