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3 Mar

Pint-Sized Pony Gets Help Seeing Over His Stall (VIDEO)

Pedro 1
Pedro may be small, but he has a big personality. (Photo from YouTube/Susan Collins)

Meet Pedro, the cutest Shetland pony you’ll ever see.

While it’s easy to fall in love with Pedro for his short stature, it’s also easy to forget that his size can make things difficult for him. So when the young riders at Ebony Horse Club in Brixton, London noticed Pedro couldn’t see over his stall, they decided to do something about it. Watch:

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2 Mar

Grouper Kills Invasive Lionfish in Open Water (VIDEO)

A non-profit organization believes it has captured the first footage ever recorded of “a grouper making an open water kill of an invasive lionfish without encouragement of any kind by a diver.”

Jim Hart, co-founder and executive director of Lionfish University, recorded the encounter between the lionfish and a Nassau grouper, according the YouTube video below:

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24 Feb

Octopus Takes Out Crab On Land (VIDEO)

We’re going to cut to the chase and let the woman recording this video introduce it:


The footage, captured in western Australia by YouTube user Porsche Indrisie, shows a crab walking across rocks, minding its own business, when BOOM! An octopus comes out of nowhere, lands on the crab, and then drags it down into the depths of the unknown.

And with that, we’ll end things with Porsche’s words: “HOLY SH*T!”

23 Feb

SNOW DAY! Cincinnati Zoo Red Pandas Show Off in the Winter (VIDEO)

It’s been a tough winter so far for most of the United States. In fact, it has been the cause for pandemonium in some parts.

Or should we say Red Panda-monium?

Most of us are over the snow and cold weather, but two red pandas at the Cincinnati Zoo can’t get enough. Watch and see:

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19 Feb

Captains Reach Their Limits on 'Alaska: Battle on the Bay' Season Finale

Luke 108
Captain Luke Swab and deckhand Tyler pull their weight as salmon season comes to a close on Alaska: Battle on the Bay (Photo Credit: Animal Planet)

Every Thursday night for the last six weeks, we followed six captains and their boats during the highly competitive salmon season in Alaska: Battle on the Bay. And as the season comes to a close on tonight’s two-hour season finale, our crews find themselves battling fatigue, angry boats and even FIRE.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier on Bristol Bay, think again. Here are TWO SNEAK PEEKS of what’s coming up later tonight at 9/8c:

Who will come out on top of the final fish count? Don’t miss the season finale of Alaska: Battle on the Bay TONIGHT at 9/8c and be sure to tweet along with us and the cast on Twitter with #AlaskaBoB.

17 Feb

Seal Takes On Octopus in Canadian Waters (VIDEO)

It looks like Snuffy got his revenge.

No sharks were involved, but an unlucky octopus found itself on the wrong end of a seal in Ogden Point, located in British Columbia, Canada. Watch the footage from a man credited as Thomas Anderson-Roffey by UPI:

You can also take a look at some amazing photographs of the encounter, posted to Facebook by Bob Ianson.

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13 Feb

7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Treehouse Masters: Lost in the Forest

Tonight, Animal Planet is bringing you a very special episode of Treehouse Masters that will surely delight everyone in the family.

There are so many funny/heartwarming/amazing moments from each build that it’s impossible to fit them all into a single, one-hour episode. With that, we’ve put all of those wonderful, never-before-seen moments into Treehouse Masters: Lost in the Forest, premiering tonight at 10/9c.

Here’s why you should tune in:

1. There could be a Bigfoot sighting

Pete bigfoot

Bobo isn’t the only one that can look like a squatch.

2. There will be doughnuts

LITF donuts

Because doughnuts.

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9 Feb

"50 Shades of Spay" Initiative Encourages Spaying/Neutering in February


Is this a new movie or a parody of "50 Shades of Grey" with Lady and the Tramp, perhaps? 

It's neither. But with the movie coming out this Friday, you'd think so!

50 Shades of Spay is an initiative started by Found Animals, a privately-funded nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring the safety of animals in homes, shelters and communities. Throughout the month of February and in response to the film's suggestiveness, the foundation plans to motivate pet owners to spay/neuter their pets. 

Found Animals is asking spay/neuter programs across the country to show them your “50 Shades of Spay” to win a grant of $2,500! 

To be eligible, your organization must:

  • Perform at least 1,000 surgeries each year for publicly owned animals
  • Like Found Animals on Facebook
  • Post at least five (5) different photos on Facebook on at least five (5) days in February 2015 (starting January 27th) showing the awesome pets and people you serve
  • Tag Found Animals in each Facebook photo post and use the hashtag, #50ShadesofSpay
  • Tell us why your program deserves a $2,500 grant

Contest period ends February 28th. Winners announced March 9th.

You can enter here. Good luck everyone! 

6 Feb

Design Details from the Kentucky Climber's Cottage

Contributed By Tory Jones

Get an in-depth look at how the beautiful designs inside these treehouse masterpieces come together with Treehouse Masters' own Tory Jones. Find out more about the Kentucky Climber's Cottage inside this blog post!


This episode took us into the Kentucky trees—literally.  Clients Shelly and Bill Byrne are avid tree climbers, so much so that they have embarked on a new profession sharing their love of trees. They call their company “EarthJoy,” and Pete and crew built their new arboreal retreat headquarters on family property in Germantown, Ky.

The spacious tree house borrows the design vernacular from the local farmhouses. It offers an open-beamed cathedral ceiling, so if the weather is inclement, the climbing can happen inside.  Shelly asked for a free, calm space so that she could hold the retreats; one of her favorites is the “Women Warriors” retreat, where up to 16 women gather to climb, meditate and journal. She needed plenty of seating for all to be comfortable.


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4 Feb

Animal Planet's 'Road to the Puppy Bowl' Adoption Events

Each February, the most anticipated sporting event featuring the cutest - and adoptable! - players arrives on Animal Planet! Leading up to Puppy Bowl XI, Animal Planet teamed up with NFL teams and animal shelters around the country to raise animal adoption awareness.

NFL stars Torrey Smith, Darren McFadden and Billy Turner were among players to meet fans and their newly adopted pets. 


"I think we all kind of get caught up in wanting to have a pure-[bred] dog, but you can get whatever you want when you adopt," Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver Torrey Smith said. "There are plenty of dogs in [shelters] just waiting for someone to love them."


Animal Planet co-hosted six "Road to Puppy Bowl" events in six different cities, sponsoring adoption costs for all families adopting pets.

 Missed out on Puppy Bowl madness? Tune in to the full episode here!

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