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14 May

British Cat Sets Guinness World Record for Loudest Purr

British cat Merlin just broke the Guinness World Record for having the loudest purr. According to BuzzFeed, this guy's purr reaches 70 decibels, perhaps the equivalent to having an AC unit or dishwasher running right in your face. For cat owners out there, you know how loud your cat's purr can be - can you even imagine having Merlin around? 

“Occasionally when he’s really loud I have to repeat myself," Merlin's owner, Tracy, said. When you’re watching films you have to turn the telly up or put him out of the room, if he’s eating he’ll purr loudly. I can hear him when I’m drying my hair."

 Merlin lives in Torquay, Devon (UK), is 13 years of age, and was adopted from an animal rescue centre in nearby Kingskerswell by his owner Tracy Westwood and her daughter Alice, according to the Guinness World Record website.

Meet the cat that last held the world record:

13 May

90-Year-Old Tortoise's Legs Chewed Off By Rat, Wheels Give Her a Second Chance (VIDEO)

While Mrs. T the 90-year-old tortoise was hibernating in her United Kingdom home, she was viciously attacked by a rat that chewed off her front feet.

Photo: YouTube video image

However, this horrifying story has a heartwarming ending - her owner Jude Ryder rushed her off to the vet who performed immediate amputation to save Mrs. T's life. And, with the help of Ryder's ingenious son Dale, a mechanical engineer, Mrs. T's mobility was restore.  He was able to fashion a set of wheels from a model airplane toy set and give her a second chance at a normal tortoise life. Read more of the story here >>

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11 May

Cat Bros Caught on Camera in Hot 'n Heavy Make-out Sesh (VIDEO)

Prepare to witness one of the most passionate make-out sessions ever — but try not to judge them for being brothers:

Seamus and Angus are two short-haired exotic Persian cats who clearly share a strong sibling bond — in addition to sharing ADORABLE DNA! 

Photo: YouTube video image

Want more Persian kitty cuteness? Meet America's Next Cat Star, Brimley! Watch the videos below to get his amazing adoption story:

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6 May

SO Not Cool to Prank Your Shiba ... Even If It IS Super Cute (VIDEO)

The internet's favorite dog was recently the victim of a MOST uncool prank. Watch as one precious Shiba inu is mercilessly fooled by his owner. It's so mean — but in the most ADORABLE way:

Come live with us, Shiba cutey! No tricks for you here! ALL treats! XO

Photo: YouTube video image


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21 Apr

Too Cute Tuesday: Dogs Failing in the Most Hilarious of Ways (VIDEO)

Dogs who fail at being dogs

Posted by Disturb Reality on Sunday, April 5, 2015

We couldn't resist sharing this video compiling a variety of dog fails. You gotta love dogs - they try so hard!

Want to find your perfect dog breed? Visit our dog breed selector!

In the meantime, check out our Doggone It! playlist and some fun Dogs 101 video below!

20 Apr

Pet Neglect isn’t Cool and Daenerys Targaryen Shows Us Why

Game of Thrones returns tonight at 9.

Posted by HBO on Sunday, April 12, 2015



If you're a Game of Thrones enthusiast like me, and Daenerys' dragons have a special place in your heart, you hated seeing Rhaegal and Viserion chained up in a pitch black hole in the ground in last week's Season 5 premiere.

All because their "brother," her third and largest dragon, Drogon, charred a citizen's small child and ran away. So now his siblings have to take his place in a dungeon, for a crime they didn't commit. 

Seriously? What a drag... on. 

Daenerys couldn't bare to see her two other children kill another child, so, a nutrition-less, sun-less, interaction-less pit seemed like the best option.

Come on, Khaleesi! 

As the Mother of Dragons, and fellow pet owner, a dungeon is no place for pets! That's (literally) stone cold abandonment. And animal neglect, too!

According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, neglect is described as the failure to provide basic care required for an animal to thrive, and since dragons require open space to grow larger and train, she's failing! 

D, you get an F.

If her two unchained dragons are to ever help her in battle, she has to release them. You can't invade Westeros with two "juvenile-sized dragons," says a Quora user "who seems to know a lot about 'A Song of Ice and Fire' (the Game of Thrones series)."

In Animal Planet's fantasy series 'Dragons,' this dragon prepares for battle as a free adolescent.


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14 Apr

Purr-fect Summer: Animal Planet to Help Host CatConLA in June

Lil BUB is one of the guests scheduled to attend CatConLA June 6 and 7 in Los Angeles! (Photo by Animal Planet)

Cat people, rejoice!

The first-ever CatConLA gathering is less than two months away and we’re joining the “purr-ty”! We are proud to announce that Animal Planet will be the exclusive cable partner for CatConLA June 6 and 7 at The Reef in Los Angeles.

CatConLA, presented by Rachael Ray Nutrish, is a two-day event celebrating cats and their people, showcasing cat-centric merchandise (from furniture and art, to toys and clothes) and conversations with some the leading cat experts from around the world.

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23 Mar

The Cat's Outta the Bag, Felines Prefer 'Cat Music' Over Human Music


When you play music for your pets, your first thought, most likely, is that it soothes, relaxes and entertains them, much like it does to humans, but a new study shows that's not true. 

With cats, that is. So, move over Ariana Grande and make room for Katy Purry, because cats prefer their own kind of music: "cat music." 

University of Wisconsin-Madison research shows that while cats ignore our music, they are highly responsive to "music" written especially for them, reported ScienceDaily.

Lead author, Charles Snowdon, an emeritus professor of psychology, is trying to create music that pleases the ears of cats, by adjusting pitch and tempo and appealing to the animals' sensory systems. 

The researchers created their "cat music" based on tempos of purring and the sucking sounds made during nursing.

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12 Mar

Perth Truck Driver Pleads for Stolen Puppy's Safe Return

What kind of person steals puppies?!

Have you seen 9-week-old Yogi?

Trent, a truck driver from Perth, Australia, bought little Yogi, a great dane and mastiff cross breed, two weeks ago to be his companion on the road, according to a report by 9 News Perth. But Yogi was stolen from his truck parked at a Wangara shop last Saturday - in the brief time it took Trent to buy a sandwich. Trent is offering a $1000 reward for his safe return, according to Australia's Today show.

Find out what to do when your dog is stolen!

Watch what happens when Shorty from Pit Boss goes after a man accused of stealing a neighborhood dog:

6 Mar

Prosthetic Boot Gives Pit Bull Another Chance At Life (VIDEO)

Seven months ago, a pit bull named Girlie Girl was left paralyzed after getting hit by a car. Today, after months of rehabilitation, she is walking and looking for her forever home.

Things didn’t come easy for this sweet pit bull from Arkansas. While she regained the use of her legs over time, one of her hind paws remained paralyzed. That’s when Josh Ketelsen from the Snell Prosthetic and Orthotic Laboratory entered and decided to donate this time and services to building Girly Girl a prosthetic boot.

Get some tissues for this one:

For more on Girlie Girl, visit The Dodo.

And for more feel-good pit bull moments, watch videos from Pit Bulls & Parolees.

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