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14 Jul

Abandoned Glastonbury Pup Has Been Reunited With Her Owners

Music festivals: the muddy, loud, dirty, yet fun, events that have come to define summer. However, they are definitely not a place for dogs, as was shown last week at the end of the Glastonbury music festival in England. As the clean up crew was clearing the camp site, they found a white lurcher all alone in one of the 5,000 discarded tents.

With no owner in sight, the pup was taken to the Happy Landings animal shelter in Somerset where they discovered she had a nasty ear infection. However, the infection was cared for by the numerous generous donations made to the shelter upon hearing this dog's story.


Photo Credit: Adam Gray/SWNS

She was named Dolly as a tribute to Dolly Parton and her amazing set at the festival. When Mrs. Parton heard the news about the dog’s name, she was thrilled and even offered to adopt the dog if her owners did not come to claim her.

However, this story has a happy ending. Last Thursday, Dolly's owners stepped up to reclaim their lost pup. They were actively searching for her after the festival and finally found her at the shelter. While Parton is sad she won't be able to take the pooch home, she is happy that Dolly is finally reunited with her true owners. 

Congratulations to Dolly the Dog and make sure to think of your pet's safety before taking them to crowded and loud music festivals or events.

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3 Jul

Roo and Penny: Unlikely Best Friends

Alicia Williams, a client services receptionist at Duluth Animal Hospital in Georgia, has a habit of rescuing animals that are in bad situations. Roo and Penny are two of Alicia's rescues that have developed a very strong bond with one another.

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9 Jun

Game of Thrones Author to 'Kill' Fans to Raise Money for Wolves


If the prolonged battle at Castle Black in last night’s episode of Game of Thrones didn’t have enough shocking deaths for you, author George R.R. Martin has a few more in store. Only this time he’s killing people off for a great cause.

Martin told CNN, “I've always been fond of wolves... direwolves in Westeros, and real wolves in the real world. U.S. wolf populations hit critical lows during the twentieth century, and finding a way for humans to co-exist with this majestic creature is an important part of the conservation movement.”

To further that end, the famous author is using his bully pulpit to raise money for a wolf sanctuary in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the true spirit of Valar Morghalis (All Men Must Die) this unique fund-raising campaign offers two lucky fans a chance to die a “grisly” literary death at the hands of Martin himself. For a $20K donation you can be a character in a future Song of Ice and Fire novel and meet the same grim fate as so many others.

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14 May

Family Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack

Tara rescue
Surveillance footage captured of the attack showed the cat, Tara, going after the dog that attacked her owner's son. (Photo Credit: YouTube uploader Roger Triantafilo)

A cat is being called a hero after chasing off a dog that attacked a small boy earlier this week in California.

Surveillance video posted to YouTube and other news outlets shows the boy riding a bicycle in his driveway, when a dog sneaks out from behind a car and attacks the boy’s leg. Within seconds, Tara, the family cat, appears and goes after the dog, scaring it off.

WARNING: The end of the video features graphic images of the boy's injuries. Viewer discresion is advised.

The boy needed a few stiches, but is doing fine, as reported by Channel 23 in Bakersfield.

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5 Apr

Hop On Down the Bunny Trail to the Newest Live Cam

Are you searching for something to put a hop in your step and a smile on your face?  Look no further because Animal Planet L!VE just teamed up with the House Rabbit Society to give life to your newest obsession: Bunny Cam!

Credit: zzcapture/Veer

This spring APL!VE is absolutely bouncing with cuteness with the addition of Bunny Cam to our growing collection of adorable animal cams. Brighten your day by watching sweet bunnies munch, jump, and play around in their very own bunny castle.  With Easter just weeks away, this is a cam that you're going to want to share with friends and family.

It's also an excellent opportunity to get to know one of America’s most popular household pets. To help you understand exactly what welcoming a bunny into the family means, we're hosting weekly chats with our partners at the House Rabbit Society, an international non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned rabbits, finding them forever homes, and educating people on the responsibilities of rabbit ownership. Join us on Bunny Cam every Wednesday at 3PM ET for Bunny Chats!

Hippity-hop over to APL!VE where floppy ears and bushy tails await you!>>



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22 Feb

Chimpanzee Hugs Dr. Jane Goodall After Release Back to Forest

A chimpanzee named Wounda was found sick with disease, underweight, very weak and close to death. She was rescued by the teams at Jane Goodall Institute's Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center, home to about 160 chimpanzees, in the Republic of Congo.

Thanks to the expert care of the sanctuary staff, Wounda was given a second chance — and, headed down the road to recovery.

Dr. Jane Goodall joined the team to release Wounda to protected sanctuary lands on Tchindzoulou Island.

Watch this beautiful moment and share in Wounda's joy and gratitude. And, just try not to cry when she hugs the amazing Dr. Goodall:

You can learn more about the Jane Goodall Institute's rescue efforts and how you can help at Visit their website here >>


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9 Dec

Introducing 'Cat Mojo with Jackson Galaxy'!

Hey Cat Lovers - if you're a Jackson Galaxy fan, definitely check out Cat Mojo With Jackson Galaxy on Animalist! He just launched his own brand new series where he talks all about cats, mojo, cat mojo and more cat mojo cat stuff...oh and he plays guitar too!

Check out Episode 1 below:

You can see him spread the Mojo every Monday on as well as Jackson's YouTube channel! Share it with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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James Williams is a mammal at who has no interal conflicts accepting he's both a cat AND a dog person at the same time.

16 Sep

Animals weather the storm during Colorado floods

Heavy rains and flooding have crippled parts of Colorado, where six people are dead and hundreds have been reported missing, according to various news outlets. In the midst of the devastation, however, uplifting stories involving animals have emerged, as shares.

Nicky Toor, 15, is pulled by his dog Chaco down Ninth Street alongside North Boulder Park September 12, 2013 in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo Credit: Dana Romanoff/Getty Images)

Responders from the Larimer County Sherriff’s office have evacuated 475 pets, while the National Guard evacuated one man and his 7 pets (4 dogs and 3 cats).

Not only have animals been rescued, some have also rescued others. In Denver, a guide dog saved his seeing-impaired owner after getting knocked over by floodwaters. As the man struggled, the unnamed guide dog jumped into rising water and went after his owner. Both were swept into a drainage curvert, where they were stuck for nearly 20 minutes, before a police officer and a paramedic rescued them, according to the Denver Post. The paramedic credited the dog and said he believed the man held onto the animal to stay afloat.

As rescue efforts continue in Colorado, places from high schools to churches have turned into emergency animal centers, while area humane societies and animal shelters continue to work on reuniting owners with their animals. Click here for more information on locating pets and how you can help.

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11 Sep

Heartwarming Video of the Day: Blind Puppy Sees for First Time


A five-month-old rescue puppy who was blind from cataracts can now see after undergoing surgery.

The puppy, Danny, previously would walk cautiously around the home of his foster parents, keeping his head down. After the surgery, which cleared his eyes, he has begun to act like the playful puppy he is. After Danny's story gained media attention, the generous donations that came into the Austin Humane Society will be able to take care of Danny's surgery and future needs as well as the needs of any future dogs who come into the care of the shelter. Learn more about Danny on the shelter's blog.

What a great story all around.

Check out the video from CNN below:


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19 Oct

Baby Elephant Rescued from Well, Reunited with Mom [VIDEO]



Many cheers to the Amboseli Trust for Elephants team for this touching, inspiring rescue!  Watch as they help this baby elephant who fell into a well and reunite the babe with Mom.

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