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25 Mar

TONIGHT: Was Marina Chapman Truly Raised by Monkeys?


Tonight on Animal Planet, watch the riveting story of Marina Chapman, who claims she was kidnapped and then abandoned in the jungle where monkeys helped raise and teach her to survive.

The show premieres at 9PM E/P and will follow Marina and her daughter as they return to Colombia to determine whether or not she was really raised by monkeys. Chapman claims she lived with capuchin monkeys from age 4 or 5 until she was 9 or 10 until she was rescued by hunters.

Delve into Marina's story and watch as she travels across Colombia, meets with a variety of scientists who study her psychology, bones and more to determine if she was, in fact, raised by monkeys.

Watch tonight at 9PM E/P!

Watch another story of a boy who lived among monkeys before being rescued:

16 Nov

WATCH: 'Monkey Boy of Uganda' and Five Other Children Raised Wild


In tonight's premiere of Raised Wild, Dr. Mary-Ann Ochota journeys to equatorial Africa to uncover theRaised-wild-253 truth behind the rumor of young boy raised by monkeys. 

The series sets to get to the bottom of several stories of children raised in the wild who took on animalistic behaviors. In the story  of John Ssebunya, otherwise known as the "Monkey Boy of Uganda," Ochota sets out to reveal whether or not the child who was discovered to be living with vervet monkeys in 1992 exists. Learn more about the story in the clip below.

The three hour series, which premieres tonight at 9PM E/P and continues at the same time on Nov. 24 and 30, will delve deep into the world of feral children. In addition to the "Monkey Boy of Uganda," here are five other examples of children raised in the wild.

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