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4 Feb

Thank You for Participating in UBER Puppy Bowl!

Thank you for joining us yesterday for UBER Puppy Bowl! We hope everyone who got their 15 minutes of puppy enjoyed every second of it! We also want to remind everyone that all of the puppies used yesterday are adoptable from local shelters!

If you didn’t get enough cute don’t forget to check out this link where you can find out more about your local shelters:

Check out some of the adorable highlights from yesterday's event below!







Don’t forget to tune In to the Puppy Bowl this Sunday at 3/2c!

4 Feb

Manny the Frenchie and His Sassy Siblings Talk Paw-some 2016 Plans and Puppy Bowl XII

Our favorite French Bulldog, Manny the Frenchie, has been busy traveling the country spreading love while raising money for dog charities, so it’s no surprise he recently won the title of Most Pawsome Dog at The CW’s World Dog Awards. We know we voted for him!

We were lucky enough to get a few minutes with not only Manny, but his two-year-old brothers – Filip and Liam – brother Frank the Funny Frenchie and sister Leila the Bullboxer to talk bully life, Puppy Bowl and their plans for 2016!

(From left to right) Leila, Manny, Liam, Filip and Frank have their game faces on for Puppy Bowl XII.

Animal Planet
: Manny, your 5th birthday is on Sunday, February 7. Happy early birthday! Do you have any plans for the big day (besides watching Puppy Bowl XII, of course!)

Manny: I can't wait to eat my doggy birthday cake that my mom makes for me while cheering on my buddies! 

Animal Planet: What are some of your birthday wishes?

Manny: I always wish for more bacon dog treats! I also want to travel more this year and meet more of my friends across the country. I’m also looking forward to relaxing with more sink naps.

Manny taking a quick big cat nap!

Animal Planet: Now that you’ve had time to study the starting Puppy Bowl XII line-up, who do you think are the strongest contenders for Most Valuable Puppy?

Manny: Countess and Harper on Team Fluff look ready to take home the MVP, but it may be tough with competitors Tidley and Chichi looking just as determined! This is going to be a close competition!


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3 Feb

Marnie the Dog’s Behind-the-Scenes Fun at Puppy Bowl XII’s Taping

Taping the Puppy Bowl is always something we look forward to here at Animal Planet, but we were especially excited for this year because we had a special guest joining us!

Marnie – a 13-year-old rescued Shih Tzu and one of the most famous dogs on social media – stopped by the studio to lend a hand to our team and the spunky adoptable puppies looking to get their chance at the limelight and find their forever homes. She even makes a surprise appearance in the actual Puppy Bowl!


Her first stop was to meet Dan the Ref and see what it is really like to manage the parade of pooches gallivanting all around the field.


Marnie even made her way onto the grid iron at halftime to score a touchdown! It is safe to say, she was made for the spotlight.


After seeing what goes on in front of the camera, Marnie traveled backstage to join Executive Producer Melinda Toporoff in the control room. Melinda loved having Marnie there to help her run the show – our team can always use more inspiration. She even learned a little about production along the way! Could this be her next gig?


Meeting all these playful puppies and so many people can be tiring, so Marnie headed into the VIP room and took a quick break. I can’t say we weren’t jealous…


Soon it was time for Marnie to head back home and reflect on everything that happened that day. We were definitely sad to say goodbye, but hoped she loved every minute of it as much as we did! But we couldn’t let Marnie go without letting her share a message with everyone first:


Although these puppies – and let’s face it, all puppies – are beyond adorable, Marnie wants to remind everyone of the importance of adopting senior dogs from rescues and shelters. She was adopted from a shelter in Connecticut at 10-years-old and couldn’t be more thankful for her second chance in a happy home. 

See more of Marnie at be on the lookout for more Puppy Bowl updates!

Tune in to Animal Planet Puppy Bowl XII on Sunday, February 7 at 3:00 p.m. ET/PT to watch the most adorable game on television!

10 Dec

The Most Popular Dog Names of 2015

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Naming a pet is a big responsibility, and inspiration can come from anywhere — from your favorite television show to the list of names reserved for your future children. No matter what you pick, your pet's stuck with it, so make it good! revealed the nation's top dog names for 2015 — and the naming strategies behind them. Did your dog's name make the list?


A photo posted by HITS 97.3 (@hits973) on

Interesting to note that the biggest trend in dog names this past year was giving your dog a more humanlike name, which 49 percent of people did — probably because most of us absolutely consider our pets our babies.

Some other fun trends in dog names this year:

  • The most popular pop-culture-inspired names were from "The Hunger Games," "Harry Potter" and "Star Wars" (in that order). "The Walking Dead," "Twilight" and "Game of Thrones" all saw a decrease this year. (I totally used to have a cat named Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Mother of Dragons.)
  • The top three food names were Ginger, Pepper and Peanut.
  • 94 percent of dog parents say they absolutely consider their dogs to be members of the family. I mean ... duh?
  • Marijuana-inspired names are up 2 percent this year.
  • The name Chewbacca (or Chewie for short) is up 10 percent this year, proving that the force will always live on.
  • By year's end, pet owners will have spent a combined $60.59 billion on their pets — meaning, of course, that we will always love our pets more than anything else in the world.

Interested in adopting a pup? The ones on the APL!VE cam are looking for forever homes! 

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

21 Oct

Adorable Puppy Bowl XI Star Finds New Life in the City

The staff here at Animal Planet are dedicated to helping and adopting shelter dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages! Many of us have adopted our pets from a shelter or rescue, all with different backgrounds and stories. In honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, here is one of our stories!

Gray 5
Photo by Matt Windsor

Staff Member: Matthew Windsor, Senior Publicist at Animal Planet

Dog: Gray, coonhound mix

Age when adopted: 3 months

Gray 3
Photo by Matt Windsor

Her Story: You may recognize Gray as former Puppy Bowl XI star “Miss Martian.” While she didn’t win the game as part of Team Fluff, she did score a touchdown, fall in the water bowl and capture the heart of Matt, who was on-hand working at the taping. Matt has worked at Animal Planet for more than five years and has seen his fair share of puppies, so there was definitely something special about Gray that caught his eye. In fact, he says it was love at first sight when he spotted Gray and her floppy ears across the Puppy Bowl locker room. After finding out that Gray was still available for adoption, Matt made an on the spot decision to give her a forever home. Gray had travelled to the Puppy Bowl from the Williamson County Animal Shelter in Tennessee and didn’t have a leash, collar or carrier for the trip to her new home. After a quick trip to a nearby pet store and a rental car shop, Matt and Gray were on their way home with Gray riding shotgun in a pink cat carrier, the only thing available for transportation.

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6 Jul

Woofstock: The Road to Puppy Bowl Gets Feet Moving and Tails Wagging

Two weeks ago, our team traveled to Chicago for the first ever Woofstock: Road to Puppy Bowl! Over 3,000 people attended the all-day festival celebrating pet adoptions and man’s best friend while enjoying live music and perfect weather.

Woofstock 3

Woofstock: Road to Puppy Bowl was the grand finale for Road to Puppy Bowl, a series of fee-waived adoption events in 17 cities around the country. In just five months, we were able to help find forever homes to more than 2,000 animals! But the June 27th event wasn’t just about celebrating adoptions; it was also about finding families for even more pups. PAWS Chicago brought dogs along and 61 were adopted on-site.

Throughout the day, animal lovers joined our Animal Planet stars on stage to participate in trivia and compete in dog bone stacking and Chicago hot dog eating contests. Face painters gave dog and cat inspired makeovers while other activities were brought by our friends at the ASPCA, PAWS Chicago, DogVacay, and AT&T. Food trucks and a Lagunitas beer garden were also on-site serving up fresh grub and cold drinks. The fun wasn’t just for people, though. With obstacle courses, Puppy Bowl Kiss Cam, photo ops and dog treats, four legged friends had their share of excitement.

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17 Jun

17 Signs You Definitely Need a Dog

Contributed by DogVacay

Sidney Morgan 2

At DogVacay, we’re passionate about dogs and pet care, and we make it easy for pet owners to find awesome sitters. The idea: your pet can stay in a real home with a loving sitter while you’re away, whether you’re traveling or just out for the day!

To us, everyone should have a dog (or two or three). On the fence? If you relate to any of these 17 signs below, we see a pup in your future.

And guess what—we’ll be joining Animal Planet this June 27 in Chicago for Woofstock: The Road to Puppy Bowl! Join us to meet adorable adoptable pups from PAWS Chicago, and you just might go home with your furry best friend!

Jessica Trinh

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16 Jun

Adoptable Rockin’ Dogs and PAWS Chicago Join Woofstock: Road to Puppy Bowl

Contributed by Paula Fasseas
Founder and Chair, PAWS Chicago

Top Row: Left: Hashbrown; Right: Hoot. Bottom Left: Marmaduke; Right: Parfait. Photo courtesy of PAWS

A group of groovy animals will make their big stage debuts at Animal Planet’s Woofstock: Road to Puppy Bowl event in Chicago on June 27, in search of peace, love … and their forever homes. If you missed the first Woodstock (or just want to relive it, without the mud!), come on out and you may be lucky enough to meet adoptable dogs Santana, Country Joe and Sha Na Na. You could even catch acts by Joan Barkez, Jefferson Pawplane, Janice Pawplin or Sly and the Family Bone!

PAWS Chicago will host the on-site adoption event at Woofstock, featuring more than 40 pets waiting to find their rockin’ families. Also, throughout the event weekend, our Lincoln Park and North Shore Adoption Centers will be open extended hours, and in keeping with the free Woodstock tradition, Animal Planet will cover adoption fees at those locations for specially designated “Rock Star” dogs and cats. Check the PAWS Chicago website for details.

PAWS Volunteers, the PAWS Adoption Center Lobby, and Snooks! Photos courtesy of PAWS.

Woofstock: Road to Puppy Bowl will feature great live music, food and outdoor entertainment. But like its namesake, it is also is part of a bigger social movement, challenging traditional views on how homeless animals are treated and celebrating the adoption revolution. PAWS Chicago, a national model in No Kill animal sheltering, is committed to bringing an end to the killing of homeless cats and dogs. 

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15 Jun

The ASPCA is Headed to Woofstock: Road to Puppy Bowl! Are You?

Contributed by The ASPCA

Store_photoshoot_Spice_1may13 (9)[1]
Photo Courtesy of The ASPCA

The ASPCA® team will be making its way to Woofstock: Road to Puppy Bowl in Chicago on June 27! Join us as we celebrate man’s best friend and take the pledge vowing to make pet adoption your first option. At Woofstock, the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) will be handing out blankets to the first 500 visitors who take the adoption pledge. They’ll also be providing information about the ASPCA app, a free app that offers customized step-by-step instructions to find missing pets, expert advice on protecting pets before and during natural disasters, and a place to safely store and update pets’ medical records.

Woofstock: Road to Puppy Bowl is an all day festival featuring Animal Planet talent, live music, food, and more. Not only will there be attractions for humans, plenty of activities will be for their four legged friends. There’s going to be a Doggie Obstacle Course, photo ops, a dog tag machine, and even a kiss cam where you and your pup have a chance to be featured in Puppy Bowl XII! Be sure to swing by the ASPCA’s tent to take the adoption pledge. If you’re unable to make it to Chicago, you can still sign the pledge online.

Photo Courtesy of The ASPCA

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28 Apr

Road to Puppy Bowl Rolls Into Chicago as Animal Planet Hosts First Ever Draft on Wednesday

Contributed by Matt Windsor


All right everyone, listen up, this is your ROAD TO PUPPY BOWL Ref and I’ve got one important announcement to make. So, please gather round, grab a knee, sit, stay and perk those ears up because you won’t want to miss this.

Everyone listening? Terriers in the corner, keep it down or I’ll have to send you to the showers! Ok, now that we’re all paying attention, here it goes…

On Wednesday, Animal Planet is teaming up with the NFLPA, PAWS Chicago and the ASPCA for the first-ever ROAD TO PUPPY BOWL DRAFT adoption event!

As you may have seen, I’ve been traveling nationwide with Animal Planet as they’re spreading the good news about adopting shelter animals and helping cover adoption costs so every animal has a chance to find a forever home. It’s been an amazing experience so far, but tomorrow, it’s getting even BIGGER!


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