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2 Apr

Getting to Know Greenland: Meet Grace J. Heindorf Nielsen, Greenland Production Manager, Ice Cold Gold

Contributed by David Casey

Credit: Danny Long

Grace J. Heindorf Nielsen is co-founder of Bmg-Greenland, a travel management company based in Nuuk, Greenland. Grace has worked over ten years in the Greenlandic tourism industry. She has a wealth of experience in planning tours, shore handling for cruise companies, conferences and general office management. Grace has extensive knowledge of the local community, its history, cultural values and people. She usually knows whom to contact to get something done. She is fluent in English, Danish and Swedish and speaks some German.

Grace has worked as the Greenland Production Manager for both seasons of Ice Cold Gold.

[Watch an all-new episode of Ice Cold Gold Thursday at 10PM E/P!]

1.) How did you come to Greenland as a child? Was there something that you fell in love with about Greenland that made you stay?

I was born in Helsinki, Finland. My mother was from the USA and my father from Denmark. We moved here when I was nine years old. My parents wanted to tell people about the Bahá’í Faith. I grew up here and Greenland is my home.  Fresh air, clean water, wide-open spaces, friendly people and it never gets miserably hot.

2.) Tourism is steadily growing in Greenland. How did you get into the industry? 

On a fluke, actually. A friend of mine was running a little tourist office in 1992 and when a cruise ship came to town she needed a guide who could speak English. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but decided if it was a disaster, at least I would never see those folks again. As it turned out, it went really well and I found a new calling.    

3.)Icg-photo What are some of the misconceptions that people have of Greenland and Greenlanders?

I think for many visitors, we are a much different society than they expected. Some are floored by our level of sophistication and modernity. They are shocked we have cars. While others sometimes seem frustrated that not everything can run like clockwork. Most are not prepared for how much the weather impacts on our lives and plans.

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9 Mar

#CatCash Fever at SXSW

If you were on Twitter Saturday night, you may have stumbled upon some #CatCash -- a trending topic that exploded out of our event at South By Southwest.

We were proud to be part of a panel at SXSW called Cat Cash: The Economy of Internet Cat Videos with our very own Social Media Director, Grace Suriel, as well as our pals Ben Lashes (Manager of Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat, Keyboard Cat and others), Scott Stulen (Curator of the Internet Cat Video Festival) and Will Braden (Creator of Henri Le Chat Noir).

The idea was to take a seriously fun look at how Internet "cat-lebrities" have inked movie deals, inspiried touring festivals and generally made money. You know this is real when folks like Shark Tank's Mark Cuban visit backstage.

Here are some of our favorite moments and quotes as captured in the medium across the Twitterverse. As you'll see, surprise guest Grumpy Cat pretty much stole the show:


Want to see more? Check out this scrapbook on And get's in-depth coverage of the panel and the phenomenon.

4 Mar

Snake Takes On Croc In Epic Battle Between Predators

Whether you’re a human or an animal, it’s easy to acknowledge that snakes and crocodiles are some of the fiercest, most revered predators in the wild. But what happens when these two beasts come across one another, like they did just days ago in Queensland, Australia?

Absolute carnage.

A python swallows the tail of the crocodile at Lake Moondarra near Mount Isa on March 02, 2014 in Queensland, Australia (Photo Credit: Marvin Muller/Barcroft Media/Landov)

It all went down off the shores of the popular Lake Moondarra, considered to be a great spot for swimming and water sports, according to the ABC News. The locals weren’t dipping their toes in the water when they found a snake and croc duking it out. But they did capture the epic struggle on camera!

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3 Mar

World Wildlife Day Shines Light On Illegal Ivory Trade

Li elephant
Chinese actress and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Li Bingbing plays with a baby elephant in a short film made by Save the Elephants in honor of World Wildlife Day (Photo taken from YouTube)

It is estimated an elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its ivory, according to Save the Elephants. There are less than 400,000 African elephants today, a noticeable decline from the 1.3 million found in 1979. At this rate, the species is on track to become extinct in the next 10 to 20 years, according to China’s Southern Weekend newspaper.

Even though the commercial trading of African elephant ivory was outlawed internationally in 1989, it can still be found in parts of the world, like China, the world’s largest consumer of illegal ivory.

Chinese actress Li Bingbing is a superstar that is using her celebrity to raise awareness about elephant poaching in her country. In celebration of the inaugural World Wildlife Day, Li, a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Goodwill Ambassador, traveled to Kenya to learn about African elephants and poaching. Her journey was documented in a short film found on YouTube (you can also watch the 6-minute Director’s Cut online):

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27 Dec

Great Place to Get Married? Treehouse Point!


BuzzFeed recently created a list of the 22 coolest places to get married. Guess where was featured on that list? Pete Nelson's very own Treehouse Point!

It makes perfect sense. Who wouldn't want to get married among the birds and trees of the lovely Washington estate? See the full article here and check out some photos below.


Want to see even more Treehouse Masters? Tune in all day today for a Treehouse Masters marathon starting at 9AM E/P. Then catch the holiday episode at 9PM E/P!


18 Dec

Gift Idea for Your Favorite Cat[s]: Catty Stacks

Etta hanging out. Otis is camera shy.

Admittedly, these Catty Stacks have been sitting in a box in my apartment for a while. Between not having a lot of space in my last apartment, then moving to a new one and a bunch of traveling, I didn't exactly have a chance to put them up.

But! I wish I had done so sooner because they've become a favorite naptime spot for my cats.

These stacks are made of industrial strength Corrugated Ultraboard and are eco-friendly. They come in a variety of colors to match your decor (I got green, blue, brown and white - and, as you can see below, they fit in my apartment super well. You can hardly tell they're for the cats! And at $11.99 on sale ($14.99 regularly), they're a less expensive alternative to a kitty condo.

Please ignore the messy apartment and instead see how the catty stacks fit space-wise and decor-wise. Etta's in the blue box, and, well, Otis is on the table.

Cat-stacks-3While Otis and Etta enjoy the occasional nap, they also use the stacks as a hiding place or a place of refuge when I pull out the vacuum. They're still getting used to the boxes and I think one of their favorite places to nap is still the Kitty Block I've had since they were kittens. However, once I threw in some toys, an old gift bag Etta loves to play with and some catnip, the stacks seemed much more appealing!

All in all, I highly recommend these guys for great, inexpensive and low-maintenance cat furniture. They're fairly easy to put together and the spruce up your living space without being an eyesore.

Check them out today!

4 Dec

Dancing Dog Gets Down To The 80s

Eat your heart out, Borat. You’re not the most interesting thing to come from Kazakhstan, anymore. Meet the country's newest star—a dancing dog with a love for the 80s.

Watch as this pup gets down to “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul" by Modern Talking. It’s like Flashdance or Footloose—but with canines!

Our thanks to the The Huffington Post for finding this video and posting it!

What other animals have rhythm? You’d be surprised: cockatoos, billy goats, etc…


6 Nov

Olinguito Babies May be the Cutest Animals Ever

Courtesy of Saving Species.

Oh my. When we reported on the Olinguito, a new species of mammal native to Ecuador and Colombia, we had no idea how cute its babies were.

Saving Species and its conservation partners in Colombia shared photos of the young Olinguito found in the La Mesenia Reserve forest restoration project. And this little guy is the picture of adorable.

Read more from Saving Species.


5 Nov

Arizona Family Rescues Pit Bull Left for Dead on Mountain Trail


Courtesy of the Arizona Humane Society.
Andi Davis was taking a routine hike near Phoenix, Ariz., when she spotted a 2-year-old pit bull at the top of a mountain, according to an article on the Huffington Post. Despite inititially having misgivings about the breed, Davis scooped up the dog and carried him back down the mountain, where her husband and daughter, Jessi, brought him to the Arizona Humane Society for treatment.


While there, it was discovered that the dog, now named Elijah, had been shot and was likely left for dead on the trail.

This story has a happy ending however. Davis's daughter, Jessi, felt a special connection with the dog and he's now become a member of their family.

For more on pit bulls, check out Pit Bulls & Parolees every Saturday night at 10PM E/P.

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28 Oct

Carli Davidson Gets Dogs to "Shake"!

Dax the Boxer (By Carli Davidson)

We're loving these images from Carli Davidson's latest book, "SHAKE." You might remember Carli's other wonderful work which photographed "differently-abled" pets (see even more of her work on her website!).

The 144-page book features 61 different dogs caught mid-shake. You heard that right. Picture ears twisting, jowels swinging, spit flying and more. We've got some images here, but please check out even more in our gallery!

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