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17 Apr

Bull Shark Makes Unexpected Visit in a Florida Backyard (VIDEO)

If you look in your backyard, chances are you'll see some birds, perhaps some squirrels - depending on what region you live in. But here's one thing we didn't think would show up in a backyard - and likely these residents in Bonita Springs, Fla., didn't either.

According to the Irish Examiner, bull sharks have been showing up in canals right in the backyard of several residents. According to NBC-2, the sharks keep returning to the water because people are throwing leftover bait in the water.

Check out Jeremy reeling in a bull shark in a freshwater river:

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8 Apr

This is One Hungry Stingray! (VIDEO)

Tourists visiting the Maldives captured an up-close and personal once-in-a-lifetime experience while feeding fish off a jetty, the Daily Mail reported.

The stingray climbed a man-made ramped, where it was then fed by hand by a trainer.

Learn how to catch a stingray with Jeremy Wade:

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7 Apr

River Monsters: And Your Monster Madness Champion Is ...

Congratulations to the BULL SHARK, the first-ever CHAMPION of our MONSTER MADNESS bracket face-off! Your votes don't lie - the bull shark is the fiercest, most monstrous of Jeremy Wade's catches EVER, according to you, the fans.  Here's how the tourney shaped up:


Watch the full line-up of monster catches and see WHY the bull shark came out victorious:



Explore More Monsters of the Deep at the RIVER MONSTERS site >> 



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6 Apr

Huge School of Sharks Spotted; How Many Sharks Were There? SO MANY

South of the Sebastian Inlet in Indian River County in Florida, a massive school of sharks was a-swimming. 

Photographer John Massung of Indian River by Air told NBC6 South Florida, "It was something to see," and adds that he "did fly on for about a mile, and it didn't end!" 

A mile?! Just look at the number of sharks in that water! Jawsome. 

HOT OFF THE PRESS: John spotted these sharks this morning just south of the Sebastian Inlet. Unfortunately sharks don't...

Posted by Indian River by Air on Thursday, April 2, 2015

They are still searching for the "type" of shark, and the reason for the gathering, but have a hunch that the sharks are preparing to give birth, reports News 4 New York.

Seems legitimate. A big ol' baby-shark shower in the ocean. 

Massung says he even saw a manatee and its baby calf swimming alongside them.

Spring has sprung! Bring on the baby animals! 

Check out this footage of Jeremy Wade catching a Bull Shark in a river:

Tune in Sundays at 9/8c for brand new episodes of River Monsters!

3 Apr

Jeremy Wade Offers Tips For Taking #ReelMonster Pictures

Jeremy dorado
Photo by Animal Planet

What better way to celebrate seven seasons River Monsters than having our fans take part in the season premiere and River Monsters Aftershow Sunday night? All you have to do is post your best fishing picture to Twitter, Instagram or the River Monsters Facebook page with #ReelMonster, and it may appear on TV!

We were lucky enough to hang out with Jeremy Wade this week when he visited our Animal Planet office. We told him about #ReelMonster and he couldn’t be more excited to see what you guys have in store (we even showed him a few pictures)! But before you post, here are a few tips he shared for taking and submitting the best fish pics possible:

Hold the fish horizontally, not vertically. Have you ever noticed that Jeremy usually holds his catches like that? Doing so supports the fish’s body and makes it more comfortable before returning it in the water.

Keep the fish in the water if possible. If the fish is particularly large, you’re better off keeping it in the water and jumping in for the picture!

Don’t be afraid to get wet. It’s great to support your fish by holding it against your body. Just remember to wet your shirt so the fish doesn’t lose its natural slime!

Do NOT hold the fish by its gills. Don’t, just…don’t. It’s as uncomfortable as it sounds.

Get your pictures ready and we hope you tune in for the River Monsters season premiere at 9/8c, followed by the River Monsters Aftershow!

IMPORTANT! Please note that your photo may be featured in an episode of River Monsters that may be exhibited in any media. Please only submit photos that belong to you and that all people appearing in the photo consent to the submission. Only photos of adults will be considered. No kids photos please.

24 Mar

River Monsters Sneak Peek: Jeremy Wade Is Back, Season 7 Gets Wilder, Wetter & Prehistoric

Prepare yourselves to dive in to the hottest River Monsters adventures yet! Jeremy Wade is BACK for season seven and he's breaking the surface and diving into the lairs of aquatic beasts with six brand-new episodes, premiering Sunday, April 5, at 9 PM E/P.  Here's a sneak peek:

In the season finale, Jeremy will travel back in time to uncover the greatest river monster that ever lived in the ground-breaking special River Monsters: Prehistoric Terror, premiering in late May during Animal Planet’s fourth annual MONSTER WEEK.

Season seven is full of unexplored realms for Jeremy – both emotionally and physically. In the season premiere, “Canadian Horror,” he seeks to find the reason why boaters and fishermen are vanishing into thin air. The accused beast is described as a giant eel-like serpent and a fruitless search for this elusive predator sends Jeremy close to the edge. After nearly 13,000 casts, his determination borders on obsession as he waits for just one fated bite. Multiple setbacks and volatile weather have Jeremy looking to native spirits for a boost in confidence. Do monstrous captures come to those who wait, or is Jeremy hanging up his rod with the mystery unsolved for the first time in River Monsters history?


Later in the season, Jeremy dives into the Okavango Delta in Botswana to face the aggressive tigerfish in its own environment – underwater in the river’s depths, alongside killer crocodiles. In Cambodia, Jeremy finds a deceivingly adorable little fish may be responsible for slicing through a young man’s testicle. Jeremy makes himself shark bait in Alaska’s icy waters to prove that these particular fish won’t attack a human – even if that human is diving right into the middle of a feeding frenzy. There’s trouble in paradise with news stories of an unknown freshwater killer in Fiji. Jeremy has a fish he’s met before in his crosshairs, but his search soon turns to a fierce predator that has never found its way on to his suspect list.

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4 Mar

Get An Up-Close Look at a Goblin Shark (VIDEO)

Have you ever wanted to see a goblin shark up close? Now could be your only chance, thanks to the Australian Museum.

The museum received a specimen of a juvenile male goblin shark caught by a commercial fisherman off the coastal town of Eden, New South Wales. Watch as Mark McGrouther, the museum’s collection manager for ichthyology, gives us an in-depth look of the creature.

Goblin sharks are incredibly difficult to come by, but not entirely impossible. Last year, a shrimp fisherman caught an 18-foot goblin shark in off the coast of Key West, Florida.

2 Mar

Grouper Kills Invasive Lionfish in Open Water (VIDEO)

A non-profit organization believes it has captured the first footage ever recorded of “a grouper making an open water kill of an invasive lionfish without encouragement of any kind by a diver.”

Jim Hart, co-founder and executive director of Lionfish University, recorded the encounter between the lionfish and a Nassau grouper, according the YouTube video below:

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25 Feb

Massive, 280-Pound Wels Catfish Caught in Italy

Just when you thought we’ve seen all the catfish in the world, this behemoth makes its way out of the water and into the news.

Fisherman Dino Ferrari poses with the wels catfish he caught in Italy's Po Delta region.

While fishing in Italy’s Po Delta, Dino Ferrari caught a massive wels catfish, weighing in at 280 pounds and measuring 8 feet, 8 inches in length.

It is believed that Ferrari’s catch could break the record for biggest catfish ever caught with a humble rod and line, according to the Daily Mail.

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29 Jan

Rare Megamouth Shark Discovered, Washed Ashore in Philippines

A rare 15-foot megamouth shark was found washed ashore in the Philippines. The elusive fish was dead on discovery by local fishermen.

There have only been 66 reported sightings of the shark, Megachasma pelagios, with only 60 of those confirmed.  The species was only discovered in 1976.

#ThrowbackThursday: Remember this sighting from last Spring? >> "Rare Megamouth 'Alien Shark' Species Caught Off Japan Coast"

The megamouth can grow to 17 feet in length and they live in very deep ocean waters. The fish has been discovered in Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Photo: YouTube video

The cause of death is yet to be determined by researchers. Keep up with the latest at the Facebook page of the Marine WIldlife Watch of the Philippines, who originally posted photos of the discovery >>

And, (if you speak Tagalog) watch the latest reports from the Philippines:

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