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10 Jul

Throwback Thursday: Petey from 'Little Rascals'



Photo Credit: CBS Photo Archive

There are few shows dearer to our hearts than Little Rascals, or Our Gang as it was called in its earlier days. And no one was more iconic from that show than Petey, the adorable pit bull who followed and protected the gang. Besides his love of his children companions, Petey was known for the ring around his eye. But did you know that ring was actually part of his natural coloration?

Petey was originally played by a pit bull named Pal the Wonder Dog, who was born with a partial ring around his eye that was completed with make-up for his on-screen appearances. This ring was even recognized as an oddity by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! His iconic look was featured not only in the TV show, but also in Harold Lloyd’s 1925 film The Freshman and the Buster Brown films. When Pal passed away, his son, Pete, took over as Petey at just 6 months old.

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18 Jun

Help Is On the Way for Both Pit Bulls and War Veterans


You may be familiar with the work of Tia Torres who rescues pit bulls and hires parolees to assist her in running her rescue, but she isn't the only organization aimed at rehabilitation of both pits and people alike. Guardian Pit Bull Rescue (GPBR), located in Houston, Texas, is taking on a similar task but instead of parolees, this rescue is rehabilitating war veterans with PTSD. In conjunction with Club Canine, a dog training facility in Houston, GPBR is launching "Operation Pits Healing Heroes," a campaign where rescued pit bulls will be paired with war veterans. The pair will train together for five to nine months, with the ultimate goal of the dogs being able to provide both physical and emotional support to veterans.

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27 May

Cute Kitten Finds Surrogate Family With Pit Bulls

This is Matilda, a foster kitten. Isn’t she a doll?

That face! (Photo courtesy of Lisa Morabito)

About a month ago, Matilda was a stray taken in by Lisa Revella Morabito, director of operations for BARCS, an animal shelter in Baltimore. As you can imagine, Matilda joined a menagerie of other animals at Lisa’s home, which included a couple of cats, some pit bulls and a French bulldog.

Despite the obvious differences when it comes to her age, size and species, Matilda quickly became friends with her new roommates. Daily cuddles were on the agenda with pit bulls like Spike, Betty White and Piglet, according to The Huffington Post. Matilda was so connected to the pit bulls that she even tried to nurse off of Spike, the only male dog in the household.

She sounds like a member of the pack to us!

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25 Apr

Pit Bulls and Parolees Wins Big At The 2014 RealityWanted Awards


Pit Bulls and Parolees came out with not one, but TWO wins in the 2014 RealityWanted Awards! The show won for Outstanding Docu-Series and Feel Good Show at the April 17 ceremony in Los Angeles.

What makes this show so popular? Find out for yourself and take a look at some of the most memorable moments from this past season!

Thank to everyone that voted!

19 Mar

Calling All Pit Bulls & Parolees Fans! Vote Now! Do It For the Pit Bulls!

Guess what?! Your favorite show has been nominated in two categories for the 2014 RealityWanted Awards! Congrats to the entire Pit Bulls & Parolees team!

Here's your chance to show your support for the show.  Cast your vote in these categories:

Feel Good Show (Slide #16)

Docu-Series (Slide #19)

Click here to head over the the RealityWanted Facebook page and VOTE >>

Keep clicking through the ballot! Make it to slides #16 and #19 to cast your votes!



Visit the Pit Bulls & Parolees Show Site >>


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6 Mar

Pit Bulls Get Silly in Photo Booths Too [PHOTO]

In case you missed it, here's a sweet photo of two pit bull buddies hamming it up for the camera in a photo booth! We LOVE them. ADORBS! 

Photo: Lynn Terry Photography


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28 Feb

Six States Look Into Outlawing Breed-Specific Legislation

Bully breeds, like the pit bull, are targeted by breed-specific legislation. (Credit: Jack Hollingsworth/Corbis)

Pit bulls and their owners, rejoice! Six states are considering bills that would make breed-specific legislation illegal.

The states examining the issue are Maryland, Missouri, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont and Washington. If any of them sign a bill into law, they would join 17 others that prohibit bans based on breed, according to the Huffington Post.

Like the name describes, breed-specific legislation (BSL) are laws that would ban or restrict owning dogs considered to be dangerous, like pit bulls, Rottweilers, and German shepherds, according to the American Humane Society.

BSL critics, who include President Obama, argue that BSL isn’t well supported. The American Human Society claims there is little evidence proving BSL reduces dog bites and attacks, and that unfavorable situations result in altercations, not the dog itself. Best Friends Animal Society also maintains that enforcing breed bans would be expensive, as illustrated in this calculation tool.

According to, more than 700 cities in the United States have breed-specific legislation, including Denver. Breed-specific bans can also be found abroad in Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain and Ireland, among other countries.

Do you think breed-specific legislation is effective or useless? Comment and let us know!

For more animals in the news, check out Crime Feed.

22 Feb

Pit Bulls & Parolees: The Wedding of All Weddings and a Happily Ever After

Tropical storms, bring it! This couple proved tonight they can weather any storm, together!

In a beautiful ceremony with lovely words from the mother of the bride included, Tania and Perry were married in New Orleans and got their happily ever after. The bride wore the most gorgeous, PERFECT dress, channeling all her beautiful Tania essence. And the groom was handsome as ever at her side.

Congratulations, Tania and Perry!

Check out their wedding photos and the vows they wrote for each other — click on the photo below:

Photo Credit: and


See more Wedding and Engagement Photos >>


It's Wedding Day! Watch the ceremony and exchange of vows:

Perry Finds His Perfect Wedding Look:



21 Feb

ENGAGED! Tania and Perry Are Getting Married!

It's here! Wedding day! Tania and Perry are getting married!!

A tropical storm's a-brewin' and threatens to disrupt the wedding festivities. Will all go as planned at Villalobos?!  Tune in to watch the beautiful couple on their wedding day and share in the awesome celebration.

And, Tania's dress! OMG her DRESS! Trust me, it's Tania-GORGEOUS.


Season Finale! Tomorrow Night at 10 PM E/P!


See their Engagement Photos >>


Photo Credit: and


5 Feb

Pit Bull Puppy Wants to Play With 3-Legged Bloodhound

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 2.27.15 PM
Come on, play with me! (Photo Credit: Tastefully Offensive}

What happens when a 7-week-old puppy tries to play with an older, 3-legged bloodhound? Nothing really, but it’s still cute!

Friends come in all shapes, sizes and species. Meet a few of them at!

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