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16 Apr

Will and Kate Meet Adorable German Shepherd Police Puppies

Mark Mitchell - Pool/Getty Images

When we're not watching videos of kittens and puppies (for work, of course), some of us have been following the royal visit to New Zealand. So, imagine our delight when our two favorite things - puppies and Duchess Catherine's perfect hair - joined up for a picture perfect photo opp today.

Kate and Prince William visited the Royal New Zealand Police College in Wellington, and had the chance to meet police puppies from the Dog Training Centre. The couple took part in a ceremony to remember the lives of New Zealand police officers killed on duty over the last 127 years. They then watched recruit training and a dog-handling demonstration. After that, they were introduced to some of the cutest future German shepherd police pups.

Learn more about this breed below!

To see even more dogs in action, check out our Small Dogs, Big Jobs playlist!

6 Mar

Pit Bulls Get Silly in Photo Booths Too [PHOTO]

In case you missed it, here's a sweet photo of two pit bull buddies hamming it up for the camera in a photo booth! We LOVE them. ADORBS! 

Photo: Lynn Terry Photography


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28 Feb

New Nepalese Cat Discovered Deep in Himalayas! MEOW!

A beautiful new little cat species — new to Nepal, that is — was discovered deep in the Himalayan mountain range.

Caught on night-vision camera, this lovely little night prowler was discovered by Bikram Shrestha of The Snow Leopard Conservancy. The new cat, which until now had never been spotted in Nepal, was identifed as a Pallas' Cat — there isn't even a Nepalese name for the species.  These adorable cats are about the size of a typical house cat and found in Central Asia at higher elevations.  

Don't know about you guys, but I am *so* in LOVE <3 ... MEOW.


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28 Feb

The Wolf of Main Street

China = pandas. India = Bengal tigers. Every continent has their share of beloved endangered species. But what about us? One of the world’s most beautiful and endangered animals lives right here in the good ole U.S.A. Head to Yellowstone and you’re practically guaranteed a sighting of this classic American icon – the gray wolf.

Wolf swimming cropped.2467Unfortunately, the wolf is not universally revered like the panda. Instead, it’s one of the most polarizing animals in this country. The debate about whether or not it should remain on the endangered species list has been raging for years. But one thing that cannot be disputed is the important role wolves play in balancing our ecosystem.

Hunted to near extinction by the mid 1930’s, wolves now occupy only 8 percent of their historic range. For 70 years wolves were absent from Yellowstone leaving the unchecked elk and deer populations free to eat most of the vegetation down to nothing. When wolves were finally reintroduced in 1995, the effect they had on the park was nothing short of miraculous.

Elk silhouette.LR_0202 The overpopulated elk herds declined allowing trees and groundcover to rebound bringing back songbirds, insects and beavers. Beaver dams created habitat for reptiles, trout, otters and amphibians.  Out-of-control coyote populations decreased which increased rabbit and mouse numbers bringing in more hawks, foxes and badgers. Even the bears couldn’t complain because their favorite berries grew back in abundance on regenerating shrubs.  

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22 Feb

Pit Bulls & Parolees: The Wedding of All Weddings and a Happily Ever After

Tropical storms, bring it! This couple proved tonight they can weather any storm, together!

In a beautiful ceremony with lovely words from the mother of the bride included, Tania and Perry were married in New Orleans and got their happily ever after. The bride wore the most gorgeous, PERFECT dress, channeling all her beautiful Tania essence. And the groom was handsome as ever at her side.

Congratulations, Tania and Perry!

Check out their wedding photos and the vows they wrote for each other — click on the photo below:

Photo Credit: and


See more Wedding and Engagement Photos >>


It's Wedding Day! Watch the ceremony and exchange of vows:

Perry Finds His Perfect Wedding Look:



21 Feb

ENGAGED! Tania and Perry Are Getting Married!

It's here! Wedding day! Tania and Perry are getting married!!

A tropical storm's a-brewin' and threatens to disrupt the wedding festivities. Will all go as planned at Villalobos?!  Tune in to watch the beautiful couple on their wedding day and share in the awesome celebration.

And, Tania's dress! OMG her DRESS! Trust me, it's Tania-GORGEOUS.


Season Finale! Tomorrow Night at 10 PM E/P!


See their Engagement Photos >>


Photo Credit: and


15 Jan

Catpocalypse Cometh, Get Cat Battle Armor Now

THE END IS NEAR! Will YOUR cat be prepared?! 

Well, it's not too late — suit up your kitty in the finest of veg-tan leather CAT BATTLE ARMOR. The handmade suit will comfortably protect your feline while allowing for the agililty necessary for the greatest of warriors to fend off their foes!  Visit the Etsy cat armory by schnabuble for details on how to order >>

Photo Credit: Andy & Barb, schnabuble on Etsy

Now all you need is a war cry! We're going to borrow this one for now: Thundercats, hoooooooooo!

See the full photo gallery of CAT BATTLE ARMOR >>




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20 Dec

CUTE ALERT: Your ADORABLE Pets Celebrate the Holidays [PHOTOS]

Every holiday season, many proud pet owners LOOOVE to don their furry, cuddly, loved ones in the most adorable outfits - whether they like it or not! And, now, thanks to Social Media, the world can share in all this cuteness!

Here are some of our favorite pet pics from friends and family. And, check out the full photo gallery here >>  Enjoy!


Yogi forcibly celebrates Christmas ...


Preston LOVES to help Mom with untangling the lights ...

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10 Dec

Too Cute Tuesday: A Giant Gingerbread House for Dogs

Credit: Stephanie Pilick/dpa/Corbis

Talk about the ULTIMATE dog house - check out these photos of a gingerbread house, or Knusperhaeuschen in German, made exclusively for dogs.

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26 Nov

In Pit Bull News: Meet Scout, Master Balancer of Stuff on His Head

Meet Scout. He can balance just about anything on his head — and look ADORABLE.

Mom says he's about 9 years old and they've been together for five years.  He was a bit anti-social with both people and other dogs at first — but since adopting him, he's grown into a sweet, cuddly lapdop with tons of puppy friends! And apparently, plenty of other skillllllz


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