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29 Aug

From Instagram: Pit Bull Best Friends Love Each Other ... Most of the Time

Dodo Circular

All siblings and best friends get on each other's nerves sometimes, and that's exactly the case for these adorable pitties.

Meet Sookie and Ivy!

Sookie and Ivy are two rescue pit bulls that live with their human mama and each other, and they love each other ... most of the time. Just like many siblings, these two friends are very different.

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11 Aug

Homeless Pit Bull Shows Rescuers How Much She Wants to be Saved

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Even when an animal is suffering greatly, sometimes it only takes one little sign or gesture for her to show you she still has hope. Rescue organization Hope For Paws got a call about a homeless, injured pit bull who needed help, and went to go and find her.

The pit bull, later named Penelope, was found in an industrial area in a makeshift home she had fashioned for herself. When rescuers approached Penelope, she was clearly happy to see them, wiggling around, but made no moves to get up. 

Rescuers realized that Penelope had a bad cut on her thigh and likely couldn't stand up. One of the rescuers brought out a leash and began unraveling it. As soon as Penelope saw the leash she got extremely excited ... and even licked the leash. 


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3 Aug

Mange Covered Puppy is Unrecognizable

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 (Guest post by Ben Kerns from

When Kristy was first pulled from an animal shelter by a rescue group, she had been homeless and suffered from a severe case of mange. Her skin was covered in pustules and she'd already lost so much hair, vets couldn't determine what breed of dog she was.

There seemed to be no hope of her being adopted, especially since the shelter didn't have the funds to get her the care she needed. Kristy was set to be euthanized when the folks at Vet Ranch Rescue, luckily, found her.

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29 Jul

Homeless Man Did The Most Amazing Thing Just To Keep His Dog Safe

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Roger the dog and his human don't have a permanent place to live, so they spend their days out on the streets of Glendale, Arizona. The pavement can get dangerously hot in the summer, so Roger's dad sets aside any concern for himself and holds Roger in his arms all day, carrying him around just to keep his paws from getting hurt on the hot sidewalks.

Lisa Peterson walked by the two of them together and was struck by the love they shared โ€” and by the heartbreaking image of a man without a home, carrying his dog in his arms all day just to keep him safe. So she decided to help.

Sooo..the homeless guy I met and fed the other day really needed some help. He was carrying his dog 24/7 because the...

Posted by Lisa Peterson on Monday, July 27, 2015

Lisa reached out to rescue group Helping Hands For Homeless Hounds, and when their volunteers met Roger and his dad, they knew they could help. Lisa wrote on her Facebook page that their volunteers "hooked him up with food, water, snacks, goodies and of course โ€ฆ a stroller. AND โ€” he said YES to neutering his dog Roger."

While it may not be a permanent solution for Roger and his dad, having some snacks in his belly and a comfy place to sit all day will make things easier for Roger โ€” and for the man who clearly loves him.

Most importantly, the two now have a community of dog lovers to help them out and keep an eye on them.

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22 Jul

Pit Bull With Severe Anxiety Finds Parents Who Totally Get It

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

A few weeks back I wrote about a 10-year-old pit bull named King. King has severe anxiety issues, and was having a ton of trouble getting adopted from Animal Haven, the shelter that had taken him in.

While at the shelter, King definitely had issues. All of the commotion and the other animals were making his anxiety more intense, and he almost always needed to have a toy in his mouth in order to feel safe.

980x-4Erin O'Sullivan

King had been at the shelter since December, and Erin O'Sullivan of Susie's Senior Dogs was pushing hard for him to get adopted. Susie's Senior Dogs is an organization that helps senior dogs find homes, and Erin, its founder, had taken a special interest in King. Erin made countless posts about King, hoping that the right person would see one and take a chance on him.

I had the pleasure of meeting King, and what I saw was an anxious dog who just needed to find a place he belonged in order to really find himself. That's all I wanted for King, all I wished for after every post Erin made. Almost a month after I wrote about King, everyone who has been rooting for him has finally seen all of our wishes come true.

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17 Jul

Pit Bull's New Family Celebrates as Abuser is Brought to Justice

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Like many rescue dogs, Bella had a tough life before being saved and adopted by a new family. But last week her story came full circle, and Bella's new parents, along with her rescuers and her foster mom, were all in the courtroom to see her former abuser brought to justice. 

WARNING: Graphic image below

Lt. Misti Scaggs, with Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, remembers the day Bella came into its care last June. Responding to an anonymous phone call, officers showed up at Bella's home in Delray Beach, Florida, to find a horrifically emaciated dog, so thin that all her ribs showed through her skin.

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control

"On the day we brought her in, she weighed 23 pounds," Scaggs told The Dodo. "She couldn't walk; she had no energy."

Bella's former owner, Anthony T. Herring, who surrendered her willingly, claimed she was starving because she was infested with parasites.

While Bella did have hookworm, which was easily treated, she was clearly hungry and hadn't eaten in days. She gratefully accepted the wet food given to her at animal care and control.

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control

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28 Feb

Six States Look Into Outlawing Breed-Specific Legislation

Bully breeds, like the pit bull, are targeted by breed-specific legislation. (Credit: Jack Hollingsworth/Corbis)

Pit bulls and their owners, rejoice! Six states are considering bills that would make breed-specific legislation illegal.

The states examining the issue are Maryland, Missouri, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont and Washington. If any of them sign a bill into law, they would join 17 others that prohibit bans based on breed, according to the Huffington Post.

Like the name describes, breed-specific legislation (BSL) are laws that would ban or restrict owning dogs considered to be dangerous, like pit bulls, Rottweilers, and German shepherds, according to the American Humane Society.

BSL critics, who include President Obama, argue that BSL isnโ€™t well supported. The American Human Society claims there is little evidence proving BSL reduces dog bites and attacks, and that unfavorable situations result in altercations, not the dog itself. Best Friends Animal Society also maintains that enforcing breed bans would be expensive, as illustrated in this calculation tool.

According to, more than 700 cities in the United States have breed-specific legislation, including Denver. Breed-specific bans can also be found abroad in Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain and Ireland, among other countries.

Do you think breed-specific legislation is effective or useless? Comment and let us know!

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3 May

Pit Boss: Shorty's Top Dog: Mario Crowned Future Top Dog!



Mario has been settling into the family and training for many months now, learning all that he'll need to know to be a service dog to Shorty.  And, it's now time to decide if he's got the chops to take the spot of Top Dog someday, when Hercules retires.

Is Mario ready for this big role?! Shorty breaks down his decision - watch it now:



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25 Apr

Pit Boss: Shorty's Top Dog: Mario Meets Adoring Fans at His First Pet Expo



It's pet expo day - which means GO TIME for Mario! Shorty takes the growing pup to his very first expo to see how he'll do around the loud, busy atmosphere and fans. This is one of the last big tests for Mario to see if he can handle the life of a service dog and being at Shorty's side 24/7.

If he doesn't do well with all the attention and people, he could be out of the running for Shorty's Top Dog!  Can he handle the pressure?  All the LOVE and adoration from the fans?! He's been a good boy, a GREAT boy, so far! ... See how he does in his big Final Exam:


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18 Apr

Pit Boss: Shorty's Top Dog: How to Train a Rapidly Growing Pit Bull Puppy



Mario is growing FAST and it's time to see if he can handle the basics of Dog Training 101! Being a service dog is a tall order and if he can't learn the basics โ€” like, SIT โ€” then Shorty's in trouble.

Shorty calls in trusted dog trainer Candy to work with Mario. Can he be a good boy?! How will he do?? Watch and see for yourself:




 Watch the latest episodes at the Pit Boss: Shorty's Top Dog site and stay tuned for more episodes >>


Betty Chu is a Digital Media Executive Producer for Follow her on Twitter @beddychew or Facebook for the cutest animal posts EVER.







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