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16 Apr

George Hill, Indiana Pacers: Good Luck from Jeremy Wade & Your Animal Planet Friends!

Hey, George Hill and the Indiana Pacers! Good luck on the Playoffs!

We were more than happy to help deliver a special message from Jeremy Wade to George Hill. Click on the image below to watch the well wishes and see George's rection:


Go Indiana! And, FISH ON!


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24 Mar

That's Right - We're Doing a River Monsters LIVE Aftershow with Jeremy Wade

In case you haven't heard, we're bringing you Jeremy Wade LIVE, after the two-hour season premiere! The first half hour on your TV and the second half, online, right here at Stay tuned for updates - in the meantime, check out the official press release:


– Freshwater Detective and Biologist Jeremy Wade Sits Down for In-depth Q&A With Executive Producer Lisa Lucas to Answer Diehard Fan Questions –

-- Special to Begin on Television and Then Move Online Following the Season Premiere –

(March 24, 2014, New York) – For the very first time, Animal Planet will offer die-hard fans one-on-one access to RIVER MONSTERS host, Jeremy Wade, in a live special event. Wade returns to civilization to answer every burning question and give viewers intimate insight into the sixth season of the best-performing series in network history. The special RIVER MONSTERS: LIVE WITH JEREMY WADE will air Sunday, April 6, at 11 PM (ET/PT), following the two-hour RIVER MONSTERS season premiere, “Amazon Apocalypse,” which will air from 9-11 PM (ET/PT). This will be Animal Planet’s first-ever live aftershow. The special will be moderated by Animal Planet’s long-time RIVER MONSTERS executive producer, Lisa Lucas, and broadcast from the Knight Studio at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.
Following the season premiere of RIVER MONSTERS, viewers will have the opportunity to interact with Jeremy during a live broadcast, submitting their questions on Twitter and Facebook. The live special will feature exclusive content, never-before-heard, behind-the-scenes stories and a fresh perspective into Animal Planet’s most popular series. RIVER MONSTERS: LIVE WITH JEREMY WADE will broadcast live on Animal Planet from 11-11:30 PM (ET/PT) and then will continue exclusively online at from 11:30 PM-12 AM (ET/PT).


Tune in Sunday, April 6, at 9 PM e/p for the two-hour season premiere! And, stay tuned for the live aftershow at 11 PM e/p.


Visit the River Monsters show site for best moments from the show >>

27 Feb

Endangered Axolotl Spotted In Mexico, Despite Extinction Fears

Meet the axolotl, or Mexican salamander. Look at that smile! (Credit: Wojtek Kalinowski Photography/Corbis)

A unique amphibian believed to be near extinction has been recently spotted in Mexico City, pleasantly surprising the scientific community.

Researchers from Mexico’s National Autonomous University came across the axolotl, or Mexican salamander, on two separate occasions in the canals and waterways of Mexico City’s Xochimilco district, according the Associated Press. A statement released by the Mexican Academy of Sciences in 2008 revealed there were only 100 axolotls per square kilometer.

With its distinct smile, tail and stubby legs, the axolotl is also referred to as the “water monster” and “Mexican walking fish,” according to the AP. The animal also possesses the ability to regenerate severed limbs, a physical trait found more commonly in lizards than amphibians.

Efforts by scientists to capture the axolotl and repopulate the species have proven difficult. The animal is hard to capture and raising the species in captivity isn’t ideal due to inbreeding concerns. Then again, Mexico City’s crowded population gives rise to pollution and other ecological dangers that threaten the axolotl’s native habitat. Scientists have resorted to filtering selected areas in Xochimilco to strengthen the axolotl’s environment, but only time will tell if their efforts help replenish the population.

Doesn’t the axolotl remind you of the Japanese giant salamander from River Monsters? Let us know and visit the River Monsters website for more.

25 Feb

River Monsters: All-New Season, in South America and More Challenging Than Ever, Returns April 6

A river this dangerous won’t give up its secrets without a fight ...

Animal Planet’s best-performing series ever for five years is back, and freshwater detective, biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade is taking viewers along on the mysterious adventure of a lifetime. Six brand-new episodes of the sixth season of RIVER MONSTERS return on Sunday, April 6, at 9 PM (ET/PT) with a special two-hour premiere called “Amazon Apocalypse.” Re-told by witnesses and passengers who survived the sinking of the Sobra Santos, it’s a horrific and poignant story of one of the Amazon’s largest maritime disasters. That night, as many as 200 passengers lost their lives, and something in the water is being blamed for many of the deaths. Wade is hell bent on finding out what is was ... or is.



River Monsters, Season 6
World Premiere on Sunday, April 6 at 9 PM ET/PT

This season is one of Wade’s most challenging. He travels to locations so remote to solve mysteries so bizarre that he must dedicate an entire year in South America to catch the freshwater culprits thought to be behind human attacks. From the politically charged intersection of Brazil, Colombia and Peru, to the remote and secluded home of a rainforest tribe, Wade is crisscrossing the continent to tackle each incident and reel in each dangerous catch. While freshwater fish are normally on his suspects list, on one hunt, he forgoes rod and reel going deep underwater into a creature’s lair to catch the culprit that is most definitely not a fish!

“I’ve been fishing the world for decades, but it’s the Amazon that keeps calling me back,” notes Wade. “Now, I’m returning to solve the mission of a lifetime to spend an entire year going farther, deeper and more remote than I’ve even been before.”

This season’s thrilling mysteries include the following:

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20 Feb

Epic Battle Between Marlin And Dorado Captured On Film

The deep blue sea isn’t the safest place to be, especially if you’re a fish.

While fishing off the shores of Costa Rica onboard the hilariously named Fishizzle, Capt. Mark Garry came across an epic sight—a blue marlin, estimated to be between 500 and 600 pounds, attacking a 25-pound dorado. Garry captured the amazing footage and posted it to YouTube (as you do):


The marlin clearly has the size advantage, but it is unknown as to who “won,” as an article from GrindTV depicts.

Visit the River Monsters and Off the Hook websites for more fishing videos.

19 Feb

Australia’s Government is Poised to Kill Hundreds of Sharks off its Western Coast

An Open letter to Colin Barnett, Premier of Western Australia
By Jeremy Wade, Host of Animal Planet’s River Monsters

In the last couple of weeks, I have been contacted by several people in Western Australia, asking me to say something about your government’s recently introduced policy of killing of sharks off the Western Australian coast.

They have contacted me because I host Animal Planet’s most popular television series, RIVER MONSTERS, watched throughout the world, on the subject of fish that are potentially dangerous to humans. All the episodes of RIVER MONSTERS have one thing in common, which at first seems counter-intuitive: having found the fish in question and shown it to the camera, I return it alive to the water.
In the five years since RIVER MONSTERS launched, about three people have asked me why I do this. Everybody else understands the implicit message.
And the message is very simple. The way that humans should deal with the existence of potentially dangerous animals is not to try and wipe them out – or expect others to do this for us. Instead, we should take responsibility for our own safety by attempting to understand the behavior of these animals, thereby minimizing the chances that we’ll ever be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
In the case of sharks, a good proportion of the injuries and fatalities that I have looked into could have been prevented by taking basic precautions. For example, to avoid the attention of bull sharks (one of the three species targeted by your policy), don’t bathe near river mouths, in water clouded by sediment, where baitfish are jumping out of the water, or at dusk and dawn. As for great whites, they tend to congregate on humpback whale migration routes. The information is out there, but giving it more prominence is one area where money could be usefully spent.
I appreciate that in politics there is often pressure to be seen to be “doing something”, partly in case somebody comes along later, after something bad has happened, which in reality would have happened anyway, and claims it is a consequence of your inaction.  The good old confusion of correlation and causality.
But it’s not just inaction that carries possible consequences. I should also mention that setting baits near the shore could help to cause the very thing this policy is claimed to prevent. Sharks are more intelligent than is commonly imagined, on the level of associative learning, and arousing their suspicions about their natural food could nudge them in the direction of being more opportunistic.
Of course taking better care won’t mean that nobody will ever get bitten by a shark again. But, while this is undeniably a horrific way to go, the numbers are tiny in comparison to, say, the number of people killed by motor vehicles.
So why isn’t the government of Western Australia also destroying motor vehicles? Because people have collectively decided that this is a risk they’re prepared to take.
Well, people in Western Australia are saying the same thing about the sharks off their coastline. Please listen to them.

27 Dec

Piranhas Injure 70 People in Argentina

Palometa piranhas, similar to the fish seen in the photo, attacked 70 swimmers in Argentina Christmas Day. (Photo Credit: Henrik Sorensen/Getty Images)

A piranha attack on a group of innocent swimmers sounds like something out of a B-rated horror film, but it was the unfortunate reality for dozens of beachgoers in Argentina on Christmas Day.

A pack of piranhas attacked 70 swimmers, whose injuries ranged from small bites, to the loss of fingers and toes, according to ABC News. Local officials say that while an isolated attack can be common, one of this scale and magnitude is unusual. They blamed the attack on a pack of palometa, a piranha species that is “big, voracious and with sharp teeth that can really bite,” as reported by BBC News.

We reached out to River Monsters host Jeremy Wade, who gave us his take on what could’ve motivated the piranhas to snap. He thinks it’s likely that the fish were defending their nests from humans:

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2 Dec

River Monster Spotted In Thailand. What Is It?

Calling Jeremy Wade! There’s a mysterious fish swimming in Thailand and people don’t know what it is.

The shaky video footage of the beast was uploaded to YouTube by user Coyote Mulders and captured on the Mekong River in Thailand, according to io9. Watch the video and listen to the reactions coming from the crowd:

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26 Nov

It’s A River Monsters Roundup, Featuring The Greenland Shark And Skate

It’s been a BIG week for fish in the news and we’re bringing you two incredible stories involving two rare beasts as seen on River Monsters: the skate and the Greenland shark!

It's a monster skate! (Photo Credit: Jeff Rotman/Getty Images)

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31 Oct

Jeremy Wade Wishes You a Creepy, Crawly, River-Monsters-Filled Halloween



BOO!  Here's a Halloween wish, straight from Jeremy Wade:

Creepies and crawlies and things of the deep

Are coming to get YOU when you go to sleep!

Happy Halloween!

You may want to check the closets, behind the shower curtain and under the bed before you tuck yourself in for the night ...


For More Creepy, Crawly River Monsters Videos, click below:

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 4.25.44 PM



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