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14 Mar

Ricky Gervais ROARS Against Canned Hunting - and So Can You

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Ricky isn't the only one roaring about this issue. Join thousands across the globe (myself included) this Saturday, March 15 as activists march to draw attention to the cruel, but perfectly legal, practice of canned lion hunting in South Africa. Unfamiliar with this practice? It's been outlawed in many places, including 20 states, but is still abundant in South Africa. It's a form of hunting that limits the animal's ability for a "fair chase" since it's kept in an enclosed area in order to make it easier for the hunter to come home with a "trophy." Essentially, hunters are guaranteed a kill since the animal is unable to escape.

Duba male in rain_9014

Lion breeders argue  that it’s better to shoot captive-bred lions than the dwindling population of wild lions. However, in the last 20 years the number of wild lions has declined by 80 percent. This suggests that the argument for canned hunting in order to protect wild lions is invalid.

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22 Oct

Animal Planet's Second Annual Adopt-a-Palooza!


Credit: Beth Howell Caldwell

Here at Animal Planet, we love celebrating animals every day, but there's a special place in our hearts for dogs and cats who are rescued from shelters. As part of our ROAR (Reach Out, Act, Respond) campaign, which aims to inspire people like you to help make the world a better place for animals, Animal Planet, along with our host Downtown Silver Spring, teamed up with D.C.-local animal rescue organizations for an adoption event in downtown Silver Spring, Md., where Animal Planet is headquartered.

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30 Nov

You Did it: Watch and Give Updates and More!


Did you tune in last Saturday for Animal Planet's annual "Watch and Give" for Pit Bulls and Parolees? If so, thank you! You were one of 1.3 million viewers who helped drive $50,000 in donations towards the Villalobos Rescue Center. This was the third year in a row that viewers' generosity helped Tia Torres's New Orleans-based pit bull rescue.

[WATCH: See Highlights from Pit Bulls and Parolees!]

As a thank you, tune in on Saturday for an all-day marathon of Pit Bulls and Parolees starting at 10 AM E/P. The marathon leads into the mid-season finale of the show, which premieres at 10 PM E/P. Are you ready to catch up on a season full of laughs, tears and, most of all, gorgeous pit bulls? Tune in tomorrow and prepare yourself with this clip from this season!

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