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6 Jan

Big Dogs Did NOT See Little Dog's Stunt Coming

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Chloe Bryan from

Sometimes the little guys have the biggest aspirations.

Take tiny Staffy-Chihuahua mix Elmo, for example. Sure, he and his two big friends all wait ever so patiently for treat time.

But when the moment finally arrives, Elmo swiftly swipes his friends' snacks …

… and makes one heck of a run for it.

Maybe he's just stocking up for lunch and dinner? If so, good thinking, Elmo. Three treats are better than one.

Watch Elmo's sneaky theft in full:

Learn more about the cute little breed below:

15 Aug

Squirmy Kittens Put 3-Year-Old in a "Cat Situation"

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Kids and animals, separately, are pretty darn adorable. Put them together, and you can some of the cutest, most hysterical moments ever to happen in the history of everything.

A 3-year-old boy is playing outside with his parents ... and their five kittens. His parents clearly have a sense of humor, so they left it up to their son to wrangle the five squirmy kittens. Needless to say, it turned into a bit of a situation.

The little boy runs around the yard, trying to keep up with the five most rambunctious kittens ever. Every time he gets one back on the blanket ... they run away again. Duh. They're kittens. 

At one point he even tries carrying TWO kittens at once ... but he still can't keep up with their escapes. All throughout the video, the boy keeps calling the cats "situations." It's a situation alright — the most adorable situation ever to happen.

As his parents watch him struggle, his dad says, "How long can this go on for?" The answer? Maybe forever, because that would be perfect, but for this little boy's sake hopefully the ordeal didn't last much longer. There are only so many situations a kid can deal with before nap time.

Check out the full video of this cat situation below!

Watch more hilarious kitten antics below.

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

10 Jul

Dog With Hose Realizes He Has All the Power Now

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Humans like to poke fun at their dogs all the time. We laugh when they get themselves stuck in things and take silly pictures of them on the daily. So, when a dog gets a chance to enact some playful revenge, you better believe they are absolutely going to take it.

This dog got ahold of a hose, and, well — the rest was history. The pup instantly started chasing his human across the lawn, very, very gleefully.

Youtube/AFV Animals

Despite his human's attempts to run away, he never stood a chance against the dog and his new hose.

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9 Jul

Cat Totally Baffled When Sassy Chicken Steals His Snack

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by By Anna Swartz from

Chickens are totally underrated animals.

They are actually super hilarious — they love blueberries, they purr when you snuggle them and they're also, apparently, sneaky little critters. This YouTube video shows a bold chicken stealing a cat's food ... right from under his nose.

"Oh, let's see what you've got there ... that looks yummy." 


The cat (unsuccessfully) attempts to bat away the encroaching chicken — but his plucky competitor just won't back down.

"You can't stop me!! Chicken power!!" 


This is one determined hen. Eventually, she decides she's had enough arguing over the food and just hops in front of the cat.

"This is my food now thankyouverymuch." 

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9 Jul

Cat is SHOCKED to Find He's Being Stalked by a Cucumber

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Stephen Messenger of

House cats seem to take no small amount of pride in their graceful demeanor, strutting about like they own the place as little heirs to the "King of Jungle" mantle. But despite their apparent self-perception as unflappable sorts of creatures, sometimes it doesn't take much to make an otherwise cool kitty lose his composure entirely.


In fact, sometimes all it takes is a sneaky cucumber. 

Want more goofy cat videos? Of course you do! Check out when Must Love Cats visited an owner who taught her cats to swim. 

6 May

SO Not Cool to Prank Your Shiba ... Even If It IS Super Cute (VIDEO)

The internet's favorite dog was recently the victim of a MOST uncool prank. Watch as one precious Shiba inu is mercilessly fooled by his owner. It's so mean — but in the most ADORABLE way:

Come live with us, Shiba cutey! No tricks for you here! ALL treats! XO

Photo: YouTube video image


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1 Apr

BREAKING: Animal Planet Launches Nationwide Search for AMERICA’S NEXT GROUNDHOG


Americas-next-groundhog-500w(Silver Spring, Md.) — Breaking News from Silver Spring, Md., where SEVENTEEN inches of snow fell overnight. With cold temps, ice, sleet and snow still upon us, there is little doubt that it is STILL. WINTER.  Our old friend Punxsutawney Phil has clearly missed the mark and with a looming indictment, it’s time for new blood.  Enter, Animal Planet.

AMERICA’S NEXT GROUNDHOG will be a fierce, fluffy competition series that splits 10 wannabe weather forecasters into two teams and pits them head-to-head in a series of wild, never-before-seen weather challenges.  It’s eat or be eaten – may the best rodent win!

Traveling across the globe to some of the most remote and most hard-to-predict climates, competitors will struggle through eight hard weeks on the road and 24 wacky-weather challenges - all for just one shot at being crowned AMERICA’S NEXT GROUNDHOG.

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14 Sep

Eating Giants: Hippo. Employees React!

This Sunday at 10 e/p, Animal Planet airs Eating Giants: Hippo, a special documenting the days following the death of a three-and-a-half ton hippo along the banks of Zambia's Luangwa River. We see some unpleasant moments in the program, one in particular that Neil Genzlinger of The New York Times says "will leave half of the viewing audience pretty darn uncomfortable." Here's what happened when we showed the film to fellow employees:


Enjoy Eating Giants: Hippo! We would recommend finishing dinner well before the show starts.

29 Aug

Grass-flinging Gorilla Conceives Own Version Of Door-bell Ditch [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2012-08-23 at 3.48.20 PM

The equivalent of a door-bell ditch in the gorilla world.

If you have ever experienced the exhilaration of playing "door-bell ditch" then you will likely understand the sheer adrenaline this gorilla is feeling.

Watch as this cheeky gorilla suprises unsuspecting zoo keepers -- wait for it at 0:44 in the video. 




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