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2 Jul

World's Ugliest Dog Gets A Celebrity Make-Over

Quasi Modo

Last weekend the World's Ugliest Dog was crowned in Petaluma, California. Quasi Modo, a pit bull-Dutch Shepherd mix, beat out 26 other dogs to take home the title, and its' $1,500 prize. Since then, the deformed dog, who is missing a couple vertebrae, has gained some fame. 

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30 Jun

Python Dies After Eating Porcupine

One massive African rock python bit off more than it could chew after falling victim to its last meal.

A few days after being photographed in South Africa’s Lake Eland Game Reserve, the python turned up dead. It turns out the prey it devoured was a porcupine, with quills that were lodged inside the snake’s digestive track, according to the game reserve’s Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.55.47 AM

Not quite the impala calf or warthog the game reserve initially thought.

25 Jun

Bless the Internet: A 'Jurassic World' With Cats Instead of Dinosaurs Exists

From Tumblr user Khan&Kittens

Were you one of the many who made their way to theaters to see the latest in the Jurassic Park franchise, "Jurassic World"? If we told you there was something way bigger than the Indominus rex, would you believe us?

Behold: We give you Purassic World. Yes. A Tumblr user has geniusly Photoshopped pictures of kittens onto scenes from the hit movie. And this isn't the first time. Check out some photos from Purassic World below, then head back to Khan&Kittens Tumblr page to see even more from past "Jurassic Park" movies.

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15 Jun

Zoo Animals Loose in Georgia After Flood

People assist a hippopotamus that has been shot with a tranquilizer dart after it escaped from a flooded zoo in Tbilisi, Georgia, Sunday, June 14, 2015. Tigers, lions, a hippopotamus and other animals have escaped from the zoo in Georgia’s capital after heavy flooding destroyed their enclosures, prompting authorities to warn residents in Tbilisi to say inside Sunday. At least eight people have been killed in the disaster, including three zoo workers, and 10 are missing. (AP Photo/Tinatin Kiguradze)

The streets of Tbilisi, Georgia look like something out of Noah’s Arc, after severe flooding sent hundreds of wild animals into the city.

With at least 13 dead (including two Tbilisi Zoo employees), local residents are urged to stay indoors, while rescue workers and police look for the missing Tbilisi Zoo animals, according to the Associated Press.

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1 Jun

Man Reunites With Dog After Eight Years Apart (VIDEO)

It took eight years, but a man and his dog are reunited after what feels like a lifetime apart.

In 2007, Joshua Edwards’ Rottweiler, Duke, went missing in the Shenandoah region, according to the Miami Herald. He spent months looking for him, before coming to terms with his loss. Over the next few years, Joshua would get married, have kids and welcome new dogs into the family.

Everything changed last month when Duke was found in Florida, and his microchip linked him to Joshua. Days later, man and man’s best friend were reunited and the Miami Herald was on hand to document the emotional reunion:

It goes to show how important it is to microchip your pet! Here are a few more reasons.

25 May

The Last Alaskans: Hear What the Critics Are Saying

Around the office at Animal Planet, we're proud of all our shows, but The Last Alaskans holds a special place in our hearts. We're glad the critics are recognizing what we see, and we hope you will too tonight at 10/9c.

‘The Last Alaskans’: A reality show with a heart as big as its subject

"... a superb, eight-part docu-series premiering Monday night."

"Unlike other reality shows, there’s little sense that a producer is nudging a particular narrative this way or that; the subjects are entirely themselves and, given their loner instincts, remarkably willing to explain why they live here and how they manage it."

- The Washington Post

Review: ‘The Last Alaskans,’ a New Animal Planet Series

"... an affecting series."

"... [H]ere the quests for sustenance are presented merely as facts of life. The compelling part of the series is the why: Why live like this?"

- The New York Times

Preview the show here: 

22 Apr

Man Squishes Spider, Only to “Deliver” Its Babies (VIDEO)

Arachnophobes, beware!

Danny Ford’s encounter with a wolf spider turned into something out of a horror film while at home in Australia (because it’s Australia). When he goes to smash it with his broom, he discovers (much to his surprise and our ABSOLUTE TERROR) that the spider isn’t alone.

The funny thing about this is how calm the Danny is the entire time. Being Australian, he’s probably used to seeing all sorts of creepy arachnids.

Don’t be afraid of spiders and remember to THINK BEFORE YOU SQUISH!

3 Apr

Jeremy Wade Offers Tips For Taking #ReelMonster Pictures

Jeremy dorado
Photo by Animal Planet

What better way to celebrate seven seasons River Monsters than having our fans take part in the season premiere and River Monsters Aftershow Sunday night? All you have to do is post your best fishing picture to Twitter, Instagram or the River Monsters Facebook page with #ReelMonster, and it may appear on TV!

We were lucky enough to hang out with Jeremy Wade this week when he visited our Animal Planet office. We told him about #ReelMonster and he couldn’t be more excited to see what you guys have in store (we even showed him a few pictures)! But before you post, here are a few tips he shared for taking and submitting the best fish pics possible:

Hold the fish horizontally, not vertically. Have you ever noticed that Jeremy usually holds his catches like that? Doing so supports the fish’s body and makes it more comfortable before returning it in the water.

Keep the fish in the water if possible. If the fish is particularly large, you’re better off keeping it in the water and jumping in for the picture!

Don’t be afraid to get wet. It’s great to support your fish by holding it against your body. Just remember to wet your shirt so the fish doesn’t lose its natural slime!

Do NOT hold the fish by its gills. Don’t, just…don’t. It’s as uncomfortable as it sounds.

Get your pictures ready and we hope you tune in for the River Monsters season premiere at 9/8c, followed by the River Monsters Aftershow!

IMPORTANT! Please note that your photo may be featured in an episode of River Monsters that may be exhibited in any media. Please only submit photos that belong to you and that all people appearing in the photo consent to the submission. Only photos of adults will be considered. No kids photos please.

30 Mar

'100 Miles From Nowhere' Captured in 10 Photos

100 Miles From Nowhere follows adventurer Matt Galland and his two best buddies, Danny Bryson and Blake Josephson. In each episode, the trio of fun-loving regular guys chooses remote, extreme locations throughout the globe where cameras - let alone people - rarely have gone. Matt, Danny and Blake's mission is straightforward: to get off life's usual humdrum path for a more exciting, daring and off-the-beaten one. In just three or four days, the guys trek approximately 100 miles and burn up to 10,000 calories on foot, raft, skis and even skateboard while they document and shoot their own escapades with absolutely no crew. What is it like?

10 Photos That Capture '100 Miles From Nowhere'











Take a Sneak Peek into '100 Miles From Nowhere'

30 Mar

Pit Bull Comforts Frightened Deer (VIDEO)

Anyone that sees pit bulls as menaces to society hasn’t met Gotti the Pit Bull.

Don’t let the name fool you—Gotti has a sweet side that came out when a deer became stuck in his family’s garden fence in Greenville, NY. According to the YouTube user that uploaded the video, Gotti stayed by the deer’s side, licking its face and comforting the frightened creature, until animal rescue officials arrived.

Watch and let your heart turn to mush:

See what sweet and loving dogs pit bulls really are and watch heartwarming moments from Pit Bulls and Parolees, only on

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